NUC Grants CCU Full Accreditation Status for Six New Programmes


The National Universities Commission (NUC) has officially endorsed the full accreditation of six new programs at Coal City University, Enugu, following a comprehensive accreditation exercise conducted in October/November 2021.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Afam Icha-Ituma, shared this confirmation with the University community on Monday, the 25th of April, 2024.

In his briefing, Prof. Icha-Ituma proudly announced the NUC’s confirmation of full accreditation for the Public Administration, Microbiology, International Relations, Mass Communication, Psychology, and Sociology programs presented for certification.

He emphasized that the NUC accreditation process, marked by its rigor and thoroughness, underscored the strength and quality of the University’s programs, its faculty’s excellence, and its students’ caliber.

This achievement is a significant milestone, affirming Coal City University’s commitment to delivering top-notch, future-oriented higher education.

Prof. Icha-Ituma assured the University community that accreditation is a tangible assurance that all academic programs adhere to high-quality standards, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for the global workforce.

Expressing gratitude to stakeholders involved in the accreditation process, the Vice-Chancellor extended special appreciation to the University Chancellor, Sir Chinedu Ani, the Pro-Chancellor, Professor Chinedu Nebo

He also extended special appreciation to the University management, the Director of Education Planning, the academic staff, and all contributors to this commendable outcome.

He noted that this accomplishment would motivate the University staff to commit to delivering an exemplary educational experience.

Furthermore, he highlighted that with the full accreditation of all programs, the University is poised to explore establishing postgraduate programs.



It would be recalled that all other programmes established by CCU had earlier earned full accreditation from the National Universities Commission and the relevant professional bodies.

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