University of Calabar (UNICAL) Issues Warning Against Vice Chancellor Impersonators

The University of Calabar (Unical) has warned against individuals impersonating Prof. Florence Banku Obi, the institution’s vice-chancellor, on different social media platforms.

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Unical’s Statement and Warning

UNICAL Public Relations Office released a statement warning unsuspecting members of the public to be on alert, and in any business deal with anyone on social media impersonating the Vice Chancellor should take caution.

The institution stated that anyone who falls victim to these impersonators is at its own risk.

The statement further clarifies that neither the Vice-Chancellor nor the university from social media would ask for financial gratification.

Debunking False Claims

UNICAL also debunks the false claim in a statement circulating on social media stating that FG had approved HP laptops’ supply to the institution in a bid for fraudsters to deceive the public and extort money.

Specific Warning

The statement highlights that on various social media platforms, the impersonator is actively using WhatsApp number 09136530445, promising to award contracts falsely to unsuspecting individuals.

The public is encouraged to disregard any messages or chats from this number as the Vice Chancellor.


The general public is advised to be watchful and avoid engaging with anyone impersonating any other university official or the Vice Chancellor.

Verification of the source of communication should be done, and when sharing personal information or conducting financial transactions online, be cautious.

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