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10,000 Wyzant College Scholarships USA

It should interest you that the United States of America is a country that has several platforms that aid education in one way or the other. One such platform is Wyzant. Inc.

Wyzant has been of tremendous help to the academic world for years. It is one of the platforms in the United States that helps match students with a tutor, making it easier for students to get academic help.

This platform has been helpful in several ways, including the annual scholarship opportunity for students, with its headquarters in Chicago.

About the WyZant College Scholarship 2024

Wyzant  Inc. has announced the Wyzant College Scholarship Contest. The Contest is open to only current legal US residents 16 years old and above willing to enroll to attend a two-year or four-year college or university.

It is important to note that Wyzant is an online marketplace that helps students connect with certain qualified persons and online tutors on over 250 subjects.

Wyzant Inc. is responsible for providing $15,000 as the amount to be awarded. The person who comes first will get up to $10,000, the one who comes second will get up to $3,000, and the third-place winner will get $2,000. This is a voluminous amount for a scholarship.

If you have plans to enroll in a college or university between August 1, 2024, and November 1, 2024, it is advisable to apply for this scholarship.

The Wyzant scholarship is applied for by writing an essay of about 300 words or below. As a candidate, you must write an essay on how you have been preparing to enter the college.

This essay will include your experiences, the books you have read, the people you have talked to, and the advice you have gotten so far that will equip you for college.

As an applicant, there is no room for copy and paste. You are not expected to plagiarize. You are expected to write only about your personal experience. This means only original content about your personal experience is allowed.

It will not be a thing of surprise to see several essays submitted. However, the company has a way of selecting, judging, and picking the best. This may include voting by the board and several other procedures.

There will be 20 finalists selected from the ocean of submitted essays. Out of these 20, the highest number of community votes will choose 10, and a panel of judges will select another ten.

You can share your essay online for a chance to proceed to the final round automatically.

Level/Field of Study

Students willing to attend or enrol in a two-year or four-year college or university program or undergo an adult online educational program from an accredited educational institution are qualified to apply for the Wyzant College Scholarship 2024.

Unlike so many other scholarships, which are very particular about your field of study and are very sensitive to fill, this scholarship has no concern about your field of study. This means it is open to all students from any field of study.

Eligible Nationality

This scholarship is specifically for students who are legitimate United States of America citizens and who are now permanent residents in the United States of America.

Scholarship Worth

This scholarship is unusual because of the way it’s structured. Unlike most scholarship platforms, Wyzant Scholarship goes beyond $5,000.

The Wyzant Scholarship 2024 gives a total of $15,000 as an award, with $10,000 going to the first position, $3,000 to the second and then $2,000 to the third.

Scholarship Eligibility

Applicants must pay attention to the requirements listed concerning a scholarship. The point of application is regarded as very sensitive as this is where most people tend to miss out and fail.

It doesn’t matter how qualified anyone is. If the person fails to meet the requirements, such a person is bound to lose out on the scholarship.

It is imperative to carefully look through the requirements for the Wyzant College Scholarship 2024 and equip yourself with them. As earlier stated, the scholarship is open to;

  • Applicants are urged to submit their applications if they intend to enrol in a college or university between August 1 2024. This covers the majority of sophomores in high school through juniors in college.
  • Must be active, lawful US citizens.
  • Students who are 16 years old and are currently enrolled in or plan to register in a two- or four-year college or university in the United States during the promotion period.

Anyone who is a staff of Wyzant Inc. or a staff of the sponsors, their immediate family members, be it parents, children, spouse or siblings, and members of the same household are not eligible to accept prices or apply.

  • The rules and laws of all relevant federal, state, and municipal jurisdictions apply to the Contest. Where banned, void.
  • You may only submit an Entry if you are thirteen to sixteen years old and your parent or legal guardian agrees to be bound by it.

How to Apply         

Other methods of applying for this scholarship exist. The one provided here is the most typical and conventional.

During the Promotion Period, candidates must register or create an account by clicking the supplied link.

Apply here

Application Deadline

On June 1 at 11 p.m. Central Time, the contest submission period for the WyZant College Scholarship 2024 will close.

Twenty top-ranking essays will advance to the second round, which runs between midnight Central Time on June 2, 2024, and 11 pm Central Time on June 30, 2024.

Three scholarship recipients will be notified by email on or about July 15, 2024.

This information is correct for subsequent years.

For more information on the WyZant College Scholarship 2024, click on the links below:

Scholarship Essay Writing Tips   

Get Inspired

See what it takes to stand out from the competition and take home the Wyzant Scholarship by reading the winning essays from prior years.

Be Your Creative Self

Since you are the protagonist of this tale, describe in your own words how it differs from others. Additionally, think about how your experience can motivate others who might be in such circumstances. Be thoughtful, be creative, but most of all, just be you.

Choose The Right Words

Only 300 words are allowed for the scholarship essay. Make sure each word is important. Avoid writing a long introduction, and strive to condense your essay’s body into the last 100 words.

Stay Focused on The Topic

Utilize your 300 words wisely, and make sure your response is appropriate. A plan is always a good idea.

If you’re having trouble figuring out where to begin or how to proceed, you might want to outline your ideas first and then fill in the spaces.

Edit your essay

The critical stage of editing your essay is frequently skipped. Correcting errors isn’t the only aspect of editing. It’s important to ensure your essay is legible and transitions logically from one idea to the next.

The following should be taken into consideration so that you can share it with the numerous readers who will likely see it:

  • Give a prompt response.
  • Correct any grammatical or spelling problems.
  • For a greater feeling of flow, read your essay aloud.
  • For a second opinion, get it read by someone else.

They want everyone to show off their best work. Once you’ve submitted your essay, tell your friends and family to vote (ten finalists of the initial 20 selected are determined by popular vote).

Tips to Get Your Scholarship Essay Voted For

Send the right message to the right place.

You’ll have several options for sharing your article when you publish it.

Giving context to your audience will be useful when disseminating your special link through any of the platforms above.

They are more likely to take the time to vote in support of it and possibly even share it with others on their social networks if they are given additional information about why they appreciate the scholarship.

Perhaps this scholarship will enable you to enrol in a university you previously believed was out of your price range.

Use a hashtag

By differentiating them with a particular hashtag(s), you may make it simpler for others to find your exclusive link on social media.

You guessed it: #WyzantScholarship is the official hashtag for the Wyzant Scholarship competition. It also enables our network of instructors and students to interact with your particular essay link and promote more votes by including the official hashtag in your postings.

They will advertise the Contest on our social media platforms, so keep an eye out for posts to respond to during the application time.

Be persistent

Because of their busy schedules and everyday access to a wealth of recipes and cat videos, your pals could miss your updates on Facebook and Twitter. Because of this, check-ins every month are necessary to keep on people’s minds.

Email Your Existing Contacts

When you submit your essay, you’ll get a special link directing visitors to your essay’s voting page. On our website, you can also send an email without leaving it. So that you don’t have to enter addresses, we make it simple.

Keep Your Phone Handy

To keep a link on hand and ready to share anytime, you can test it yourself. Just be certain that the person you text it to has a phone that can receive messages and GIFs of your joyful dance when they click the link and vote for you.


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