How to Delete Messages on Apple Watch

How to Delete Messages on Apple Watch
How to Delete Messages on Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch is a fantastic gadget with artificial intelligence built to receive and send messages like a mobile phone.

Before you learn how to delete messages on your Apple Watch, it is essential to know that you can also sync your Apple Watch to your iPhone to have an even better user experience.

Apple watches are simply the best in accessory intelligence, and if you need to know how to delete messages on Apple watch as quickly as tell the time, then this article is for you.

The 21st Century Watch

One of the advantages of the Apple Watch is the ability to read messages and notifications without having to reach for a connected iPhone.

However, this also means that there will be times when the user must delete or close messages on the Watch.

Although this is usually not a problem, it can be for users who receive many messages and do not manage them as they enter.

The Apple Watch is a great companion to the iPhone. It can receive messages and notifications on the wrist and monitor various environmental aspects.

This is especially true for the array of health sensors and benefits included.

However, the exact limit of how much the Apple Watch can monitor and transmit back to the wearer will depend on the model of the smartwatch line purchased.

For example, the latest Apple Watch Series 7 can track one’s ECG and SpO2 ratings.

All Apple Watch models also give users access to all messages that come through the Messages app for iPhone.

It’s an excellent tool for staying on top of all your texts and iMessage conversations on the move.

You can see all your current chats, start new messages, reply to messages, and even use features like voice dictation and Memoji.

However, things can get complicated when you want to delete and undelete messages.

If you’re finding it difficult getting this done on your Apple Watch, here’s what you need to know about how to delete messages on Apple Watch.

How to Delete Message Notifications on Apple Watch

If you receive a notification about a new message and want to clear it from the Apple Watch notification panel, do the following:

  • First, swipe down from the top pane of your Apple Watch.
  • Swipe left on the message notification.
  • Click the red “X” icon to delete/close it.

This applies to messages and all other Apple Watch notifications.

iPhone users know that notifications on Apple Watch are synchronized with your iPhone; therefore, if you clear a message notification on your iPhone, it will also be deleted from your Apple Watch.

How to Delete Apple Watch Messages

How to Delete Messages on Apple Watch
How to Delete Messages on Apple Watch

Unfortunately, deleting Apple Watch messages isn’t that hassle-free.

While the message and delivery notifications are synced between Apple Watch and iPhone, deleted messages are not.

In other words, deleting a message on iPhone won’t delete it on Apple Watch and vice versa.

To delete messages on Apple Watch, follow these steps:

  • First, open “Messages on your Apple Watch and swipe left on the conversation you want to delete.
  • Click the red trash can icon to remove it.
  • Note that this will delete the entire message thread for that person.
  • There is no option to delete individual Apple Watch messages, nor can users delete all their messages simultaneously.
  • The only option is to mass delete messages from different contacts in single processions.

Despite the inability to mass delete all messages on the Apple Watch, it is essential to manage messages in general.

Like any device, the Apple Watch comes with a limited amount of internal memory.

Deleting unnecessary messages will help keep your smartwatch’s storage space for new messages and notifications.

Regularly deleting messages will make it easier to quickly find the conversations you care about without going through many useless messages.

It’s essential to find messages from your friend or partner quickly, but not necessarily messages for old two-factor authentication codes. Remember these tips; your Apple Watch messages should be much easier.

Why Delete Messages From Apple Watch?

Why Delete Messages From Apple Watch?
How To Delete Messages on Apple Watches

One of the most common uses for the Apple Watch is to reply to text messages on the device itself.

Along with creating texts comes the ability to delete messages, which is essential to conserve storage space.

Apple Watch has up to 32 GB of storage space, depending on the model. Chances are you won’t fill it all up with just texts, but Messages is one place you can free up some space if you need to.

Considering how tedious this process is, you should consider deleting text messages as one of several ways to free up some data on your device.

Disadvantages of Deleting Messages From Apple Watch

While many apps sync between Apple Watch and iPhone, Messages is not one of them.

Conversations you delete from your Watch will still be on your iPhone, and threads you delete on your phone can stay on your Watch.

That said, in addition to some organizational improvements and added storage space, there are some practical benefits to keeping messages on the Apple Watch.

It’s probably better to clean up the Music app, which can be more of a space piggy than Messages.


We hope you have learned how to delete messages on your Apple watch in this article.

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