NECO BECE Result 2024

Third-year students write the NECO BECE examination at the Junior High School level.

This article will share how to check your NECO BECE result. This is very important to help you transition to the Senior Secondary School level.


The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is administered to third-year students at the junior high level before their admittance into the senior secondary level.

It is conducted in Ghana (in June) and Nigeria (between May/June). In Nigeria, the National Examinations Council (NECO) supervises this examination.

When Is NECO BECE Result 2024 Coming Out

In a public address, the Registrar of NECO informed the general public that the NECO BECE result would be released 45 days after the last paper had been written.

Therefore, students should expect their results in August 2024.

How to Check NECO BECE Result 2024

The steps in checking your NECO BECE result are very simple. Follow this guideline to check your result.

  • Visit the NECO official website.
  • Select ‘BECE Login’
  • Input your school number, email address, and password you registered with for the exam.

When the new page opens:

  • Choose the correct examination year that is, 2024.
  • Pick the correct examination type, which is BECE.
  • Fill in your correct registration number in the available space.
  • Input the PIN of the NECO token in the appropriate column.
  • Click on ‘Check Result.’

Your NECO BECE result will be displayed on the dashboard on the portal.

How to Purchase NECO BECE Token

To check your NECO BECE result, you need to have purchased a 12-digit token. Simple steps to help you purchase this token are outlined below:

The process of purchasing a token is divided into two steps.


  • Browse the NECO portal for registration.
  • Type your current email address, password, and other required details in the correct spaces.
  • Log into your mailbox and view the Activation mail that was sent.
  • Open the mail and click ‘Verify’ to complete the registration process.


  • Visit the NECO website.
  • Type in your email address and correct passwords in the available spaces.
  • Click on ‘Login.’
  • Click on the ‘Purchase token’ button.
  • Input the number of tokens you would want to purchase.
  • Select ‘Pay Now.’
  • Select ‘Proceed to Pay’ on the redirected Remita page.
  • Choose either to pay with your card or from your bank.

The cost of the NECO token is #700, which include #650 and #50 service charge.


After checking your NECO BECE result, you can proceed to the Senior Secondary School level. Therefore, ensure you adequately prepare for the examination.

Please share the article with your friends. Congratulations on passing your examination. Cheers.

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