How to Delete a Godaddy Account

Founded in 1997, Godaddy provides tools for creating professional websites. 

They are arguably the world’s most well-known domain registrar and web hosting provider.

As a web developer or a DIY person who navigated their way into creating a professional website for themselves or their business, it is important to know how to delete your GoDaddy account.

While the process can be tricky for some people, not to worry, as in this article, we will be looking at all you need to know about GoDaddy, including how to delete a GoDaddy account. 

Pros and Cons of GoDaddy

Before we dive into the pros and cons of GoDaddy, let’s look at some of the services GoDaddy offers.

1. Web hosting

In a nutshell, web hosting is a service that sells web server space to individuals and organizations, allowing them to build websites on the server.

The server is essentially a piece of hardware located somewhere in the world. 

Your website’s files, including images and code, are saved there.

If you’ve ever Googled hosting services, you’ll notice four types of hosting available: shared, dedicated, VPS, and reseller hosting. 

They differ regarding server space, data centre infrastructure, website management level, and additional resources.

GoDaddy offers all four types of web hosting. 

2. WordPress Hosting

Like the majority of well-known web hosts, GoDaddy provides shared hosting services that are optimized for WordPress. 

For those who feel confident managing WordPress websites, this is perfect. WordPress is pre-installed and offers a wide selection of themes and plugins.

If you’re wondering whether WordPress hosting is superior to a standard shared hosting plan, the answer is probably no. 

You can easily create and manage a WordPress website using this hosting service. It doesn’t perform all that differently from typical shared hosting regarding speed.

You could choose standard web hosting and add WordPress later.

3. Domain Registration

When someone visits your website, they enter your domain name into their browser. extension dominates the internet, but there are a ton of other extensions available as well, including .biz, .club, .net, .today, .xyz, .email, .group, .company, .org, and many more.

4. eCommerce Solutions

GoDaddy’s eCommerce solution enables users to create an online store. It’s essentially a GoDaddy hosting plan with WooCommerce pre-installed. If you’re unfamiliar with WooCommerce, it’s a free WordPress plugin that allows you to convert a regular WordPress website into an online store.

You can manage your customers, track your sales, and sell unlimited products through your store with GoDaddy’s eCommerce solution. You can use tools for SEO, Google listing, product promotion, and list building.

GoDaddy accepts popular payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square. It does not levy a transaction fee. You have 30 days to try out their service. After that, you’ll have to pay $24.99.

You can contact GoDaddy’s support team to learn more about their eCommerce solution.

5. Website Builder

A website builder, as the name implies, is a tool that allows you to create the website of your dreams.

There are numerous templates to choose from in GoDaddy’s visual website builder. The template can be modified using the drag-and-drop feature.

6. SSL Certificates

SSL serves as a digital certificate used to verify a website’s legitimacy. In plainer terms, it ensures a website is safe enough to use.

You must have encountered websites Chrome flagged as “Not Secure.” 

In addition to hiding the label, an SSL certificate will also show a lock to denote security.

Pros of GoDaddy

The Prices Are Very Reasonable

Various regular discounts offered by GoDaddy can make establishing and maintaining a web presence incredibly affordable.

Deals on domain registration are available, enabling you to do so for just $0.99. 

The cost of the economy hosting plan starts at just $4 per month. 

Additionally, discounts and coupons are frequently provided.

Godaddy Is a Reputable Brand

GoDaddy is a well-known brand that offers web hosting and domain registration services.

Through an intuitive online dashboard, you can easily access your account, contact customer service immediately if an issue arises, and still exercise complete control over creating a website that reflects your brand’s message.

It Is Easier to Install WordPress

GoDaddy provides an automatic solution for installing WordPress with just one click if you need to get online quickly. It’s ideal for those who want to start something on their own but are unfamiliar with website design or content uploading.

There Are Numerous Sign-up Bonuses Available

GoDaddy has provided numerous advertising credits for new web hosting accounts. This includes $100 for Google AdWords, $50 for Bing or Facebook, and other credits to help you increase website traffic.

Godaddy Accepts a Variety of Payment Methods

You can pay in most major currencies when you choose GoDaddy as your hosting platform. In many cases, you can easily use your existing payment processors or digital buttons from PayPal.

Cons of GoDaddy

There Might Be Downtime Issues

GoDaddy only promises an uptime of 99.9%, but compared to its rivals like Bluehost, downtime can be a big risk.

The benefits and drawbacks of GoDaddy demonstrate the wide range of options available for you to create the website and hosting package that is ideal for you. 

Consider the Deluxe plan if you need to host multiple websites because it offers unlimited websites, storage, and bandwidth for as little as $4.99 per month for the first year.

Try it out, and you might just discover the answer to your hosting and registration issues right now.

Customer Service Is Not the Best

A GoDaddy site may be easy to set up quickly, but troubleshooting any issues can be more challenging. 

When a trouble ticket is submitted, there may be a response delay of up to 48 hours. 

It may take up to 48 hours for each follow-up response, so unless the solution can be found in a single response, it may take weeks to resolve a problem.

Costly Restoration Fee

The majority of businesses will restore a website for you at no charge. 

The restoration fee at GoDaddy occasionally reaches $300.

This increases the pressure on you to maintain accuracy and the desired aesthetic of your website.

Speed Can Be Slow Sometimes

Simply put, this is a result of GoDaddy’s size. Consider it to be similar to a broadband connection with many subscribers. 

Your download and upload speeds on a 50/10 connection will probably be faster if you’re the only user. 

You might be fortunate to reach 10/1 speeds if every network subscriber uses it. Unfortunately, slower speeds are becoming more typical.

How to Delete a Godaddy Account

Deleting a account requires two steps, which you must complete.

You must first remove all of the items from your GoDaddy account. Then, after 24 hours, you’ll need to delete your GoDaddy account permanently.

To successfully and permanently delete your GoDaddy account and files, simply follow this simple step-by-step guide.

How to Delete Items From Your GoDaddy Account

How to Delete Domains on GoDaddy

  • Navigate to the Domain Control Center after signing into your GoDaddy account.
  • To check off each domain, select all of them by clicking the Select All box.
  • Select Delete by clicking the More button.
  • To delete the chosen domains, check the box next to “Yes, I consent.”
  • Select Continue.

How to Remove Domain Backorders and Monitoring on GoDaddy

  • Go to your GoDaddy Domain Control Center by logging in.
  • Select Backorders and Monitoring from the drop-down menu by clicking the Buy & Sell tab.
  • Then click Remove Selected after checking the box next to each domain.
  • Remove backorders and monitoring by checking the box next to it, then click OK.
  • You will see a pop-up that your changes have been submitted, and updates will begin processing soon.
  • Click OK once more.

How to Delete Domain Protection Plan on GoDaddy

  • Access your GoDaddy Domain Control Center by logging in.
  • To check off each domain, select all of them by clicking the Select All box.
  • Select Downgrade Privacy Protection from the Ownership tab after clicking.
  • Pick ‘No Privacy Protection’ from the menu.
  • Select “Confirm”
  • Select “Yes, I agree to remove protection for the selected domain(s)” and check the box next to it.
  • Select “Continue”
  • Use a one-time SMS password or 2-step verification to confirm your identity.
  • Then click Verify after entering your verification code.
  • Notification of success will be sent to you.

How to Delete Incoming Domain Transfer on GoDaddy

  • Access your GoDaddy Domain Control Center by logging in.
  • Select Transfers from the Domains tab.
  • To check off all transfers, select all from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the domain list’s option that says Cancel Transfer.
  • An additional window will open. Select Transfers Cancel.
  • A confirmation will then show up.

How to Delete SSL Certificate on GoDaddy

  • Navigate to GoDaddy’s Product Page.
  • Navigate to the SSL Certificates tab.
  • Select the Manage option next to the certificate.
  • Select Revoke next to Status on the Certificate Details tab.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the reason for revoking.
  • Click the Revoke Certificate button.

How to Delete GoDaddy Mobile App Store Subscription

If you purchased GoDaddy mobile apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play, you must cancel these subscriptions through the app store where you purchased them.

To delete GoDaddy products that are not specifically listed here, follow the steps below:

Go to the Renewals & Billing page on GoDaddy.

  • Log in.
  • Choose all of your products, then click Cancel Renewal.
  • To delete a product, click the Delete My Product button.
  • “To complete my request, I acknowledge that I must open the email and select ‘Yes I want to delete. Click the message.
  • Select the Send Email option.

When you receive the email, open it and select “Yes, I want to delete.”

This will return you to your account. To complete the action, click Delete Product.

How to Delete a Godaddy Account Permanently

After you’ve deleted all of the products from your GoDaddy account and waited 24 hours, you can permanently delete your GoDaddy account.

  • Access your GoDaddy account.
  • Navigate to the Contact Preferences page, which can be found under the Account Settings tab.
  • Select the Edit button on the far right in Account, the last block on the page.
  • Check the box next to “I understand this action cannot be reversed” under Confirm.
  • Close the account by clicking the Close Account button.

You will be notified that your GoDaddy account has been permanently deleted.

What Are Some Alternatives to GoDaddy?

Despite being the biggest domain registrar and one of the most popular web hosting providers, GoDaddy may not be the best option for all website owners. 

Here are some additional web hosting options that you might want to consider.


One of the top web hosting providers available is Bluehost. They provide reliable website creation services that are quick and inexpensive.

Bluehost is our top recommendation if you’re looking for a GoDaddy substitute for website hosting.

It is arguably the best website builder currently available, with highly optimized hosting plans. 

Not to mention, Bluehost is a WordPress hosting platform that is officially endorsed.

They include a free domain and a free SSL certificate with each hosting plan to make it even better. 

This indicates that you are not required to register your domain or buy an SSL certificate separately.

The most significant benefit is the 60% discount they give WPBeginner users. In essence, you can get going for just $2.75 a month.

The best GoDaddy substitute for buying SSL certificates or registering domain names is They are a well-known domain name registrar offering all the best domain extensions (TLDs).

You can use their robust domain name generator to find the ideal domain name for your company. Simply type in your chosen keywords or phrase, and a list of match results will be generated.

The domain management section of is simple to use and intuitive. You can control DNS settings, renewals, privacy settings, and other domain settings from there.

Users of WPBeginner can use our promo code to save 25% on their purchases.

Another excellent substitute for GoDaddy SSL certificates is 

GoDaddy doesn’t have as affordable SSL certificates as


You’ll adore HostGator if you’re looking for a cheap web hosting alternative to GoDaddy. 

They are one of the top shared hosting providers, providing budget-friendly web hosting packages for new businesses and bloggers.

Their prices are set so that more people will start using their plans. They do more than just provide starter websites, though.

Additionally, HostGator provides VPS and dedicated hosting plans. 


Calling it quits with GoDaddy is understandable if you need to try a different host. We hope this article on how to delete a GoDaddy account was helpful.

If you found it useful, kindly drop a comment and share, as we would like to hear from you.

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