NCAT School Fees & Acceptance Fee for 2024/2025 Academic Session

The management of the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) has announced the deadline for payment of school fees and registration for the 2024/2025 Academic Session.

NCAT school fees

Newly admitted and returning students are advised to pay up all the fees required by the school before the deadline.

NCAT School Fees and Registration Deadline

The Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) has announced the deadline for payment of fees. The deadline for fees is March 2024.

It is not considered valid if you pay your school fees after the deadline, and you may go through many filing processes to get your money.

The penalty for defaulting is a loss of studentship for the 2024/2025 Academic Session.

Also, note that the lost session shall form part of the total duration allowed for the Programme.

However, a student who has a genuine reason(s) to apply for Temporary Withdrawal from Studies for the session must follow the due process before the end of the First Semester of the session.

How Much is NCAT School Fees?

NCAT school fees vary depending on your enrolled program. Check your appropriate program below.

The Nigerian College of Aviation Technology NCAT school fees schedule;

Course NameSchool Fees AmountDuration of Programme
Standard Pilot CourseN7,500,0002 Years
Private Pilot Licence CourseN2,500,0006 Months
Instrument RatingN1,500,0005 Months
Commercial Pilot Licence CourseN2,500,0006 Months
Multi-Engine RatingN1,500,0001 Month
Night RatingN600,0001 Week
Instrument Renewal (Simulator)N125,0002  days
Standard Flight Operation CourseN748,00025 Weeks
Standard Flight Operation Refresher CourseN1,50,0002 Weeks
Dispatcher CurrencyN96,0001 Week
Cabin Crew Initial TrainingN366,400.0010 Weeks
Cabin Crew Conversion CourseN66,500.003 Weeks
Cabin Crew Recurrent/Re-qualificationN80,000.0010 Days
Multi Crew Coordination (MCC)$3,000.00 (USD)7 Days
Jet Orientation Course (JOC)$3,000.00 (USD)7 Days
Aeronautical Telecommunications Engineering Courses
Course NameDuration
Air Traffic Safety Electronic Personnel(ATSEP) Pre-License CourseN624,000 12 Weeks
NAVIGATION AIDS EQUIPT MTCE (Trainair Plus STP)$1,500.00 (USD)2 Weeks
Air Navigation System Management CourseN187,0002 week
Alcatel DVOR Equipment Maintenance (Trainair STP)N250,0003 Weeks
Surveillance Radar Principle CourseN273,0004 Weeks
Secondary Surveillance Radar Principle CourseN204,500 3 Weeks
Basic Airfield Ground Lighting System CourseN250,000 3 Weeks
Airfield Ground Lighting System Maintenance CourseN250,0003 Weeks
Airport Power Supply System (Operation and Maintenance of Diesel Engine Generator)N170,0002 Weeks
Airport Power Supply System (Operation and Maintenance of Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning System)N170,0002 Weeks
Airport Power Supply System (Operation and Maintenance of UPS & Solar Power System)N170,0002 Weeks
Aeronautical Telecommunication Engineering DiplomaN1,900,000.0093 Weeks
Post Graduate Diploma in Air Traffic Safety ElectronicsN460,00052 Weeks
Air Traffic Safety Electronics ConceptN450,0008 Weeks
Computer Installations, Maintenance and RepairsN120,0002 Weeks
Computer NetworkingN120,0002 Weeks
Database Management System Using MS AccessN100,0002 Weeks
Linux Operating SystemN100,0002 Weeks
Aviation English for Non-English-Speaking CountriesN360,0003 Week
Course Name Tuition Fee AmountDuration
Airframe and Power Plant (Abridged)N/A 90 Weeks
Airframe and Power Plant (Standard)N/A 120 Weeks
Pressurized Metal AirframeN/A 6 weeks
Abridged Avionics CourseN/A 90 Weeks
Direct and Remote Reading Compass CourseN/A 4 Weeks
Airborne Radio CourseN/A 12 Weeks
Automatic Flight Control System CourseN/A 8 Weeks
Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance CourseN/A 2 Weeks
Non-destructive Testing and Inspecting CourseN/A 2 Weeks
Maintenance Organization and Regulation CourseN/A 2 Weeks
Gas Turbine  Engine CourseN/A 3 Weeks
Aircraft Batteries Maintenance CourseN/A 2 Weeks
Aircraft Sheet Metal Repair CourseN/A 12 Weeks
Wheel and Brakes Modular CourseN/A 2 Weeks
Workshop TechnicianN/A 45 Weeks
Basic Technician CertificateN/A 45 Weeks
Intermediate Technician CertificateN/A45  Weeks
License Preparatory Modular CourseN/A 30 Weeks
TB-9 Line Inspection Course (STP)N192,000.002 Weeks
Higher National Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Airframe and Powerplant)N816,775.002 Years
Higher National Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Avionics Options)N816,775.002 Years
Course Name Tuition Fee AmountDuration
Basic Aviation planning, Operations, and Management courseN72,000.00 2 Weeks
Advanced Aviation Planning, Operations and Management CoursesN96,000.002 Weeks
Aviation Security Basic CourseN850,000.005 Days
Air Transport Economics CourseN222,000.005 Weeks
 Safety Management Systems Course (SMS)N90,000.005 Days
Human FactorN72,000.005 Days
Aviation Passenger ServiceN150,000.003 Weeks
Higher National Diploma in Aviation ManagementN210,210.002 years
Aviation Statistics CourseN96,000.002 Weeks
Post Graduate Diploma in Aviation ManagementN420,000.001 Year
First Aids for Airport Operation CourseN40,000.005 Days
Course Name Tuition Fee AmountDuration
Aviation Language Proficiency Course-Rating/ProficiencyN/A Not Specified
1 weekN/A8 Weeks
Aviation Security AwarenessN/AApron Control Course
Aviation Security BasicN850,0006 Weeks
ATC Refresher CourseN/A3 Weeks
Standard Air Traffic Control CourseN3,450,65045 weeks
Area Airway Non-RadarN/A12 Weeks
Terminal/Area Radar CourseN/A12 Weeks
Area Control Course RefresherN/A6 Weeks
Govt. Aviation OperationsN/A10 Weeks
Apron control CourseN/A20 Weeks
Aeronautical Operations Officer CourseN/A44 Weeks
Terminal Radar (Refresher)N250,000.002 Weeks
Radio Telephony Operations (RTO)N550,000.008 Weeks
Communication Center ManagementN257,650.003 Weeks
Advance Communication Officers CourseN950,000.0012 Weeks
Communication Officers’Refresher CourseN257,650.003 Weeks
Advance Radio Telephony Operations CourseN850,000.008 Weeks
Airport Telephone Operations and Billing CourseN850,000.008 Weeks

How to Pay NCAT School Fees

Please note that all payments must be made in NCAT TSA Account.

Follow the steps outlined below for a guide on the payment procedure.

Step 1 – Login to the REMITA website –

Step 2 – Click “pay FGN and state TSA”

Step 3 – Select and click “FGN: Federal Government Of Nigeria”

Step 4 – Enter “AVIATION” and click on “Nigeria College Of Aviation Technology”

Step 5 – Select the service type you are paying for, the purpose of payment, and the amount payable.

Step 6 – Submit to generate Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR), which will be presented at any payment channel or commercial Bank.

Step 7 – Online payment could be opted using a debit card (ATM card) to complete your payment.

Step 8 – Print the transaction receipt and submit it to the NCAT revenue office for an official receipt.

Any question(s)? Please note that you can send your questions to me via the comment section below, and I will respond accordingly. However, you are advised to read the information carefully before sending down your questions.

The above school fees are for the 2024/2025 academic session; however, newly admitted students are to clarify from the school’s bursary department as regards the school fees stated here before going ahead to make payments.

How Much is NCAT Acceptance Fee?

The Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) acceptance fee is not specified.

New intakes must pay their acceptance fees to be considered students.

How Much is NCAT Hostel Fee?

Students who want to stay in the hostel accommodations made available by the school authorities would have to apply before time.

NCAT hostel accommodation fee is not specified.


We hope this article clarifies how much NCAT school fees are, irrespective of the program you want to enroll in.

We will be sure to update this article if there are any amendments by the school authority.

We wish you luck in your academic pursuit.

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