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Are you a marketing-passionate student looking for a marketing challenge with many mouth-watering prizes and even a certification?

Google Online Marketing Challenge

The Google online marketing challenge (Googleomc) is here again for you.

What Is The Google Online Marketing Challenge?

GoogleOMC is an online contest open to students to gain real-life marketing experience creating and executing online marketing campaigns for an ultimate prize.

GoogleOMC usually involves the participating student with the non-profit organization. Every year more than 50,000 students compete from more than 100 countries.

The Google Online Marketing Challenge is such a beautiful opportunity to gain dexterity and hands-on knowledge of marketing using Google Ads and other online marketing tools.

The value of online marketing skills to a marketing professional and an organisation cannot be overemphasized.

Goal Of Google Online Marketing Challenge

Simply put, the major goal behind this GoogleOMC is to bring visibility to non-profiting organizations and their core objectives, thereby creating a social pact.

This Marketing Challenge seeks to transform the workspace by developing seasoned, well-experienced and ever-learning intending marketing professionals.

The GoogleOMC Application Standard

While preparing for the Google Online Marketing Challenge, commit the following to heart:

  • GoogleOMC involves the contesting student(student group) and the non-profit business.
  • Before entering the Challenge, you will need a solid team of 6 maximum and three minimum.
  • As a group, you will decide and select a non-profit that has not done any AdWords campaign in the past six months.
  • Analyze and understand the marketing needs of the selected non-profit.
  • Prepare a pre-campaign report which will be approved by Google, after which an amount will be credited to your AdWords Account.
  • As a student/student group, you need to be affiliated with a registered professor. The registered professor will serve as a guide to the student/student group.

Google Challenge Awards

As a contesting student, you have the chance to go home with some amazing prices and deals:

Price for 1st-place

The first-place team is entitled to the following:

  • Google will provide the competition client of the winning student team $15,000.
  • For each winning team member, a portable computing device with a maximum market value of roughly $500.
  • Each winning team member, along with their professor, will receive an invitation to participate in a Hangout with a Googler.
  • A customised certificate of appreciation for each member of the winning team and their professor, acknowledging their status as a competition prize winner.

Prize for 2nd-place

Don’t worry. Even if you make it to 2nd place, there are exciting prizes for you.

The 2nd-place team is entitled to the following:

  • Google will give the competition client of the winning student team $10,000.
  • Each kid on the second-place team will get a portable computer with a potential market value of about $500.
  • Each student in the second-place team and their professor will receive a unique certificate of appreciation noting their status as a competition prize winner.

Prize for 3rd-Place

The 3rd-place team is entitled to the following:

  • Google will donate $5,000 to the competition client of the winning student team.
  • A portable computer with a maximum suggested retail price of $500.
  • A unique plaque of gratitude for each team member and their professor stating that they were a prize winner in the competition.

Who Is Eligible For The GoogleOMC?

The Challenge is open to students of a higher learning education institute, regardless of their major. The fact that you are already an undergraduate qualifies you for this challenge, irrespective of your course of study.

If you’re a marketing enthusiast, you may want to join GoogleOMC.


Effective Marketing is the livewire of every organization, huge or small, start-up or industry expert.

Marketing (online and physical) is vital to service-based, product-based and even hybrid (service or product-based) organizations.

This is why GoogleOMC should be taken advantage of by you as an individual. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the growing attention and emphasis given to Effective Online Marketing.

The Google Online Marketing Challenge gives you an incomparable internship experience for real-life practice.

For more information about the GoogleOMC and how to apply, kindly visit their official

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