Latest Ankara Short Gown Styles for Ladies 2024

Latest Ankara short gown styles are the new trend for Nigerian ladies in Nigeria and the Diaspora.

Your clothing makes a statement when you step into a room long before you do. Your dress style reveals a lot about you and your personality.

Then, imagine topping it up with a beautifully patterned and colorful material like Ankara. 

The Ankara is used in different forms all around Africa because the beauty and the sophistication it confers on the wearers are obvious. Ladies always look stunning in these materials.

To wear the gorgeous latest Ankara short gown, it is up to you the style you’re trying to sew, and you definitely want to get heads turning.

It could be a straight gown type of style; you could want to go for a style with a flare or pleats. The neckline could be a v-neck, bow, sweetheart, cowlneck, square, high neck, and various other designs. 

Another aspect you can look into is the sleeves. You can take a boring sleeve to a whole new level with just simple touches. Some images will be shown here that will help you pick the right outfit style for that big event.

You can be creative with it and go the extra mile to either make it simple or very eye-catching and flamboyant. A little addition can go a long way

Your dress can have sleeves, can be sleeveless, can be paired with a jacket too. Little details like a brooch or a belt across the waist can also go a long way.  

We’ve decided to bring you various ways to rock your short Ankara dresses. Ranging from formal, styles for that big gala, styles for your outing with the girls, styles for that date with your partner, and so on. The range is wide!

If you’re used to sewing shirts, skirts, and blouses or you’re used to long dresses, why don’t you try out short gowns for a change and see the boost of confidence you’ll receive.

Latest Ankara Short Gown Styles

V-Neck Dress with Double Layer Flare

This is one of the latest Ankara short gown styles currently trending. Isn’t this just beautiful!

Straight High Neck Dress and Flared at the Bottom

Looking for a mature style? try this out!

Straight Ankara Dress with Low V-Neck Cut and Wide Arms Size

This is especially for lovers of wide arm sizes.

Off Shoulder Straight Ankara Dress 

This is another one of the latest Ankara short gown styles for ladies. Looking for that simple figure-hugging dress? This is just perfect.

Straight Short Ankara Gown with Flared Sleeves

This beautiful piece is quite flexible, it can be styled with either heels or sneakers. It is quite popular among the latest Ankara short gown styles for ladies.

Off-shoulder, Short Ankara Dress with Flared Sleeve Flared Double Layer at the Bottom

This dress gives you that sophisticated look when styled with heels.

Elegant High Neck, Short Ankara Dress with Short Sleeve, Cinched Waist and Flared Bottom

This can also be worn with either heels, sneakers, or flat sandals. It all depends on the look you’re going for.

Sleeveless Free Dress with Pockets

This dress is perfect for casual outings during heat periods.

Straight Eye-Catching Full Feathers Sleeve with Sweetheart Neckline

This beautiful piece is best rocked with heels to get that full sophisticated look.

Short Dress with Collar and Bell Sleeves Made with Ankara

This dress is one of my favourite latest Ankara Short Gown Styles. You can rock this with either pointed heels, sandal heels, sneakers, or flat sandals.

One Sleeve Flare Short Ankara Dress

This is yet another latest Ankara short gown style trending in 2024. This beautiful piece is ideally worn with heels.

Long Bell Sleeve Straight Ankara Shirt Dress with Pocket

Free Short Ankara Dress with Pocket


The beauty of these latest Ankara short gown styles is that you can pair them with different kinds of footwear. Flat shoes, classy heels, even beautiful slippers, and sneakers are not exempted.

As we said above, different events call for different styles; therefore, the accompanying different footwear will follow.

For short gowns, the dress is a statement piece. Pair it with good accessories, bags, and footwear, and you’re on your way. Don’t forget your smile too!

You definitely also want to keep it decent and modest while still looking young and vibrant.

We’ve compiled some images of the latest Ankara short gown styles for ladies for you to gaze through and pick one for your lovely look. You definitely have to be rocking the latest style to stand out.

Don’t they all look beautiful in the short Ankara dresses?

Try it out

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