How to Delete Monika

How to Delete Monika
How to Delete Monika

If you are no longer active on the Doki Doki site, learning how to delete Monika is a priority.

The essence of learning how to delete Monika is hinged on the fact that your personal information used to signup to Monika may be at risk of cyber theft.

Deleting Monika will take you off permanently from the game. It will also take off your personal information and saved pages stored on the platform.

How to Delete Monika (Easy Fixes)

There are two significant ways to solve this problem, depending on what you are playing on; PC or console.

The PC version is more affordable, especially if it’s through Steam.

Once players reach this scene in the game and have nothing to say to Monica, simply save and exit the game.

Steam players must right-click the “Doki Doki Literature Club Plus icon” in their Steam library.

Then hover over Manage, select Browse Local Files, and open the Characters folder.

The only file in this folder is Monika.

Delete Monica’s file or drag it to the trash.

After the restart, Monika will no longer be there.

If the player is not using Steam, it should still be a similar process.

Find anywhere on your computer where the game is located, right-click on it, and follow the previous steps to navigate to the Characters folder.

Again, this should work whether the player is using a Microsoft, Mac, or Linux computer.

How to Delete Monika on the Console

How to Delete Monika
How to Delete Monika

There are a few issues with adding a game that moves to consoles, most of them because the PC version relied heavily on pushing players out of the game and onto their desktop.

To replace this, in the console version, players will be given a fake desktop home screen to return to in-game.

This newly added surface has several features to make it more enjoyable, including music and concept from the game.

On this fake board, players should be able to delete Monica from their games. This is how to delete Monika on the console:

  • Save and close the game menu to your phone’s desktop.
  • From there, go to the files section and select the Characters folder.
  • Again, Monika should be the only available file here.
  • Delete her file directly and open the game again.
  • The delete button is different on every console pad, X for Nintendo, triangle for PlayStation, and Y for Xbox.

How to Delete Monika From PC

Getting rid of Monika on PC is quite simple if players know how to navigate the computer files.

If players play the game through Steam, it’s probably even more manageable.

Save and exit the game before doing anything. Then go to Steam, right-click Doki Doki Literature Club in your library, hover over “Manage”, and select Browse Local Files.

This will open the files for the game.

Among the files players will find is the Characters folder. Open this, and you should see the Monika file and no other character files to indicate in-game events.

First, delete the file or move it to the trash. After that, open the game and find that Monika is no longer there.

If players are playing the game in any other way outside of Steam, just locate the file where the game is installed, and the same process should work.

How to Delete Monika on Steam

How to Delete Monika
How to Delete Monika

There are several easy ways to delete Monika on Steam, and the complete guide is below.

The steps are the same for PC and Steam, but you can easily find the DDLC folder on your PC or computer in Steam.

  • Run the DDLC game on your PC
  • Now go to Steam and click on Library.
  • Select Last
  • You will see Doki Doki Literature Club Right-click on the game and go to properties.
  • Select Local Files and click “Browse Local Files.”
  • Go to Characters and delete the Monika folder
  • Return to the game and click Save.

How to Delete Monika on Mac

DDLC is also available on Mac, and if you want to delete Monica on Mac, read the steps below:

  • Start a Doki Doki Literature Club on Steam
  • Now go to Steam for games.
  • Select DDLC
  • Right-click on Game and go to Game Properties
  • Select Local Files and then click Browse Local Files
  • In the Doki Doki Literature Club folder, select and open Characters
  • You will see Monika. Chr, Natsuki.chr, Sayori.chr and Yuri.chr
  • Remove only the Monika folder from the characters.

Note – Don’t forget to remove the Monika.Chr folder from the trash and launch the game.

  • You will see Monika disappear from your game, and now you can continue playing.

How to Delete Monika’s File

You can quickly delete Monica’s file from your computer with the help of Steam, and you can do it without Steam.

Just delete the Monicas folder from the Characters folder in the DDLC folder.

How to Fix Multiversus Connection Lost Error

These are all fixes you should try if you get disconnected from MultiVersus or face other issues like getting kicked from the server.

Check Server Status

Whenever you get a connection loss error, you should check the server status of the game.

For MultiVersus, you can check out their Twitter @multiversus. Here you can find out if the servers are under maintenance.

Restart Your Computer or Console

If there are no problems with the servers, it’s time to try the basics.

Start by restarting your computer; if you’re playing on consoles, restart your PlayStation or Xbox. Once your system is back on, try playing MultiVersus and see if the error still appears.

Restarting the Game

Restarting the game is another classic fix that can work wonders.

First, close the game completely; if you’re playing on a PC, you can quit it from Task Manager.

Then restart it after closing it properly and try playing the game to see if you have any server mining issues.

Test and Refresh Your Connection

MultiVersus is an online game that requires a strong connection.

Therefore, you should test your internet by running a speed test on any browser to check your internet speed and connection.

If you have an internet problem, restoring it can help you solve it.


To restore your wireless connection, simply restart your router.

For a wired connection, disconnect the Ethernet cable from the console or computer, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in.

Allow the Game Through Windows Firewall

If you accidentally deny access to public or private networks, you may face this problem.

Do not worry; you can still afford it.

First, open Control Panel and go to System and Security.

Next, click Windows Defender Firewall and click Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.

Now scroll down and add MultiVersus for both public and private.

Reinstall the Game

How to Delete Monika
How to Delete Monika

You can reinstall the game.

First, uninstall the game and completely remove it from the system. After you release it, download it again.

You need to contact MultiVersus Customer Support for more help if the process gets complex.

You can directly explain your problem there. It will even help them fix the game if it has any bugs and get the game working.

Before Monika Locks the Player

The player can interact with four girls in the game: Sayori, Yuri, Natsuki, and – last but not least – Monika.

The three girls besides Monica are constantly vying for the player’s attention… that is until Sayori takes her own life.

After this shocking event, the game turns for the worst, and events become more surreal.

The main character can no longer react to things in a way that is even remotely immersive, and the player has to endure the horror of Yuri and Natsuki becoming more and more unhinged.

The game becomes a nightmare where the player has almost no control over events.
During these events, Monika begins to act strangely, hinting that she may have realized something.

This is revealed at the end of the game when Monika locks the player on a specific screen and tells them that she has realized herself, knows that she is playing a video game, and that she has fallen in love with the player. Not a player character – a player.

Until the player clears Monica’s file, they will be forced to stare at her face and read the occasional jokes she comes up with.


So in this article, we have shared easy steps to Delete Monika in Doki Doki.

If you still have any problem with ” how to delete Monika then don’t forget to comment below.

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