The Most Badass Japanese Names Ever

These most badass Japanese names will captivate your mind and leave you wanting to be Japanese.

Japanese names are always intriguing to foreigners because of the uniqueness of the language, method of pronunciation and attributed meanings.

Some of these badass Japanese names are formed from a combination of certain key characters and letters called Kanjis. They are symbols used to represent words.

This post will outline the most badass Japanese names for both genders for you to choose from.

Most Badass Japanese Names for Boys


Most of the Japanese names listed below can be traced down to Japan’s history and can serve as a first name, middle or last name.


Written as あおい in Japanese, Aoi is a symbol of the Japanese Holly flower. It is most times considered a unisex name. Aoi can also mean hollyhock or blueish green.


This name is written as 朝日. It means Morning Sun.


Akihito is Japanese for bright and compassionate. Traced back to Japanese origin, Akihito was once the emperor of Japan.


This name means bright light. It is attributed to a certain Japanese voice actor, Akimitsu Takase.


Arata can serve as a first name or a surname. It means fresh or new and is also common in Italy.


Asuka is written as 明日香 and can mean fly and fragrance or bird.


Daichi is the Japanese name for the earth.


The name Daiki is created with kanji, a common Japanese dialect meaning great brightness.


Daisuke is one of the very rare badass Japanese names that means great, big, or help.


Denki means electricity or electrical.


Fumihito means writing and compassion. It has a link with professional writers or people in noble professions.


A very sweet badass Japanese name! This name means two beginnings.


Traditionally, Hachirō is given to the eighth son of a family. It means eight and son.

Hachirō is written as 八郎 and is pronounced as HA-CHEE-RO, but it can also be written in English as Hachiro or Hachirou.


Written as ハルト, Hinata is Japanese for Sunflower, Facing the Sun or Sunny Place.

Timber tree


Kaito is written as 怪盗 in Japanese. It means sea or ocean


Kei is written as けい. It is a name which means square jewel, blessing or wise.


Jun can mean pure, clean, simple, or moist. It just depends on the Kanji used.


Junpei is Japanese for pure and peaceful.

Sometimes spelt Jumpei, Junpei is a masculine name in Japan but can be a unisex name in China, depending on the combination of characters used.


Kaoru is a unisex name written as 薫/郁/芳, meaning fragrance.


Kyō can mean apricot, unite, corporate, village, or capital city in Japanese.


Ryōta, a badass Japanese name meaning cool, refreshing, clear, or good, combined with thick, and big.


The kanji for Ryū is 竜, 龍, which means dragon.

There is a mythology around dragons in Japan that involve dragons in or around bodies of water and near temples and shrines.


The name Saburō means third son or bright son in Japanese. It was traditionally given to the third son of the family.


Shigeru, written as 茂, means luxuriant, lush.


Among the popular badass Japanese boys’ names, Shin means genuine or real.


Taichi means thick, big, one in Japan.

Pronounced as TA-EE-CHEE in Japan, English speakers tend to mistake it for Tai Chi, the Chinese martial art.


Taiki means great, big, bright, or great, big, tree.


Takashi is written as 隆, which means prosperous, noble.


Takehiko has a military heritage. It means military, martial, or bamboo, combined with boy or prince.


Takumi means artisan or skillful in Japanese.


Yamato means great harmony. It is connected to the sea. This name was associated with the name of the sea around what is now called Sakurai City in the Nara Prefecture of Japan.

This area became Yamato Province and then the name for the entire country of Japan.


When written as 悠真, Yūma means permanence, real or genuine.


Yūto can be attributed to excellence, gentleness or superiority.

Most Badass Japanese Names for Girls

The badass female names listed below can be traced down to Japanese history and can serve as a first name, middle or last name.


As part of the badass Japanese names, Akane is the Japanese word for deep red.


Akari is a Japanese name meaning bright or vermillion red combined with village or white jasmine.


This unique Japanese name means bright and beautiful. Akemi is a unisex name.

With many multiple combinations, the most common for a girl named Akemi is 明美, meaning bright beauty.


Aki means autumn, fall or clear crystal.


Chinatsu in Japan means a thousand summers.

When associated with Japanese origin, Chinatsu is popularly known for her creations featuring elephants.


Chiyo could mean a thousand worlds or a thousand generations.


Chiyoko has a similar meaning to Chiyo, but with KO at the end, it means child.

Chiyoko was one of the very common names used for business.


Chō is a very simple and short badass Japanese name that means butterfly. It is sweet and perfect for a girl child.


Ema is also a very short and simple name. It means favour or benefit.

Ema has been identified as wooden plaques, often in the shape of a horse, where worshippers at Shinto and Buddhist shrines write prayers.


The kanji for Emi is 絵美, meaning beautiful painting. This is one of the very popular forms in Japan.


As one of the unique badass Japanese names, Etsuko simply means child of joy.

It is often substituted with Atsuko, which is a different variant of the name.


Fusae simply means house of blessing or kindness.

History has it that Fusae Ichikawa was part of the founders of the New Women’s Association and was central to the women’s suffrage movement in Japan. As a result, legislation was passed in 1945, giving women over 20 the right to vote.


This Japanese girl’s name is Fuyuko means winter child.

With this distinctly seasonal meaning, Fuyuko is a beautiful and unique choice for a girl born during the winter.


Midori means green in Japanese.

It is an extremely sweet liquer from Japan, containing about 20-21% alcohol. Midori has a bright green color and it is made from musk melon.


Mika is a combination of the kanji for beauty and that of either fragrance or increase.

As a photographer, Mika Ninagawa is famous for her vibrant images, often featuring flowers or fish. She has also achieved massive success as a director of movies, music videos, and, most recently, a Netflix series.


Sachiko means child of bliss or child of happiness.

Sachiko is the name of a character in Eimile Autumn’s suspense novel and psychological thriller The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls.


Sadako has different meanings. It could mean true, certain, sure, definite, and child.


Sakiko is formed from a kanji representing blossom and child.

Just like Fuyuko, Sakiko can go for a child born in spring or when the trees in your area blossom.


Sakura simply means cherry blossom in Japanese.

Every spring, Japan is resplendent in beautiful pink and white cherry blossoms.

People enjoy watching the flowers, and many locations host yozakura, which is the night sakura and also the viewing of cherry blossoms after dark.


Shinju is Japanese for pearl.

This is a very pretty name, but it is similar to Shinjū. Shinjū refers to double suicide, or any suicide comprising two or more people bound together by love, social, or family bonds.


Shun can mean fast or talented, depending on the combination of kanjis used.

In addition to being a Japanese unisex name, Shun is also a gender-neutral Chinese name, although it means to obey or submit.


The name Takako has many possible meanings, depending on the combination of characters used.

There are so many ways to combine kanji to create the name Takako. Possibilities are 貴子, which means noble child, 多佳子, which means many good child, 孝子, which means piety or serving parents, 嵩子, which means swell child; and 昂子, which means wise child.


Takara means treasure, the jewel in Japanese.


The special Kanji used to write Tamiko is done in such a way that it means child of many beauties.

In 1968, 309 girls were named Tamiko in the United States.


The name is Tomoe is created by combining wisdom, intellect, or friendship with favor, and benefit.

The fearsome female samurai Tomoe Gozen was famous for her skills with both a bow and a sword.


The badass Japanese name Tomoko can mean cleaver, friendly, knowing, or wise child.

History has it that Tomoko Uemura in Her Bath is a photograph by W. Eugine Smith. Published by Time magazine in 1972, the image was seen as part of a project Smith undertook to bring the world’s attention to Minamata disease caused by mercury pollution.


The Japanese name Toshiko means quick, clever, sharp child.

History also has it that Toshiko Kishida was a 19th-century feminist who was arrested many times for speaking on women’s rights. She said, “If it’s true that men are better than women because they are stronger, why aren’t our sumo wrestlers in the government?”


The Japanese name Yasu simply means peaceful or smooth.

Being a unisex Japanese name, Yasu is also a form of Jesus traditionally used by Arabic-speaking Christians.


The Kanji for Yayoi gives it a meaning relating to life. It involves a combination of the Kanji for increase and birth, life, or genuine.


Yui simply means excellence, superiority, gentleness, and clothing or garment.


There are so many beautiful and captivating badass Japanese names, and we have carefully selected some of them for you.

We hope you have been able to pick one for your baby from the lists above. You can share your opinions by using the comment box.

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