ApogeeBio Call for Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Paris

European Commission ApogeeBio’s call for post-doctoral fellowships in Paris is a fully-funded scholarship opportunity to join a research team at Genopole.

Post-Doctoral Fellowships

Located South of Paris, Genopole is a leading French bio cluster for academic research and innovation.

About Genopole Biocluster

The fellows will have access to an attractive research offer, including academic laboratories and private companies, all located at the Genopole bio cluster.

They will benefit from an excellent research and innovation environment, including high-level infrastructures and training and networking opportunities to enhance their career development potential.


Entrepreneurship is in Genopole’s DNA. With 77 innovative companies, our mission is to support future business owners in their growth.

On that aspect, the fellows will benefit from the tremendous expertise of our enterprise support team, with, specifically, services designed to support proof-of-concept experimentation by future company creators.

You will be able to learn the mechanism of the professional environment (the strategies of a company creation etc.).

The environment

Choose a life close to Paris and nature. Benefit from the unmatched culture of Paris with the monuments, the museums and the stores or relax in nature on weekends by walking in the surrounding forests.

Enjoy the region’s artistic and historic sites (Fontainebleau and Chamarande domains, residence of Victor Hugo, Jean Cocteau, etc.).

The scientific environment

The biocluster is a dense and large ecosystem in which you will find 26 shared technological platforms, a campus of the University of Evry-Paris Saclay and a hospital that covers over 700 000 residents.

Eighteen academic laboratories with specific research projects and a lot of researchers in different areas. The laboratories of the biocluster have high standards in the technological environment for research in areas like molecular biology or stem cells.

Furthermore, this environment permits easy and fluid communication between all the members of the biocluster, thanks to the proximity.

The socio-cultural advantages of the biocluster

Take advantage of the sports structures in Evry during your free time. To facilitate your arrival in the biocluster, a day nursery exists for your young children.

There is a residence with a different type of apartment where you could stay by waiting to find another housing or stay.

Research Environment


The Escale association oversees the federation of all the ways of life of geopolitics through sport, culture and well-being by proposing different activities.

The Escale will give you the opportunity to meet other members of the biocluster during the two open schedules per day in which you can practice different sportive or cultural activities you could choose.


You can benefit from the 180 housing of the Barataud residence for students. The prices of location in the residence are very affordable, and the residence is located near the “Evry Bras de fer” station if you want to go to Paris or in another city in the region.

Science Accueil

Science Accueil helps you through your mobility process and administrative procedures and provides you with information regarding daily life in France.

Administrative services of Science Accueil are free. Science Accueil develops programs facilitating the integration process and discovering French culture.

For instance, share a meal with a French family, participate in a reassurance program or take French courses. It provides you with various services, programs and information necessary for your arrival in France.

Genopole: ApogeeBio Coordinator

Genopole is a pioneering biocluster in Evry located 30 km south of Paris and dedicated to genomics and biotechnologies in health and the environment.

On its five campuses of 115 000 m2 of buildings and facilities, the biocluster Genopole unites academic research laboratories, higher education institutions and private companies.

The main strategic areas of research and innovation are applied to health and the environment and include a large panel of disciplines.

How to Apply for ApogeeBio Call for Post-Doctoral Fellowships


Official website

Submission deadline: February 20, 2024


The ApogeeBio Call for Postdoctoral Fellowships in Paris is a unique opportunity for postdoctoral researchers to advance their research and careers in biotechnology.

The program offers a highly competitive salary and excellent research facilities, providing fellows with the necessary resources to pursue their research goals.

With its continued support, ApogeeBio will continue attracting outstanding postdoctoral researchers and significantly contributing to the advancement of biotechnology research.

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