Full Ride Scholarships

Applications are now open for the Full Ride Scholarships for the 2024/2025 academic session.

Full Ride Scholarships

The scholarship is usually awarded to the most brilliant students by the college, a private source, or the federal government.

This scholarship covers the full cost of college expenses of a student, such as the cost of textbooks, full tuition fees, school materials, and study abroad expenditures.

About the Full Ride Scholarships

A list of 86 colleges with Full Ride scholarships was published, which is considered a handy guide for students interested in applying for the scholarship.

By studying college expenses, it is observed that for completing a bachelor’s degree, the total sum of all these expenses approximates $ 200 000.

Number of Years the Scholarships cover

The Full Ride Scholarship will be awarded primarily for one year.

From the second year onwards, every year, your performance will be evaluated and, if found eligible, will be automatically renewed.

Students Suitable for the Scholarships

High school students with outstanding academic performance (should be in the top 10% of students in their class) and exemplary involvement in community development can apply for the Full Ride scholarship program.

They should also show outstanding character, strong leadership and writing skills.

Number of Students That Would Get this Scholarship

Amongst the students enrolled in the college full-time for four years, around 1-3% get a Full Ride scholarship that covers the full cost of their studies.

Benefits of the Full Ride Scholarship

Full Ride scholarship covers tuition fees and the cost of boarding and purchasing books. It may also cover living costs.

Types of Full Ride Scholarships

The different types of Full Ride Scholarship depend on the financial requirement and the availability of tuition-free colleges.

The types of Full Ride Scholarships include:

Merit-based Full Ride scholarship

This is one of the common types of Full Ride scholarships reserved for students with excellent academic performance.

GPA, ACT scores, SAT scores or their combination are considered for determining this merit-based scholarship.

Government-sponsored Full Ride Scholarship

The government offers this award to the students at the military academy or ROTC who meets the standards to become eligible for the Full Ride scholarship.

Athletic-based Full Ride scholarship 

Students showing athletic ability can get full-ride scholarships, offered only for gymnastics, tennis, volleyball, football, and men’s and women’s basketball.

How to Apply For a Full Ride Scholarship

  • Prepare ahead of time and make a list of colleges that offer Full Ride Scholarships and apply to all of them.
  • Demonstrate educational excellence
  • Make sure your scholarship application documentation is complete and in order.
  • Develop your contact with Instructors and Mentors to obtain their recommendations.
  • Spend time in community service.
  • Build up leadership skills.

List of Full Ride Scholarships Partner Schools

Boston University: Trustee Scholarship

Boston University welcomes approximately 20 outstanding students to the Trustee Scholars Program yearly. The scholarship is renewable for four years.

In high school, several of the present Scholars earned perfect 4.0-grade point averages and were at the top of their class.

Trustee Scholars are intellectually and creatively adventurous, with perspectives, experiences, or accomplishments that go above and beyond the norm.

The deadline for applications is early December.

Click here for more information.

Texas Christian University: Chancellor’s Scholars Program

Chancellor’s Scholars are invited to special retreats, luncheons and dinners, social activities, and more, in addition to receiving a full-tuition grant.

There are no minimum criteria, although students who get this award typically have SAT scores of 2150 and ACT scores of 33.

The deadline for applications is early December.

Washington University in St. Louis: John B. Ervin Scholars Program

The John B. Ervin Scholars Program was founded on four pillars: leadership, academic excellence, diversity, and community service.

Ervin Scholars may receive full-tuition scholarships with a $2,500 stipend or partial-tuition scholarships, renewable each year.

For more information, visit here.

The deadline for applications is early January.

Wake Forest University: Nancy Susan Reynolds Scholarship

Wake Forest University awards merit-based scholarships to less than 3% (about five awardees) of its first-year applicants yearly.

The recipients will benefit greatly from a Wake Forest education even as they contribute significantly to the intellectual and civic life of the campus.

The Nancy Susan Reynolds Scholarship covers tuition, housing and board and provides $3,400 a year for personal costs.

This award is given to students who pursue the most difficult courses and earn among the highest GPAs and/or test scores in the country.

For more information, click here.

The deadline for applications is Mid-November.

Vanderbilt University: Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship

The Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship offers full tuition and a one-summer stipend for immersion to students who demonstrate a combination of leadership and academic achievements.

Vanderbilt uses a holistic admissions process. They do not employ cutoffs for standardized testing or grade point averages.

The deadline for applications is early December.

Loyola Marymount University: Trustee Scholarship

Loyola Marymount University offers a wide range of academic scholarship programs to recognize and reward the academic accomplishments of the most distinguished freshmen.

This scholarship does not need a separate application. The trustee scholarship is available to all entering freshmen and is awarded to 10 students over four years.

Full tuition and housing are included in the scholarship. This scholarship is based on academic achievement.

Click here for more information.

The deadline for applications is early February.


The Full Ride Scholarships are an opportunity for entry freshmen with excellent academic performance to access financial support for the duration of their studies.

We encourage you to promptly apply for this scholarship through the link in this article. Kindly share this article with your friends. Cheers.

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