How to Delete Game Pigeon

How to Delete Game Pigeon
How to Delete Game Pigeon

Game Pigeon is an exciting application on your iPhone, and we can imagine how much fun you had with this app.

But now you are tired and want to know how to delete Game Pigeon from your device.

Well, you got on the right article, and we are proud of you.

This article contains a step-by-step guide for deleting your Game pigeon.

So let’s get to the good part.

About Game Pigeon

We know you’ve been on the app for a while, and you know your way around the app pretty well.

But you need to know a few things about the game pigeon app. We believe this information could help you understand the app’s essence better and help you decide whether you want to know how to delete game pigeon.

GamePigeon is a mobile game on iOS devices, developed by Vitalii Zlotskii and released on September 13, 2016.

The game uses the iOS 10 update, which enhances user interaction with the Apple Messages application.

GamePigeon can only be used through the Messages app, which allows players to launch games and respond to them in conversations.

The app was initially released on September 13, 2016, coinciding with the launch of iOS 10. The app is free-to-use, although it includes in-app purchases to unlock additional items such as cosmetic skins, avatar items, and the ability to remove ads.

The Game Pigeon app includes the following games:

  • Eightball
  • Nine-ball
  • 20 questions
  • Anagrams
  • Archery
  • Basketball
  • lady
  • Chess
  • Crazy 8
  • Cup Pong
  • Darts
  • Dots and boxes
  • Filler
  • Four in a row
  • Gomoku
  • Knockout
  • Mancala
  • Mini-golf
  • Paintball
  • Reversals
  • Naval battle
  • Shuffleboard
  • Tanks
  • Verbal bite
  • Word games

Game Pigeon enjoys commercial success, with VentureBeat noting that Game Pigeon was ranked #1 in the iMessage App Store’s “Top Free” category six months after its release.

Importantly, Game Pigeon was generally well-received and highlighted by online media publications soon after the launch of iOS 10.

Game Pigeon has been included in many “best iMessage apps” lists.

After over 88,000 ratings, the game has a 4.2 out of 5 on the App Store.

Julian Chokkattu of Digital Trends says, “GamePigeon should be like the pre-installed versions of Solitaire and Minesweeper that came with older iterations of Windows.”

On launch day, Boy Genius Report listed it as one of the “10 Best iMessage Apps, Games and Stickers for iOS 10 on Launch Day”.

The Daily Dot opines that Game Pigeon is the best gaming option within iMessage.

The media particularly well-received 8-Ball and Cup Pong.

The Daily Dot praised the app’s pool game: “8-Ball is surprisingly smooth with your fingers, and there’s nothing like destroying a dear friend at poker.”

During his 2020 presidential campaign, Cory Booker was featured as a player who plays the game with his family.

In 2017, CNBC quoted one teenager saying that GamePigeon is one of the few reasons people in her age range use iMessage.

The game received an exceptionally positive response as it allowed introverted individuals to engage in some social activity.

Similarly, the game has been highlighted as a way to follow social distancing guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Delete Game Pigeon

Now that you no longer want to play Game Pigeon in the iMessage app let’s see how you can uninstall the GamePigeon game on your iPhone.

How to Delete Game Pigeon
How to Delete Game Pigeon

Step One

Start the iMessage app on your iPhone. Find the conversation where you last played the game in the app and tap on it.

Next, click the Edit button at the top-right corner of your phone’s screen.

Step Two

Choose Game Pigeon on the following screen and click on the plus sign to add the game to your favourites.

Step 3

Swipe left on the game to remove it from the favourites, and then swipe left on it again to delete the game from your iPhone.

The game should now be uninstalled on your iPhone.

You have successfully deleted the Game Pigeon on your iPhone and may add new games to the app if you wish.

How to Delete Game Pigeon On iMessage

On your iPhone, the iMessage app has its own App Store, where you can find apps and games built specifically to work in the iMessage app on your device.

You can find, install, and uninstall these apps and games by opening the iMessage app and accessing the iMessage App Store.

If you cannot find the GamePigeon game in the iMessage app, you may need to tap on the More button so that all of the apps that work in the iMessage app are shown.

Then, you can find the game and uninstall it on your device.

If you wish to get the deleted GamePigeon game back on your iPhone, you can launch the iMessage App Store and download the game again to your device.

It will then be back and ready to be played with your friends in the app.

How to Reinstall Game Pigeon

Do you want to get Game Pigeon on your iOS Device again after uninstalling it? If yes, then follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Go to the iMessenger App Store.

Step 2: Search for the Game Pigeon app.

Step 3: If not found, then click on more options.

Step 4: A list of games and apps that support iOS is displayed.

Step 5: You can choose Game Pigeon from it.


If you are having issues getting rid of the GamePigeon game on your iPhone, the above guide should teach you how to delete the GamePigeon game on an iPhone.

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