Erasmus Mundus Master Degree Scholarship

The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Master Degree Scholarship for International Students 2024/2025 is available from the EIMAS to appropriately qualified applicants from abroad who intend to pursue their Master’s degree programs.

Erasmus Mundus Master Degree Scholarship

Applications for the Erasmus Mundus Master Degree Scholarship are now being accepted!

About the Erasmus Mundus Master Degree Scholarship Award 

On a structural level, the EIMAS will provide students with a four-step mobility scheme starting with the University of Porto in the first semester, the Universities of Bayreuth in the second semester and Bordeaux Montaigne University in the third semester.

They engage in fieldwork or internships focused on or related to Africa and write a thesis at the university of their choice.

  • Type: Short Course, Masters
  • Eligible Countries: International
  • To be Taken at (Universities):
  • University of Bayreuth
  • Bordeaux Montaigne University
  • University of Porto

Number of Awards: Not specified

Award Period: An EIMAS circle typically lasts two years, from September 1 to August 31. During the full study year, the students will be enrolled in one of the three consortium universities—the Universities of Porto, Bayreuth, and Bordeaux Montaigne.

Value of Award

Type of Funding

Holders of EMJMD scholarships will receive funding in accordance with the requirements of the Erasmus+ program. They are not required to cover any administrative or participation fees for required EIMAS study plan activities.

Monthly Allowances

According to the Erasmus+ regulations, each EMJMD scholarship recipient receives a monthly lump sum payment for the duration of the EIMAS study program (four semesters).

General Travel Costs

The EMJMD scholarship recipients’ travel expenses will be covered in accordance with the Erasmus+ regulations.

Travel Costs for Fieldwork or Internship

Each EMJMD scholarship recipient is given up to €1,000 to cover travel expenses (public transportation, economy class) associated with completing the fourth-semester fieldwork or internship requirement.
A travel application must be mailed or delivered to the EIMASCC for this reason at least eight weeks before the departure date.

Guest Scholars

The EIMAS additionally invites visiting academics to spend one or two weeks at a university in the consortium. Ending on:

  • 31 July (1st semester, September through February, University of Porto)
  • 28 February (April through July, the University of Bayreuth, second semester)
  • 31 July (3rd semester, September-December, Bordeaux Montaigne University)

Eligibility for Erasmus Mundus Master Degree Scholarship

  • A Bachelor’s degree in the humanities or social sciences from an accredited university, e.g.
    • Cultural Anthropology
    • Sociology
    • Development Studies
    • History
    • African Languages and Cultures
    • Political Science
    • Study of Religion
    • Public Administration
    • Social Anthropology
    • Geography
    • convincing applications from other academic fields
  • Good (B) overall grade for the Bachelor programme
  • Good command of English (IELTS: 6.5, TOEFL: 95 CEFR: C1, (internet-based) or Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE)).
  • Applicants are not required to produce a formal certificate attesting to their English language proficiency if they are from one of the nations on the list or have an undergraduate degree taught in English.

Selection Criteria

1. Step I:

  • Academic performance: 30%
  • Motivation letter: 30%
  • Extracurricular performance: 30%
  • Recommendation letters: 10%

2. Step II:

  • Written application: 60%
  • Interview performance: 40%

Final Selection

70% is the cutoff for candidates. The four student intakes will each get one of the 58 EMJMD student scholarships. Ten (10) self-funded students at most will be accepted for each intake.

Mandatory Mobility

For the first three semesters, the EIMAS mobility path is established as follows:

  • First semester: Porto University
  • Second semester: Bayreuth University
  • Bordeaux Montaigne University, third semester

The student will select which university from the consortium to attend for the fourth semester. By the beginning of the third semester, at the latest, the Individual Student and Learning Agreement (ISLA) will include this information.

How to Apply for Erasmus Mundus Master Degree Scholarship

Before applying, it is crucial to review all the requirements on the Award Webpage (see Link below).

As an international student, you can benefit from different Erasmus Mundus scholarships. Additionally, you can apply for the journalism and media scholarships Erasmus Mundus offers.

Apply HERE!


In conclusion, the Erasmus Mundus Master Degree Scholarship is a fantastic chance for students looking to advance their academic careers and professional possibilities abroad.

Students can obtain a competitive edge in their careers and benefit their communities through the Erasmus Mundus Master Degree Scholarship by applying.

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