UNIOSUN Issues Warning to Job Seekers: Beware of Fake Job Advertisements

The Management of Osun State University (UNIOSUN) has issued a warning to job seekers, alerting them to fraudulent job advertisements on social media platforms.


Job seekers are advised to remain vigilant and avoid becoming victims of these unscrupulous scams.

Unveiling the Fraudulent Job Advertisements

In a statement issued by the University’s Public Relations Officer, Ademola Adesoji, he pointed out that the University’s job advertisements are not placed on social media platforms but are announced through national dailies.

The statement reads,

“The attention of the Management of UNIOSUN has been drawn to a message circulating on different social media platforms claiming that the University is embarking on fresh graduates’ job recruitment into academic and non-academic positions.”

Discarding False Information

The management stressed the need for the general public, especially job seekers, to disregard such false advertisements.

They emphasized that the University is not currently recruiting, and any job advertisement on social media platforms is fraudulent and should be ignored.

“This fraudulent advertisement is just another ploy to defraud unsuspecting individuals.

The Management of Osun State University wishes to reiterate that there is currently no fresh graduate recruitment into the University.

The advertisement is entirely fake and should be ignored by the general public,” Adesoji added.

Staying Alert to Avoid Scams

This warning serves as a reminder to job seekers and the general public always to verify the authenticity of job advertisements, especially those found on social media platforms.

Authentic job openings are usually communicated through the organization’s official website or reputable job boards.


We urge everyone to remain alert and inform the relevant authorities of any suspicious behavior for further investigation.

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