Best IT Training Institutes In Nigeria | Best Computer Training Institutes In Lagos

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Best IT Training Institutes In Nigeria | Best Computer Training Institutes In Lagos

Information technology is one of the most sought-after areas of activity in Nigeria. Here are the most popular and outstanding IT training institutes in Nigeria.

1. New Horizons Nigeria

This institute is positioned as the source of the world’s best information technology courses. Since its establishment in the United States in 1982, a tremendous teaching experience was accumulated, and modern scientific approaches were developed.

The Nigerian branch began training students in 2005. Many leading specialists received their education at this centre. The institute is open for general courses like; programming, networking, information security, Java technology, web development, Oracle, Microsoft, and CompTIA.

The institution is known for its outstanding instructors with rich knowledge and practice skills, with a very conducive learning environment.

Each student is provided with a modern flat-screen computer. Visit their official website,, for more information.

2. Aptech Nigeria

Aptech made a really huge impact on the development of the Internet technology sphere in Nigeria. Without leaving your home, you can easily become a student of the school and attain useful knowledge. You can participate in training and take exams online.

There are now more than 20,000 graduates in the country. The institute is open for applicants to Improve their qualifications in the basic courses or participate in high-performance development and network programs.

The central headquarters of the computer institute is in Mumbai, India, with Over 28 years of experience in the educational field. The administration has achieved high results by creating a unique training system.

You can master NET, Networking, Java, and Oracle. Within the framework of ACCP i13, you will study Mobile & Web Application Development, Cloud Computing and Enterprise.

Graduates do not only master theoretical information but also have practical experience, learn the latest technological trends, and confidently move forward in their careers. To find out more, visit the portal

3. NIIT Nigeria

This institute was considered the best in Nigeria before creating other training centres. The institute has a spot on the list of the leading computer training schools in Nigeria.

However, its popularity and standardization are what keep NIIT right there at the top. The first students were admitted to study in 1981 in India. The Nigerian branch was opened in 1999. Representatives of the school say that 16,000 students attend their courses annually.

The operating centres are located in such areas of the country as Abuja, Owerri, Asaba, Makurdi, Eket, Ikeja, Otta, Ilorin, Kaduna, Offa, Lokoja, Onitsha, Ibadan, Osogbo, PHC, Surulere, Ajah, Uyo.

You can trust this centre’s competence as they use the latest Internet technology programs. Students can get practical skills and learn about career building in the IT field by enrolling in a two-year software development course.

Become a professional network engineer by mastering IT skills in Oracle, CCNA, Windows Administration, Linux, CCNP, Web Applications, and much more. If you are interested, find out more useful information on the site –

4. FirstLogic

This institution is one of the leading certification centres in Nigeria. It began operations in October 2003. Its branches are available in Abuja, Lagos, and Port Harcourt. Experienced and qualified employees work with students using various teaching methods and techniques.

A team of professional managers performs business processes. The educational centres meet high standards and provide effective, consistent education.

The IT instructors have extensive work experience with Cisco, CompTIA, Java, Microsoft, Web Development, Oracle, and other related areas and share their knowledge with all students. If you want to learn more about this centre, please read the information on the site –


With over 20 years of existence, this school has become one of the Nigerian leaders and has broken many important records. Its employees have excelled in IT education, publishing, consulting, servicing and creating original customer solutions.

Accredited centres are in Kano, Abuja, Ibadan, Lagos and other regions. Their employees worked with more than 60000 students in different parts of the country.

The school constantly wins new awards for its dedication to the IT sphere and also creates products that develop and improve existence. As a student of this institute, you will master project management, accounting, web development, and work principles with Oracle, CompTIA, and Microsoft.

Other schools teaching IT students in Nigeria include;

  • Arcnet Computer Training School
  • Castle Computech Machines Ltd, Abuja
  • Chipscafe & Communications Port Harcourt, Rivers State
  • Computer Powerhouse International Ltd, Ikeja, Lagos
  • Datahouse Technologies Limited, Ikoyi, Lagos
  • Hydatek Institute Of Computer & IT Studies, Kano
  • Info Systems, Ikeja, Lagos
  • IT Quest Ltd, Lagos; Litmus Computer Academy, Delta state
  • School of Web Designers, Lagos
  • Seed Technologies Int’l, Lagos
  • Talking Directory Limited (TDL), Lagos
  • Top Knowledge International, Ikeja, Lagos
  • TTC Mobile, Ikeja, Lagos
  • Today’s Leaders ICT Empowerment Centre
  • The Solution Express Computer School
  • Visionary computer schools
  • Rigel Computer School, Abuja
  • Bosat Computer School, Abuja
  • King’s Best Computer School, Abuja
  • Desire Computer School And Business Centre, Abuja
  • Mercy Cyber Cafe & Computer School, Abuja.

You are guaranteed to choose a suitable school using the list above. We wish you success in your studies and rapid career growth.


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