How to Delete a Voicemail You Left

How to Delete a Voicemail You Left
How to Delete a Voicemail You Left

As an active phone user, you need to know how to delete a voicemail you left as soon as possible.

Learning how to delete a voicemail you left is important as it will save you from errors and create sore relationships.

You know how you could feel mad at someone and have to leave an angry voicemail to vent, but get better, regret your action, and want to delete it?

We are all guilty of saying words we wished we didn’t say. Well, lucky for you, you’ve got us to teach you how to delete a voicemail you left.

This article carefully explains how to delete a voicemail you left and takes you through the mechanics of deleting a voicemail.

As extra knowledge, you also learn not to send voicemails that you would often feel like deleting.

Let’s head right in.

Voicemail Application For Android

In the Voicemail app, you’ll see a list of voicemails with a phone number or contact name for each individual.


If you select a message, the screen for that message opens, from which you can listen, call or delete the individual message.

However, you cannot manage bulk messages from that point. To delete bulk voicemails, Select the menu bar in the upper right corner (represented by three vertical dots).

Choose “Edit” and tap each voicemail you want to delete.

The screen also includes a mass selection application for mass deletion. Select “Delete” in the upper right corner to delete all selected voice messages simultaneously.

Voicemails will be permanently and immediately deleted.

Third-party voicemail applications can change how your phone stores and manages voice messages.

Options include visual voicemails, carrier-specific voicemail apps, call-blocking apps, voicemail combinations, and voicemail-to-text messaging apps.

The settings and options for deleting messages in third-party applications vary and require an examination of the settings of each application.

In most cases, the process remains simple because apps don’t want you to save bulk messages.

How to Delete a Voicemail You Left (Deleting Your Bad Voicemail From Someone’s Phone)

Has anyone left a message you’d like to delete from the office or the customer’s cell phone?

You can! Check out these simple steps to protect yourself from leaving a bad voicemail.

When you realize you want to delete your voicemail, press the # symbol. It is important that you don’t cut the line. Once you hang up, your voicemail will be saved.

The trick is to keep the voicemail going.

How to Delete a Voicemail You Left on Android

To delete voicemail or multiple voicemails on your phone:

  • Start the voicemail application.
  • Click on “Voicemail” at the bottom.
  • Select Voicemail and then the menu with three dots.
  • Select the “Delete” option.
  • Hold the first voicemail message to delete multiple voicemails, then select “More Items.
  • Select “Delete” and check “I understand” > “Delete.”

How to Access Voicemail on Android?

How to Delete a Voicemail You Left
How to Delete a Voicemail You Left

To listen to your voicemail, call your mailbox. You can call your mailbox by dialing your mobile number from your phone or using speed dial access:

  • Open the phone app by choosing the phone icon.
  • Press and hold “1”. The number may vary depending on your mobile operator.
  • If prompted, enter your voicemail password.
  • Your voicemails should play shortly after.

You can also use the free direct voicemail app. The Visual Voicemail.

This is how:

  • Once enabled, launch Visual Voicemail.
  • You will be shown your voice messages, so select the message you want to listen to.

How to Delete a Voicemail You Left on iPhone

How to Delete a Voicemail You Left
How to Delete a Voicemail You Left

Although voicemail messages don’t take up much space, your iPhone will stop receiving new messages if your voicemail is full.

So you can delete it anytime. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open and launch the phone app and tap on Voicemail in the lower right corner
  • Now find the voicemail you want to delete
  • Once you tap on it, you will see the options below it
  • You can also swipe from right to left to display the Delete option
  • Now just tap on the Delete button
  • The process is almost complete. Now the deleted messages will be saved to the Deleted Messages option.
  • If you want to permanently delete messages, look at the bottom of the screen, tap Deleted messages, then tap Clear all in the top right.

Voicemails are Now Permanently Deleted.

Note: Voicemail files will remain on your phone until you delete them from the “Deleted Messages” section.

If you want to delete all voicemail files but don’t want to lose your content, you can export them and save them elsewhere.

To save a voicemail message, press on it, then tap the Share button

Now send the message to yourself as an audio file through email or text. You must share each voicemail one at a time.

How to Delete Multiple Voicemail Messages at Once on iPhone.

We’ve already discussed how to delete a voicemail messages on iPhone one by one, but if you want to delete voicemail messages altogether, follow the steps below:

  • Open your phone app to launch it and tap the Voicemail in the bottom-right corner
  • To remove all voicemails at once, tap the word Edit in the upper-right corner
  • Tap the circles next to all of the voicemails in your inbox that you want to remove, then click Delete
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap Deleted Messages, and then at the top right, tap “Clear All” to delete the voicemails permanently.

How to Restore a Deleted Voicemail Message on iPhone

If you have already deleted a voicemail on your iPhone, you can restore it until it is cleared from the Deleted Messages section.

To restore the deleted voicemail message, follow the steps below:

  • Open the phone app and tap voicemail
  • Now go to the Deleted Messages section.
  • Here you will see a list of the deleted voicemail
  • Just select the specific voicemail that you want to restore.
  • Now tap undelete option and try to restore from here

How to Save Yourself from Voicemail Accidents

How to Delete a Voicemail You Left
How to Delete a Voicemail You Left

You may need to clear your voicemail for many reasons other than burning bridges to avoid the urge to try to rekindle your old love!

Maybe you left a voicemail for your boss with inappropriate language owing to the heat of the moment.

Perhaps you sent a voicemail to your supplier and missed out on important details.

Sometimes you may have used the wrong words in your message, or you might leave a voicemail that is difficult to comprehend.

Here’s how to create the perfect voicemail free of errors:

Step 1: Rehearse, Practice, and Check

Try rehearsing your voicemail as if you were rehearsing a play! Take a piece of paper and write down everything you want to say on your voicemail.

Get it right and take enough time to make it coherent and understandable.

You can also read what you want to express, as this process will help you gather your thoughts and put them into words.

Step 2: Read From the Note

Reading from a note helps you say what you want without hiccups or interruptions.

Call the person and have your notes handy.

Once you’re in recording mode, read your note to make it sound as professional as possible.

Don’t forget to include all the important details, like the reason you are calling, your contact number, your name, and anything else that is required.

If you’re following up on a previous voicemail, say so.

If you were confused in the previous voice message, please apologize and continue with your message.

It is better to say “I’m sorry” instead of “I’m sorry” because the former effectively communicates your regret without needing a long explanation.

Step 3: Stop Recording

The last step is to end the recording and save the voicemail.

It is a good idea to leave your contact number before ending the message so that the recipient can easily call you back.

Follow safety precautions when sending voice messages

Resist the temptation to call people or leave voicemails when you’re too drunk! The same is true when you are too angry or upset to speak without using hostile language or an accusatory tone.

Prepare and leave your voicemails when you’re in the right settings, so you don’t have to search for ways to delete or re-record a message!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Delete a Voicemail You Left
How to Delete a Voicemail You Left

How Do I Play a Voicemail?

The procedure for playing voicemails from an Android phone is usually as follows:

Open the phone app by clicking the phone icon.
At the bottom of the screen, select the phone dialer.
Call your voicemail by dialing the number using the numeric keypad or by pressing and holding “1”.
If you have a passcode to access your voicemail, you will be prompted to enter it on the dial pad.

The following numbers are different:

Press “1” on the dial pad to listen to your messages; the most recent message should play first.
After playing the message, you will have several options to do with the message, like delete or save, etc., along with the corresponding number you want to press.
Press the key on the dial that represents the option to play the message
To exit the voicemail system, end the call.

How Do I Turn Off Voicemail on Android?

Your mobile operator usually controls your voicemail, so the most reliable way to turn off your voicemail is to ask their support team to disable it:

Launch the app on your phone to access your phone’s dialer.
Dial your carrier’s support number. This can be obtained from their official website.
Listen to the instructions and enter the number to speak to a representative.
Have your account security information ready, such as your account password, as the representative will use your answers to confirm your identity.
Ask to deactivate the voicemail service.
Once the representative or automated message confirms that this has been done, you can hang up.
Alternatively, you can try disabling call forwarding, although your particular carrier or phone model may not allow it.

If your phone model does not support the above method, you can also disable the app like this:

Launch the phone app.
Select the menu icon, usually the three dots icon in the upper right corner.
Select “Settings” and then find and select the redirect or redirect settings option. You may find them under “More Settings” or “Advanced.”
If you can’t find this option, your phone probably doesn’t support disabling call forwarding.

Once selected, you should see options similar to the following:

Always forward.
Forward when busy.
Forward when you don’t receive a reply.
Forward when unavailable.
Select the appropriate one.
Select “Disable” to disable this option, or you can let your mailbox fill up.

Here’s how to fill up your mailbox:

Enable airplane mode on your phone so that calls are automatically routed to voicemail.
Dial your number using another phone or online service.
Leave a voicemail message.
Hang up and repeat until you hear the mailbox is full.

This option is tedious and time-consuming, but it will achieve the goal.

What Number Should I Press to Delete My Voicemail?

The number you press to delete your voicemail depends on your mobile operator.
To confirm the number, go to voicemail and listen to the automated message.

How Do I Block Voicemail on Android?

To block someone from leaving a voicemail on your phone:

Start the voice application.
Select “Voicemail” at the bottom.
Open and select the voicemail message for the contact you want to block.
Select “Block” and then click the menu with three dots.
Select “Block (number)” and then “Block.”

To unblock a previously blocked number while you still have their voicemail:

Start the voice application.
Select “Voicemail” at the bottom.
Open and select the voicemail message for the contact you want to unblock.
Click the three-dot menu, then “Unblock (number),” and then “Unblock.”

How Do I Empty My Voicemail?

To delete all voicemails from your Android phone:

Start your voice application.
Select “Voicemail” at the bottom.
Select the menu with three dots.
Select and hold the first voicemail to delete multiple voicemails, then click “More Items.”
Select “Delete” and check “I understand” > “Delete.”

Why Can’t I Delete Voicemails?

As with most technologies and applications, it is normal to experience occasional glitches.

We may not be able to pinpoint the cause of why you can’t delete your voicemails, but here are three things you can try with your Android phone to fix the problem:

Try restarting your phone.
When your phone hasn’t rebooted in a while, many fun problems can occur. Rebooting allows the phone to wipe and fix any issues. So try turning it off for at least five minutes and then see if the issue is resolved.

Try clearing the voicemail apps.

The phone or voicemail application may be the cause. To clear app data on your phone:
On the home screen, go to “Settings.”
Select “General” > “Applications.”
Find and select your voicemail application.
Select “Storage” > “Clear cache” and then “Clear data.” Confirm to remove all for both options.

Go back to the Voicemail app.

Since all data has been deleted, the next time you launch the application, you will notice that the same screens and options as when you first accessed it will appear.
Now try to delete your voicemails again. If you still experience the problem, try resetting your phone to factory settings.
The problem may be due to a virus or a software bug in the phone. Before resetting your phone back to factory settings, back up all the information stored on it to another device so that you can put it back on your phone after the reset.
If the problem is with your phone, a factory reset has a good chance of fixing it.
If not, contact your service provider to do some troubleshooting to help you fix the problem.

How Do I Delete Voicemails on Android Without Listening to Them?

You can delete voicemails without listening to them using Visual Voicemail.

To do this:

Start Visual Voicemail.
Select a voicemail message.
To permanently delete a message, click the trash can icon below the voicemail details or in the upper right corner.
Icons and layout may vary slightly depending on the phone model and your mobile operator.
For Sprint, select the menu with three dots in the upper right corner, then “Delete.”
If a confirmation pop-up message appears, select “OK” or “Delete.”
Alternatively, press and hold the voicemail from the message list, then select “Delete” and confirm the deletion.

To delete multiple messages using Visual Voicemail:

Select the trash can icon at the top of the screen. A check box appears to the right of each voicemail in the list.
If the recycle bin icon is unavailable, click the three-dot menu in the upper right corner and select “Edit.”
To select all messages in the list, check the box at the top of the page. Or, to delete a selected few, check the box next to each message.
Click “Delete” to delete all selected voicemail messages.
Then confirm the deletion in the pop-up message.

To delete multiple messages using the app on your phone:

Launch the phone app.
Dial your voicemail number.
Enter your voicemail password if you have one. If you don’t know what it is, try entering your phone number or contact your carrier.
Before playing each voice message, enter the number associated with deleting the message.

Can You Recover a Deleted Voicemail?

Deleted voice messages can be retrieved because they are stored on your device for a fixed period.

From your Android phone, try the following:

Launch the voicemail application.
Click on the menu.
Select “Deleted Voicemails,” and you will see a list of voicemail messages that can be recovered.
Press and hold the messages you wish to restore, then “Save” to confirm the restoration.


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