HAFEDPOLY Academic Calendar for 2024/2025Academic Session

Hussaini Adamu Federal Polytechnic, Kazaure, revised the academic calendar for the 1st and 2nd semesters for the 2024/2025 Session.

The management of HAFEDPOLY has announced the revised academic calendar for the [aca-year] session.

The first semester begins with the admission exercise starting on April 1st, 2024, and various stages of registration, lectures, and examinations continue until the first-semester break in May 2024.

The second semester starts in June 2024, spanning fifteen-week lectures, examinations, and other essential academic activities.

The management of HAFEDPOLY advises all students and staff to adhere to the dates stipulated and work towards a successful academic session.

Hussaini Adamu Federal Polytechnic (HAFEDPOLY) Academic Calendar

First Semester
Admission Exercise
SET: JAMB 2024
SET: JAMB 2024
1st Apr – 29th Oct, 2024Seven (7) Months
Screening & Registration Exercise31st Oct – 12th Nov,2024Two (2) Weeks
Late Registration14th Nov – 20th Nov, 2024One (1) Week
Lectures21st Nov – 22nd Dec, 2024Five (5) Weeks
Mid Semester Break23rd Dec – 8th Jan,2024Two (2) Weeks
Lectures9th Jan – 7th Feb,2024Four (4) Weeks
Matriculation/Orientation8th Feb – 10th Feb,2024Three (3) Days
General Elections Break17th Feb – 25th Mar, 2024Four (4) Weeks
Lectures27th Mar – 6th May, 2024Six (6) Weeks
First Semester Exams8th May – 27th May, 2024Three (3) Weeks
First Semester Break28th May – 11th June,2024Two (2) Weeks
Marking of Examination Scripts29th May – 11th June,2024Two (2) Weeks
Collation of Examination Results12th Jun – 18th June, 2024One (1) Week
Departmental Board of Examiners Meeting19th Jun – 20th Jun,2024Two (2) Days
College Board of Examiners Meeting21st Jun – 22nd Jun,2024Two (2) Days
Academic Board Meeting5th Jul – 6th Jul, 2023Two (2) Days
Second Semester
Lectures12th Jun – 23rd Sep,2024Fifteen (15) Weeks
Examinations25th Sep – 14th Oct,2024Three (3) Weeks
Marking of Examination Scripts16th Oct – 29th Oct,2024Two (2) Weeks
Collation of Examination Results30th Oct – 5th Nov,2024One (1) Week
Moderation of Examination Scripts6th Nov – 19th Nov,2024Two (2) Weeks
Departmental Board of Examination Meeting20th Nov – 21st Nov, 2024Two (2) Days
College Board of Examination Meeting22nd Nov – 23rd Nov,2024Two (2) Days
Academic Board Meeting29th Nov – 30th Nov,2024Two (2) Days
Students Industrial Work Scheme (SIWES)16th Oct, 2023 – 27th Jan, 2024Sixteen (16) Weeks


The revised academic calendar ensures a well-structured academic year, allowing students to plan their studies effectively.

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