How to Delete Seeking Arrangement Account

How to Delete Seeking Arrangement Account
How to Delete Seeking Arrangement Account

As long as you are intelligent and can cover your tracks, you can be successful on the Seeking Arrangement site.

But who has time for a dating app’s secrecy when you do not want one?

What if you are tired of being on the site and want to get your records out of the site permanently?

What if you are ready to settle down but keep getting texts and emails from potential lovers and partners from the site?

How do you make all these cease and lead a life away from the Seeking Arrangement site?

Our big answer and advice to you are to learn how to delete seeking arrangement account.

This article teaches you how to delete Seeking Arrangement account, highlights important information about the Seeking Arrangement website, and answers various frequent questions about how to delete Seeking Arrangement account.

How to Delete Seeking Arrangement Account

While most people struggle with creating a unique and exciting candy dating profile, deleting your account is much more complicated and takes a lot more time.

But first, let’s make it easy and explain how to cancel a Seeking Arrangement account.

Step 1: Click on Your Username

Once you are logged into your account, you need to click on your username or thumbnail in the upper right corner to get to the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Tap Settings

When the drop-down menu opens, you should select the Settings page and get to the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Find the Option to Disable or Remove

At the bottom of the page, you will see two options – one is to deactivate, and the other is to delete your search arrangement profile.

Step 4: Select Delete Your Profile.

You can now choose the option you came here for and select to disable or delete your Search Arrangements profile.

How to Delete Seeking Arrangement Account (What You Should Know)

How to Delete Seeking Arrangement Account
How to Delete Seeking Arrangement Account

However, anyone who uses SA and has tried to delete or deactivate their account is faced with the fact that their profile will never be deleted or become invisible to other platform users.

Most users who tried to deactivate their accounts had many problems because they were still receiving emails telling them that someone had viewed their profile and could still receive messages from others.

Finding the arrangement never explicitly reveals that it will never delete your information, especially if you only deactivate and don’t delete the account.

You can try to test it and have your friend leave you a message or comment on your disabled account.

8 out of 10 times, you will still get an email alerting you of who is trying to contact you through your dating profile.

Although many former users tried to contact Seeking Arrangement’s customer support and demanded some explanation, the staff remained silent.

We’ve heard a lot over the past few years about Seeking Arrangement updating their privacy policy and adding many more features, but it seems like there’s been no progress, and it’s all been simple words spoken to the public just to shut them up.

Seeking arrangements never really responded to these allegations or addressed the issue of deactivated accounts.

Still, users realized there was no way to delete or deactivate their performance and that all of these profiles would freeze.

How to Delete Seeking Arrangement Account (Why the Issue?)

How to Delete Seeking Arrangement Account
How to Delete Seeking Arrangement Account

When you sign up for Seeking Arrangement, you agree to a bunch of terms that you probably haven’t read, and one of them is that you allow them to keep all of your messages and information even after you deactivate or delete your account.

Seeking arrangement says that even if your profile disappears from the homepage and won’t be seen by other people looking for sugar dating partners, specific data will still be kept for analytical and legal reasons.

If you left the platform for money in favour of a search agreement or cheated some users, the platform will use all the information to track you down in real life and make you face the consequences.

However, even though it seems like an excellent option that keeps all their users safe, it’s still a way to invade your privacy and interfere with your stuff.

There is no disclaimer for this option, and unless you read every point in the Terms and Conditions, you probably have no idea about it.

It has been a mystery to most users for the past few years, but eventually, all the pieces fell into place.

The same will also happen to those whose profiles are removed, suspended, or permanently deleted to obtain or offer escort services.

Some users theorize that Seeking Arrangement employees report suspicious profiles to the police and use their account information to track them down and find their real names.

While this has never been confirmed and a claim we don’t have enough evidence for, there have been several suspect arrests in the US, so we can see why people believe it.

Regardless of what happens and whether you delete or deactivate your account, I recommend monitoring your customer support conversations and taking screenshots of everything.

How to Delete Seeking Arrangement Account (Stay in Touch With Arrangement Customer Care)

How to Delete Seeking Arrangement Account
How to Delete Seeking Arrangement Account

If you leave this platform for good, you probably won’t be able to contact customer support if something happens.

It is usually limited to users only, and you cannot find their email or phone number on the internet, so permanently save any email you have used to contact them, as it may also be needed in the future.

How to Delete Seeking Arrangement Account ( Brace Up for These)

This is one reason you should always use a fake email or identity and create separate PayPal or CashApp accounts just for your sugar life.

If you do this, you don’t have to worry about your information being leaked or sent to the wrong people because everything they have about you is entirely fake and can’t harm your integrity or social status.

However, if you weren’t that careful and were using this candy dating site under your real name, and you have your regular email linked to your account, don’t worry too much, but be aware that this information is out there on the internet.

If something went public in the next few years, the company probably sold it to a third party.

For this reason, we always recommend getting a phone number, fake identity, and email for the search arrangement, as it is the easiest way to protect yourself and will certainly not cost you anything.

Seeking arrangement works just like any other popular social media these days, and you have to be aware that once it gets on the internet, it stays there forever and can be seen by people from different parts of the world at any time.

You will lose your premium membership and connections by deleting a Search Arrangement account.
When you delete your profile, you can only return to the platform with a new account, which will be created with a different email and name and username.

How to Delete Seeking Arrangement Account Through the App

How to Delete Seeking Arrangement Account Through the App?
How to Delete Seeking Arrangement Account Through the App?

You don’t need to go to the web to start your sugar dating life because the Seeking Arrangement app is also available for all Android mobile phones.

The mobile app is almost the same as the sugar dating website and allows you to create a profile, upload all your information and reach out to sugar daddies.

It’s straightforward to navigate and can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

However unfortunately, it’s still not available for iOs devices, but Brandon Wade has promised that it will be available soon in their app store as well.

Unfortunately, the big downside to Seeking Arrangement is that you won’t be able to delete your account through it, so you’ll still have to use the website.

However, the mobile app allows you to deactivate your account in simple steps.

Once you’ve signed in to your account using the app, a drop-down menu will appear in the left corner of the home page.

You will need to select the Settings page and scroll to the bottom of the page until you find the option to deactivate your account.

When choosing this option, you will also need to clarify why you are leaving the platform and whether or not you plan to re-enter the platform in the future.

Choose your reason, describe it and click the “deactivate” button, and you’re done!

If you change your mind and decide to start the sugar baby lifestyle again, you can always log in to your old account.

The moment you log in, you will be transferred back to your old account and can continue to use it as if you had never deactivated it.

Can I Get My Money Back if I Delete My Account?

How to Delete Seeking Arrangement Account
How to Delete Seeking Arrangement Account

Search terms are very strict about refunds, and if you delete your premium account, your premium membership will be permanently lost, and you will not be able to access any unused time in the future.

However, this dating platform has never defined what happens to your premium membership if you deactivate your account for a while.

Therefore, you will have to resolve it with Seeking Arrangement customer service.

They claim that every profile is different, and if you ever find yourself in this situation, you should contact their Seeking Arrangement customer care directly to see if you can use your remaining premium time.

Be that as it may, don’t get your hopes up too high because, like all other dating platforms, Seeking arrangement wants to make as much money as possible, so they rarely approve of you using the remaining time.

What Should I Do if My Account Remains Active?

How to Delete Seeking Arrangement Account Through the App?
How to Delete Seeking Arrangement Account Through the App?

As we mentioned, many sugar babies have shared their experiences of deactivating and deleting their accounts and reporting suspicious actions.

Once you have deleted or deactivated your account, you should keep an eye on your candy dating email and check for any notifications or emails from Seeking Arrangement.

Receive emails telling you that someone has started messaging you or has left a comment on your sugar baby profile. You should always contact Seeking Arrangement customer support to resolve the issue.

While it may just be a bug with their software or website, you should always email them to report the issue you’re experiencing, especially if you’ve deleted your account.

They will send you another account link and take you through a slightly longer process to delete your account for good, but you should still monitor it for a week or two.

As you can see, deleting an account under a search agreement is not very complicated.

Still, the fact is that there are various types of suspicious behaviour on this site that have been reported by people who have deleted their accounts, so you should always be extremely careful and check the actions taken platform in the next few days.

Seeking Arrangement has never been directly linked to any fraud or information leak. Still, We always recommend anyone in the sugar industry, male or female, create a fake identity to stay safe and protect their real-life identity.


We hope this article was helpful to you.

If you need further clarifications about how to delete Seeking Arrangement account, kindly leave them as questions in the comment section below, and we will attend to you.

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