How to Delete Screen Time

How to Delete Screen time
How to Delete Screen Time

Knowing how to delete screen time is a great way to refresh and restart a new usage history on your phone.

As a smartphone user, you are pretty aware of screen time and how the screen time feature monitors your phone usage rate.

Learning how to delete screen time is necessary for teenagers with hyper-productive parents who insist on spending little time with their phones.

This is because, by deleting your screen time after usage, you take away information about what you have been doing on the phone.

When you take away this information, your parents or anyone who’s so keen about watching you can no longer track how long you spend on your phone.

So, tada! You got your power back.

This article explores how to delete screen time and great ways to keep your privacy on your phone.

Screen Time Facts

Screen time can tell you a lot of valuable things. It can track what apps and websites you use.

It can even tell you how often you pick up your device.

Screen time can even tell you how much time you spend on creativity, productivity, and finances.

You can use this information to improve how often and when you use your device. For example, Screen Time can tell you the scary truth about how much time you spend on social media destruction.

It can also alert parents about how much time their kids spend using gaming apps.

Why You Should Learn How to Delete Screen Time

Clearing and resetting screen time can serve many purposes:

You have new usage goals and want to see what you’re doing now without old data cluttering your reading.

You have a new schedule and want to see what you’re doing with your screen at school, at your new job, or what the kids are doing now that school has started.

Maybe something embarrassing is recorded there.

You’ve deleted an app that took up a lot of time, and you want to fully see what life looks like without starting from a blank slate.

Regardless of your reason for wanting to clear or reset Screen Time, it’s a pretty straightforward process.

Can You Delete Screen Time?

How to Delete Screen time
How to Delete Screen Time

Screen Time is an inter feature on iOS devices and cannot be completely removed. You can only delete data associated with Screen Time if you turn this feature off.

After you turn off Screen Time, the time associated with each app will no longer be recorded.

How to Turn Off Screen Time on Your iOS Device

The following steps will guide you to turning off screen time on your ions device:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Move your cursor down and select Screen Time.
  • Move further down to the bottom of the page and tap Turn off Screen Time. Click confirm to turn it off.

If you already have Screen Time turned off, you don’t have to worry about any Screen Time data.

How to Delete Screen Time History on iPhone?

There is no way to delete the portion of history that Screen Time tracks; however, you can reset all data and delete history completely by switching off Screen Time.

You can also turn it back when you wish, and all your screen time history will be gone.

To turn off Screen Time, follow the steps above, then tap Turn on Screen Time and follow the setup process to continue.

How to Delete Screen Time Without a Password?

If you previously set up a passcode to use with Screen Time, you’ll need to enter it to turn off Screen Time.

However, if you’ve forgotten that password, there’s still a way to turn off Screen Time.

You will need to change your password.

  • Go to Settings, and click on Screen Time.
  • Tap Change Screen Time Pass and tap it again to confirm.
  • Tap Forgot your password.
  • Enter your unique Apple ID and password you use to set up a Screen Time password.
  • Enter your new access code and confirm it.
  • You can use this new passcode to turn off Screen Time.

You can also turn it off entirely with a passcode if you wish by tapping Change Screen Time Password.

Then click on Turn off Screen Time Password. Now you can enter your passcode to turn it off.

How to Clear Screen Time Data on Your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Follow these steps to delete screen time on your iPhone, Ipad, and Mac

  • Locate and open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap Screen Time.
  • Scroll down to the “Turn off Screen Time” option in the iPhone settings app
  • Re-confirm the option to Turn off screen time. After turning off, all recorded data will be erased, which cannot be undone.
  • If you can’t turn off your Screen Time passcode because it’s forgotten.

How to Remove Screen Time Data From Settings

Whenever you turn on the rear screen time on the same device, the data should be automatically cleared in just a second.

Scroll down the screen to the bottom and then tap Clear usage data.

If asked, enter your screen time password and confirm to clear user data.

Note: The Screen Time Clear Usage Data button will delete apps, websites, and notification history.

It’s just that simple!

How to Delete Screen Time on MacOS

How to Clear Screen Time Data on Your iPhone IPAD, and Mac
How to Clear Screen Time Data on Your iPhone IPAD, and Mac

Like iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, MacOS also allows Mac users to record screens in the background.

This will help limit the use of the app and restrict it.

We can also clear screen time data from MacOS.

Follow the steps below to Clear all Screen Time data from MacOS Catalina or MacOS Big Sur and later versions of MacOS.

  • Go to the Apple logo on your screen from the top menu of your Mac.
  • Now go to the System Preferences option.
  • Under System Preferences, click Screen Time.
  • Screen Time in System Preferences on Mac
  • Under Screen Time, you’ll see app usage over time for each day.
  • To clear it, you have to turn off Screen Time on your Mac and turn it back on to clear everything and start over.
  • On the Options under Screen Time on Mac, Click More in the lower sidebar and click Turn Off.
  • Wait a few seconds and click Turn On to enable Screen Time on your Mac.
  • You will now see no data under Screen Time on Mac.
  • And it is done.

Once your screen usage data is deleted, you cannot get it back.

To safeguard this in case you need it in the future, you should take a screenshot on your iPhone and save it to your camera roll.

It’s the way you clear your cellular/cellular data usage to get the zero info screen.

After Clear Screen Time Data Usage – this will give you a space in Screen Time and start counting Screen Time from scratch on your iPhone.

How to Reset Screen Time Code on iPhone and iPad

How to Clear Screen Time Data on Your iPhone IPAD, and Mac
How to Clear Screen Time Data on Your iPhone IPAD, and Mac

It is very easy to reset the screen time passcode and also make sure that the screen time passcode is not stored in iCloud so we can download or retrieve it from the Apple server.

The Screen Time passcode is an extra layer of security for your device, so no one can change the Screen Time restrictions that apply to your device or your family’s devices.

We can set a screen time passcode different from Apple iPhone or iPad screen lock password.

If possible, set a different passcode so that no one can access screen time.

If you are forgetful, set your iPhone/iPad login password to be easy to remember.

You must enter the same passcode twice. If you’ve already set up or enabled a Screen Time passcode, skip this step to change your Screen Time password.

To enable a Screen Time passcode, go to the Settings app on your iPhone/iPad, click on Screen Time, and scroll to “Use a passcode for Screen Time”.

Enter the required four-digit passcode on iOS 15 or later iOS.

How Can I Turn Off Restrictions on iPhones?

To turn off restrictions on iPhone, go to Settings, then General, then the Restrictions option.

You can turn off four restrictions: Safari, Camera, FaceTime, and In-App Purchases.

How Do I Limit My Kids’ Screen Time?

Technology is an important asset to our children, but it can also be a big draw.

Here are some ways you can limit your kids’ device time:

  • Set a timer on the device.
  • Keep screens out of bedrooms.
  • Set a screen time limit to one hour a day.
  • Limit playing time with games and apps to 30 minutes at a time.
  • Include physical activity in your daily routines.

How Do I Find My Screen Time Passcode?

The Screen Time passcode is a four-digit code generated by your device.

To find out the passcode on iPhone, simply go to Settings, click on Screen Time and select the “Enter Passcode” option.

Enter the number codes that appear on your screen, then tap “Turn off Screen Time” to disable it.

How Do I Remove Restrictions Entirely?

You can remove restrictions by jailbreaking. Jailbreaking is an ios term that implies removing software restrictions imposed by Apple on an iOS device.

The first thing you need to do is determine what type of restriction you are trying to bypass.

If it’s an iCloud lock, you’ll need to know your account credentials.

If it’s a passcode or password, you’ll need access to the device itself to bypass it.

How Do I Limit My Child’s iPhone Time?

The best way to limit the time spent on your child’s device is to set parental controls.

This allows you to set a daily time limit and restrict access to certain apps. You can also block certain websites, such as social media sites, to help prevent your child from spending too much time on the phone.

How Much Screen Time Should a 12-Year-Old Have?

This is a difficult question to answer because there are many factors that determine how much screen time a 12-year-old should have.

However, it is important that children and teens understand the negative effects of too much screen time and limit their use to protect their health and well-being.

Should Parents Limit Screen Time?

How to Delete Screen time
How to Delete Screen time

Screen time is not a problem, but screen time usage is.

If you, as a parent, limit your child’s screen time, you should also limit the types of content children can watch with the screens.

Screen time is a sensitive topic, but it’s important for parents to set limits.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a maximum of two hours of screen time per day for children ages 2-18.

You must first identify the problem. Ask questions like “Is your child addicted to screens?”

If so, you have to introduce some drastic measures.

Start by determining how much screen time your child spends on screens and how much time they spend on them each day.


This article did not only teach you how to delete screen time. It also taught you the best practices for restricting screen time on your iPhone and Mac.

We also explored some frequently asked questions about screen time and child use of devices.

If you have further questions or you need more clarifications about how to delete screen time on your device, kindly leave them as comments.

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