How to Delete EA Account

How to Delete EA Account
How to Delete EA Account

How to delete EA account combines knowledge, skill, and an irking to learn better ways to delete the account.

EA, which stands for Electronic Arts, is a video game-creating company, one of the most popular video game creators in the World.

Imagine how boring life would have been without a company like EA devoted to creating fun games to help us relax with a taste of adventure.

It probably won’t surprise you that the company’s headquarters is in California.

It only makes sense when you stop and think about it. Almost all companies that thrive in some type of computer-age electronics started in California, and the vast majority still operate out of the area.

In this case, the EA company is headquartered in Redwood, although in the past, it has had locations in other cities around the state.

The EA company started in 1982 when the video game industry was very much in its infancy.

There weren’t that many game consoles, and to be honest, there weren’t that many games.

Most people with game consoles were reasonably wealthy because, as with most new things, people who didn’t have a lot of money couldn’t afford them at the time.

Still, Electronic Arts jumped into action and found a way to do it. They even made consoles specifically for the games they produced, so they didn’t have to worry about compatibility with products made by someone else.

This virtually ensured that they would be able to create something of a monopoly on the market, and while some may argue that this was not the case, they certainly did very well for themselves.

How to Delete EA Account: Things to Know

If you want to delete your EA account but only find instructions for an Origin account, don’t worry.

As of 2020, after rebranding, Origin is known as the “EA Desktop App” and is still used to purchase, download, and install EA games.

Unfortunately, there is no direct option in the EA account to delete the EA account.

You should contact EA Customer Service directly to cancel your EA Account subscription.

This can be done by email through your EA account or by phone. Remember that when you cancel all users and data, you will lose all access to purchased games, in-game purchases, and linked data.

How to Delete EA Account on Desktop

EA games are enjoyed better on desktops than mobile phones. If you are bored by your EA account on your desktop and wish to delete it, here is how:

Step 1: Open the EA website and click “Contact Us.”

The EA account deletion process can be initiated using the contact button on the EA help page.

Step 2: Now, select any game from the list. It doesn’t matter which one.

Next, select any platform in the next window under “What platform are you playing on?” Again, it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

Step 3: Go to “Manage My Account” under “Select a Topic” and click “Delete Account” under “Select an Issue.”

Step 4: Now log in to your EA account using your credentials, follow the steps below, and inform support about your cancellation request in the form.

Step 5: European users can also permanently delete all related data. To do so, go to the help page to delete your EA account.

Click “Contact Us” at the top. Go to “Privacy” and then “Delete my data.”

State “Right to be forgotten.” This will ensure that all related data is permanently deleted following EU law.

How to Delete EA Account in Windows 10

How to Delete EA Account
How to Delete EA Account

If you remove your EA Origin account, the following will happen:

  • Purchased games, memberships, and in-game purchases will not be available to you.
  • EA will not send you transactional or marketing communications.
  • Your games, information, and data cannot be transferred to a new account.

Here is how to delete EA account on Windows 10:

  • Visit the Origin website.
  • Click Sign In to sign in to your account.
  • Click Contact Us.
  • Then set Origin as a game or service.
  • You can choose between PC and Mac as the operating system.
  • Select Manage My Account from the Select Theme* drop-down menu.
  • Then select Delete Account.
  • Now select the contact option by clicking the Select Contact button.
  • Enter your name and email in the Contact Information field.
  • Enter Account Deletion Request in the Subject field and click the Request Live Chat button.
  • When a conversation appears, you will be connected to an agent.
  • Tell the agent that you wish to close your account, and they will help you.

How to Change Your EA Account and Link It to Your Xbox and Playstation Account

How to Delete EA Account
How to Delete EA Account

If you’re jumping into FIFA 21, you might want to switch your EA account.

Maybe your account isn’t linked correctly?

Here’s how to change your EA accounts and link them appropriately:

How to Change Your EA Account

If your Xbox Gamertag, PlayStation™Network Online ID, and Nintendo Account are linked to an EA Account, you’re not using; you can update that account and get back into the game.

You can move the email to your game account if you’ve created a second account with your primary email address.

If you have multiple EA accounts with games, one of the EA advisors can help you combine your accounts.

Moving a PlayStation™Network Online ID, Xbox Gamertag, or Nintendo Account to another EA Account is called a personal transfer.

Person transfers are risky and may damage one or more of your accounts.

A persona is a platform-specific username you use to play EA games. This means your Nintendo Switch account, PlayStation™Network ID (PSN ID), or your Xbox Live Gamertag.

How to link your EA account to your Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch console

Here’s how to link your EA account to your person/account:

  • Click the Sign In button at the top of any page.
  • Click the Accounts drop-down list in the middle of the screen, then select Account Security.
  • Go to the About Me tab.
  • Scroll down to Connected Accounts. If you don’t see your platform, it’s not connected.

How to Create an EA Account After Deletion

When you register your new EA account, we’ll ask you for some information so we can get to know you.

We will ask you to provide the following:

  • Your email address – so we can stay in touch.

We recommend using an email address that you will always have access to. Instead of using a private email provider, such as from school or work, use a free provider, such as Yahoo or Gmail.

They make it easier for you to recover your account and password if you ever need to.

  • Public ID – This is how you’ll be known in your games, our website, and our Answers HQ forums.

If you ever get tired of it, you can change it.

Password to lock it down – make it something you’ll remember and keep safe. The security of your account is important to us.

  • Your country – so we know what will work for you and your location.
  • Your date of birth – to ensure you’re old enough to enjoy everything our games offer. If you are a local minor, you will have a child account.

You can learn more about children’s accounts in our next article.

  • Turn on EA Login Verification. We know, we know. You are ready to start playing. But the security of your account is also a priority.

Learn how to play by EA’s rules to ensure you and players like you have fun and stay safe while playing EA games.

  • Choose who you want to view your EA account profile.

Check this box if you want your friends or other players to find you by searching for your email address. If not, leave the field blank.

How Can I Check if I Already Have an EA Account?

Try logging into to see if you are already registered.

You should already have an EA account if you have purchased games from our store or played an EA game online with your console.

Try signing in with this email address. If you don’t remember your password, click Forgot your password? to reset it.

Check your email (including your spam/junk folders) for a password reset link; if you get an email, congratulations! You already have an EA account linked to this email address.

Once you go through the password reset process, you can log into your game and start.

If you don’t receive an email within 5-10 minutes, repeat these steps for any other email address you used.

Once you’ve logged in, go to the About Me section at to view your Linked Accounts.

This will show all Xbox Gamertags and PlayStation™Network Online IDs connected to your EA Account but not Connected Switch Accounts.


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