How to Delete Ringtone From iPhone

How to Delete Ringtone From iPhone

As an iPhone user, you must have wondered at one point how to delete ringtone from iPhone. Well, in this article, we go through all you need to know about personalizing your device in this regard.

Getting new ringtones personalizes your iPhone experience, but hearing the same ringtone over and over can become boring. Ringtones that are constantly changing can also take up available slots.

As a result, users must learn how to delete a ringtone on iPhone to remove it from the old library and make room for new ones.

How to Delete Ringtone From iPhone

How to Delete Ringtone From iPhone

Previously, the only way to remove ringtones from an iPhone was through iTunes. 

However, you can delete ringtones from iTunes and the iPhone’s settings. Ringtones added through GarageBand can also be removed from the library. 

This article will walk you through three simple steps to delete a custom ringtone from your iPhone.

Please remember that you can only remove ringtones you have installed yourself.

How to Delete a Ringtone From iPhone Settings

Since iOS 13, there has been an option in iOS settings to delete ringtones, making it easier for users to clear out tones they don’t vibe with. 

Custom ringtones and other installed tones can now be removed from the device itself.

How to Delete a Ringtone on iPhone Using Settings

  • To begin, open “Settings” on your iPhone.
  • Then, under “Sounds and Haptics,” select “Ringtone.”
  • Select any ringtone from the list that you want to remove.
  • Finally, swipe left on that ringtone and tap “delete” to remove it.

How to Delete iTunes Custom Ringtones

If you have a lot of custom ringtones and want to get rid of them, another option is to delete them from your iTunes library.

To be clear, you can only delete ringtones that have already been installed on the device or purchased through iTunes. 

To finish this process, connect your device to a PC or Mac.

How to Delete Ringtone Using iTunes

  • To begin, launch iTunes on your Mac or PC.
  • Second, in the top left corner, click “Tones.”
  • Then, tap the ringtone and select “Delete.”
  • When a dialog box appears, select “Remove.”
  • Then, in the left panel, under “Devices,” select your iPhone and click “Tones” in the top section.
  • Then, check the box next to “Sync Tones” and click the “Radio” button.
  • Then, mark the ringtones you want to delete from your iPhone.
  • Finally, click “Sync” to finish the process.

How to Delete the Default Ringtone on Your iPhone

The ringtones that come pre-installed on your iPhone cannot be deleted. 

It is important to note that the only tunes that can be removed from your iPhone are those you have added to the library.

How to Change iPhone’s Default Ringtone

To change the default ringtone on your iPhone, follow these steps:

Select Sounds & Haptics from the Settings app (on some older devices, tap Sounds).

Tap Ringtone in the Sounds and Vibration Patterns section.

Tap a ringtone on the Ringtone screen. Each ringtone you select will play so you can hear how it sounds.

The iPhone comes pre-loaded with dozens of ringtones. To purchase new ringtones, go to Tone Store (on some older models, tap Store in the upper-right corner, then tap Tones).

Alert tones are typically used for alarms and notifications but can also be used as ringtones.

When you’ve found the ringtone you want to use as the default, tap it to place a checkmark next to it.

To return to the previous screen, tap Sounds & Haptics in the upper-left corner or press the iPhone Home button. 

Your ringtone selection is automatically saved.

Unless you have assigned individual ringtones to callers, the ringtone you chose will be played whenever you receive a call.

If you’ve assigned a ringtone to someone, that ringtone will be played instead. 

Just remember to listen for that sound rather than a ringing phone to avoid missing any calls.

How to Make Your Own iPhone Ringtones

Do you want to use a favorite song as a ringtone instead of one of the iPhone’s default sounds? You certainly can! To make your ringtone, all you need is a little software.

Locate the song you want to use and download an app to make the ringtone. Create the ringtone and save it to your iPhone after installing the app.

How to Change iPhone Vibrations Settings

How to Delete Ringtone From iPhone

You can also change the iPhone’s vibration pattern when it receives a call.

 When you turn off the iPhone ringer but still want to know when you get a call, this variation can be useful. 

It is also beneficial to people who have hearing impairments. The iPhone’s haptics support generates vibrations.

To alter the default vibration pattern, follow these steps:

  • Select Settings.
  • Haptics and Tap Sounds (or Sounds).
  • Turn on/green either the Vibrate on Ring or the Vibrate on Silent (or both).
  • Tap Ringtone in the Sounds and Vibration Patterns section.
  • Vibration should be tapped.
  • To test them, tap the pre-loaded options or Create New Vibration to create your own.
  • Three iOS screens with toggles for Vibrate on Ring and Silent, a Ringtone button, a Vibration button, and a checkmark
  • Tap a vibration pattern to make a checkmark appear next to it. Your selection is automatically saved.

Individual contacts can be assigned different vibration patterns, just like ringtones. Follow the same steps as for ringtones, but look for the Vibration option this time.


It is common for some users to experience difficulties when deleting a ringtone. We attempted to cover all the methods for easily deleting the tunes you installed on your iPhone or computer.

This guide on how to delete a ringtone on your iPhone should have been helpful.

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