10 Ways Churches Make Money in 2024

Churches have different ways through which they make money. In this article, we will highlight ten ways churches make money.

Churches around the world are growing exponentially. This exponential growth witnessed in these churches does not only stop at their attendance, population, and popularity; there is also a financial implication.

The church is very much aware of the cost implications of all her massive activities and programs. Therefore, she started exploring other sources to make money instead of relying on the usual weekly service offering given by her participants.

Churches have found ways to bring in non-members and non-congregants to give and support the vision and mission of the church financially.

They have found a way to induce non-participants to sponsor the cause of the church even though they are not members.

Is Offering the Only Way Churches Make Money?

It is frequently reported that the major way churches make money is through the weekly-service offering given by the members of the church or what their members and participants give during donations, pledges, and contributions. 

However this may not be true but not completely false. Some Churches make money majorly from the offering, while others have other ways through which they can attain a massive inflow of financial abundance.

For example, most megachurches take advantage of donations, investments, and trust funds. An offering is usually a second thought for them, considering the amount of money they need for their activities.  

Some churches, for example, can decide to make money by giving out some of their properties for rent for a reasonable amount. When this money comes into the church, renting out church properties becomes one of the ways churches make money.

Let’s take a closer look at the ten ways Churches make money. 

What Are the Ten Ways Churches Make Money?

Most ways through which churches make money have changed over the years. Most churches have observed some significant ways that work because they usually make a lot of money through that particular system.

Here are the ten ways Churches make money.

1. Tithe and Offerings

For most churches, the basic way of making money is through tithe and the offerings of their members and participants. Church Tithe and offerings are the basic standards system for most church services.

The tithe is one-tenth of every one of her members’ income, as stated in the Holy Book (the Bible). But the offering is a sacrificial giving that is done willingly and voluntarily by participants and members of the church. 

2. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has been shown to be one of the best ways for churches to make money. Especially if the money is needed for mission trips, construction, and renovations, youth group activities, to support a community, and special programs or events organized by the church.

Crowdfunding is usually one of the ten ways churches make money and it has proven to be the most effective for amassing a huge inflow of money into the church purse or bank account.

3. T-shirt Fundraising

One of the ways churches make money is by Producing church T-shirts and selling them. This is a classic way for churches to make money. The Internet has made a lot of things easier, so this can be done online as well in order to bring in many sales. 

Churches usually design custom, high-quality T-shirts and sell them to members, friends, families, and even people outside the church and non-participants or non-members.

4. Live Streaming

Most churches have created and enabled a mobile donation system. While live-streaming a service, participants and members can give and donate through the mobile donation system while live streaming. 

5. Host a Sing-a-thon

Most churches make money by organizing and Hosting a Sing-a-Thon, to help showcase the talents of their members and nonmembers in the community.  

Sing-a-thon is a musical event that usually helps churches to make money. The churches usually charge an entry fee to the event.

6. Church Newsletter

Did you know your church can allow members to receive tithe directly from your ward letter or bulletin? Whether in print or online, your church’s newsletter can be a valuable donation tool.

For your online church newsletter, simply add links to your online donation forms or encourage readers to contribute to your text-to-give campaign. If your newsletter is on paper, you can still steer readers to tithing online by adding a QR code link or instructions on how to write text.

7. Charity Auctions

Charity auctions are usually a quick and dynamic pathway churches use to make money. In this case, the church has the opportunity to interact with the members from non-members to find avenues to raise trustworthy relationships.

8. Silent Auctions

Silent auctions are a fun way churches use to make money.  Common items in silent auctions are usually gift cards, gift baskets, shoes, clothes, etc. 

Ask people, businesses, and government agencies if they are willing to support and donate items to your silent auction. 

9. Hold a Talent Show

Hosting a talent show is one of the best ways for churches uses to make money. This is a fun and brilliant way for any church, no matter the population size, to make money. Churches usually charge a small amount of entry fee. 

10. Renting Out Church Property

If your church owns a property, she can turn it into one of the ways to make money. Churches make money by renting out their properties. 

Most churches rent out their halls for wedding events and other ceremonies. Churches can also give out room for small cafes where people can buy drinks and food. 


Every day churches have to start looking out for various ways to expand their income. By doing so, they are always prepared for any challenges that may arise. 

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