How to Delete Account

How to Delete Account is one of the largest chess servers online, where you may play chess with friends or random strangers whenever you like.

If you feel it is time to learn how to delete account or call it quits, maybe you want to stop playing chess to focus on other things in your life; this guide will show you how.

However, if you’re deleting your account because of a problem with the game or your account, you can try resolving the problem by contacting

Now, let’s look at how to delete your account.

Before we begin, if you have linked your Facebook, Google, Twitch, or other third-party accounts to, you must disconnect them. 

It is a straightforward procedure. 

Simply go to your linked third-party app or website, select settings, and then disconnect or deny access to 

This is an important process to carry out before deleting your account.

There are two ways to delete your account. The first step requires you to use the website, while the second requires you to use the mobile app.

In the past, it was impossible to delete account via a mobile phone, and you had to be redirected to the website, but recent updates have made it possible.

How to Delete Account on Desktop

When you log in to your account, go to ‘Settings.’ 

You do this by clicking on the Settings tab at the bottom left and selecting All Settings. 

Scroll down to the Settings section and select Manage Account.

If you can’t get it right, you have another alternative: click on the Settings option at the bottom-left of the page, then pick All Settings. 

Then, select Account/Payment from the sidebar menu, followed by Manage Account.

Now that you’re on the Manage Account page, go to the bottom and click the Close My Account button. 

A button to cancel your membership will appear if you have a paid subscription. To proceed with the process, you must click on it.

A pop-up box will appear asking you to select one of the reasons you’re deleting your account. 

Choose a reason for closing your account and click the close my account button at the bottom of the window.

After you complete all of these steps, your account will be automatically cancelled, and you will be unable to log in with the same credentials unless you create a new account.

How to Delete Your Account Mobile App

To remove your account, open the app on your Android or iOS smartphone and follow the steps below.

At the bottom-right of the app, tap the More tab. Then choose Settings. It will redirect you to a new page.

Where you click account, then, at the bottom of the next page, click the tap here link.

Then you’ll be taken to a new page, where you’ll see an option that says tap here.”

You can now delete your account by clicking the “Close My Account” button.

You’ll see an option to delete your data; toggle on it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Delete My Account and Start Over?

Yes, you can delete your old account and start over.

However, please read their policy and follow the necessary measures before proceeding. 

It’s probably best you keep your account since it is still valuable. You could log out and erase your cookies instead.

Is it Possible to Have Multiple Accounts?

No. Each member can only have one account on 

However, you can set up several accounts for your academy or social media profiles. 

However, remember that you can only use one account at a time. 
Only titled players are allowed to create two accounts, one actual and one anonymous.

Why Did Disable My Account? maintains the right to cancel your account for any reason. 

Accounts are generally closed owing to anti-cheating efforts. 
They have a strict no-cheating policy. 

If you think your account was closed for no reason, please email

Is It Free to Sign Up for

Yes, without a doubt. is now one of the best chess websites out there. It has a free option.


Deleting your account is a pretty straightforward process. If you’ve decided it is time to close your account, this guide contains everything you need to know about the account deletion process.

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