How to Delete Bluetooth Device From Honda Civic 2016

How to Delete Bluetooth Device From Honda Civic 2016
How to Delete Bluetooth Device From Honda Civic 2016

You should read this “How to delete Bluetooth device from Honda Civic 2016” article if you got a fairly used Honda car, use a Honda Civic 2016 but changed your phone, or swap your car often with a friend who loves to connect to your car’s Bluetooth.

A Honda Civic 2016 model is a great companion for the road, but what’s a road trip without your favourite music blasting from the stereo?

Our best bet is that you’d simply endure the revving of the car tires and engine and probably connect an earpiece to save your life from the boring noise of a music-less ride.

It’s worse if you have to take calls while driving. You can either not take the call or have to pull over to answer the phone.

All this because someone else has his device paired to your Honda Civic 2016 Bluetooth, and you can’t get it out.

This is why we have written this “how to delete Bluetooth device from honda Civic 2016” guide.

This article contains the information you need to know on how to delete Bluetooth from Honda Civic 2016.

Keep reading to learn more.

How to Delete Bluetooth Device From Honda Civic 2016 (Simplified)

The 2016 Honda Civic is the banner of the Honda group of luxury cars. It has more than ten variants available and comes in manual and automatic or CVT variants.

Moreover, the availability of five different colours makes it perfect for other potential customers based on their requirements.

This five-seater is available in diesel and petrol variants and is one of the leading cars that offer various features for a comfortable ride.

The 2016 Honda Civic Bluetooth is one of the most used features and offers pairing for up to six devices.

As you already know, you can pair six devices on the 2016 Honda Civic Bluetooth. In addition, Honda’s infotainment system offers a touchscreen panel to control various Bluetooth functions.

If you need to pair the seventh device on your 2016 Honda Civic, delete the existing paired device from the Honda infotainment system.

How to Delete Bluetooth Device From Honda Civic 2016

How to Delete Bluetooth Device From Honda Civic 2016:
How to Delete Bluetooth Device From Honda Civic 2016:

First, navigate to Honda’s infotainment system using the touchscreen system.
It would be best to find the Phone button on the touch screen. It is available in the Honda infotainment system menu.

It would be best to find the Bluetooth option in the phone menu. The Bluetooth step is the right option to help you add or remove existing paired devices from the Bluetooth panel.

You can find a list of paired devices in the Bluetooth settings panel. In addition, you can select the device to be removed from the list.

You can remove the selected Bluetooth device from the list by selecting Yes, and you can also add a new device to the Bluetooth option.

This requires you to browse the available options and select a paired phone.
So it is easy to remove the existing paired Bluetooth device from your 2016 Honda Civic.

Points to Remember:

  • When changing the Bluetooth settings of your 2016 Honda Civic, it is essential to control the correct device. So be sure of the Bluetooth device name you want to remove or add.
  • When operating the Honda infotainment system, you can go through the manual once if you are doing it for the first time.
  • It is an easy-to-use system without the hassle of creating or deleting Bluetooth devices from the system.
  • If there are problems with Bluetooth device management in your Honda infotainment system, it is best to have it checked by an authorized manufacturer’s workshop.
  • Programming problems and lack of information options are best solved only by experts.
  • In the 2016 Honda Civic, there is an option to add only six Bluetooth devices.

How to Delete Bluetooth Device From Honda Civic 2016 (6 Actionable Steps)

We have broken down the ways to delete Bluetooth device from your Honda Civic 2016 model into 6 actionable steps below:

How to Delete Bluetooth Device From Honda Civic 2016:
How to Delete Bluetooth Device From Honda Civic 2016:

Switch to the Honda Information System

Removing a Bluetooth device from Honda starts by placing the phone in the Honda infotainment system.

In this part of the system, you will see the Bluetooth settings. The 2016 Honda Civic already has touchscreen service.

This section of your car contains information about the devices you have paired it with. Press the system service icon and look for the Phone Button.

Look for the Phone Button

Inside the Honda infotainment system, find a button labeled Select Phone. Vehicles like the Honda Civic have direct access to their features and settings.

Tap the button and select Phone settings.

Go to Phone Settings and press the joystick to go to the next option. After pressing the control stick, search the resulting menu.

Then, check the service options displayed on the screen.

Look for the Bluetooth Option

You can browse the list of Bluetooth devices using the Honda joystick. In addition, Honda allows you to browse Bluetooth devices paired with your vehicle.

You can add or remove these paired devices in the Bluetooth settings.

Find the device paired with your Honda Civic that you want to disconnect. Once found, you can proceed to unpair the device with your Honda.

Select the Device You Want to Remove From the List

Under Bluetooth Settings, you will see a list of Bluetooth devices connected to your car. Move the cursor to scroll through the list of Bluetooth phones. Select the phone you want to remove the service from.

You will be prompted “Select to erase the device.” Confirm with the joystick.

Honda cars are equipped with this option to remove paired Bluetooth phones, except for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Tap Remove Device

After selecting “Select Remove Device,” another “Remove Bluetooth Device” screen will appear. A confirmation screen will appear after pressing the “Remove Bluetooth Device” button. Press yes.

This should be the last step in removing the paired device from your 2016 Honda Civic.
Review your paired phones and look for the name of the paired phone you removed. If it’s not already there, it means you did it right.

Pair the New Device (Optional)

Pairing a new item is also easy. First, go back to your phone settings. Instead of pressing the “Remove Bluetooth” button, select “Add a new device” from the available options.

Next, search for the Bluetooth device you want to pair with your 2016 Honda Civic. You can also choose to pair with a device already on your Honda vehicle’s list of Bluetooth devices.

Can You Re-Pair a Bluetooth Device That Has Been Deleted?

How to Delete Bluetooth Device From Honda Civic 2016:
How to Delete Bluetooth Device From Honda Civic 2016:

Yes, you can still pair a Bluetooth device removed from your Honda. Use the same procedure as when you did it the first time.

After setting up the phone, go to the vehicle settings and connect to the car.

How Long Will It Take to Unpair a Bluetooth Device in My Honda Civic?

Unpairing a Bluetooth device from your Honda Civic (2016) will take less than five minutes.

Unpairing connected devices and removing them from the list requires only selecting and pressing functions and buttons. The whole process does not take long for all vehicles that have Bluetooth.

How Do I Reset Bluetooth in My Car?

How Do I Reset Bluetooth in My Car?
How Do I Reset Bluetooth in My Car?

If your car has Bluetooth connectivity, you can reset the Bluetooth in your Honda in the following steps:

  • Take out the battery cover and locate the battery.
  • Disconnect the power cable from the battery and connect it to the Bluetooth device.
  • The connection should be in this format: negative cable to the battery and positive cable to the Bluetooth device.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth device and allow it to search for networks.
  • Enter “0000” as the password to reset the Bluetooth device.


You must follow the above steps to remove the existing Bluetooth device from your comfortable car.

From now on, no more mess driving your 2016 Honda Civic due to Bluetooth issues. It’s also easy to pair or troubleshoot Bluetooth on your 2016 Honda Civic.

If you need further clarifications about How to Delete Bluetooth Device From Honda Civic 2016, kindly leave questions in the comment section below, and we will attend to you.

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