How to Share Data on Glo Network

Learn how to share data on Glo network with these easy steps.

The cost of data can be pretty expensive in Nigeria at times and can be a constant source of holes in our pockets.

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While on the other hand, friends or family members might have surplus data with very little use for it. Strange, but that is one of the dynamics of life.

Sharing data is a means to bridge this gap. If you have a need for data and you haven’t got the funds for it, you can simply ask a friend, brother, sister, mom or dad, or even colleagues who have enough to share data with you so you’re never left out.

Glo’s gift data service allows you to transfer data from your active data balance to your friends, buy data for friends and family and also request data from your friends. This article seeks to enlighten you on how to share data on Glo and other networks.

Share Data on Glo

On the Glo network, you can spread love with your data by adding up to 5 different Glo network users to your data plan. Similar to MTN and Airtel, you can send by either USSD or SMS.

You can share data with your loved ones by following the simple steps laid out below:

Share Data on Glo Using USSD

Dial *127*00*Phone Number# For example, Dial *127*00*0805XXXXXXX#

Share Data on Glo Using SMS

Send “Share Phone number” to 127 e.g., Share 0805XXXXXXX to 127 to instantly share your data with that number.

To see which Number You Share Your Glo Data With

Dial *127*00# to see a list of users with whom you are currently sharing your plan.

You can also send the word “List” to the number 127.

To Remove Someone From Your Sharing List

Dial *127*02*[number of this person]# to remove someone from your sharing list. You can also send the message “Remove [number]” to the number 127.

Dial *127*01*0805XXXXXX#, or you could send remove 08052xxxxxxx to 127. Another option is to use your cell phone to go to (take into account that you should use Glo SIM).


A quick recap of what was covered in this article includes learning how to share data through SMS or USSD of the Glo mobile network.

Very little is achievable in today’s world without the internet. The data of the various mobile networks is your window to the internet. Next time you run out of data, you know what to do and how to go about it to get data.

This can also be flipped the otherways in case a loved one is in dire need of data to access the internet on the Glo network.

We believe we did justice in outlining in-depth details about the subject matter. If you think so, too, please share across all your social media platform.

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