How to Delete Someone From a Group Text

iMessage works exclusively on a wireless network interface, and it’s very easy to be added to a group text.

Since iMessage allows users to be added to group texts, at some point, you get uncomfortable when an outsider views your chats with other group members.

If you are unaware of how to delete someone from a group text, this article will help you.

We have provided steps to guide you through the removal process.

How to Delete Someone From a Group Text

The following are steps to delete someone from a group text using an iPhone;

Step 1: Go to iMessage

Unlock your iOS device, and you will see the iMessage icon on your home screen. Click it to open iMessage.

Step 2: Open the Group Chat

After opening iMessage, find the group chat you want to remove the user from. For the average group text user, it might be at the top,

Or you may have to scroll down the page if you avoid using group text.

Step 3: Click on Group Participant List

Next, on the group chat page, click on the top right, where you will see a cluster of the member list.

If you have more than four people in the group, it will be visible to you as “5 people”.

On the other hand, if you have less than four people, it will appear in two to three circular icons/symbols.

Step 4: Select the Info Symbol

Once done, you will see three options horizontally on the screen. Select the third option, the “i” info icon on the side.

Step 5: Swipe Left

Then, on that page, ‘swipe from left to right in the name panel of the person you want to remove from the group text.

Step 6: Click on the Delete Option.

Finally, a pop-up dialogue will appear from the two options shown. Click on the first option, which is Remove.

And that’s it. You’ve removed someone from a group text on your iPhone.

Can Someone Be Removed From a Group Text on iPhone?

You can remove someone from a group text on your iPhone.

Suppose you’ve added someone to a group text by mistake or a new member has been sending inappropriate text messages. In that case, you can remove them provided you meet specific criteria to remove anyone from a group text easily.

Several people are talking about how they couldn’t remove someone from a group text on the iMessage iPhone, and it is not a misconception or glitch they faced.

In the points below, we will learn “why this happens.”

  • First, you wouldn’t get the remove option in your iMessage unless all the group text users or members are using the same Apple operating system, which means they all have to have an Apple device – MacBook, iPhone, iPad.
  • Second, you cannot remove someone unless there are more than three members in the iMessage group text.
  • Third, every part of the group text should use the iMessage software, not any third-party app or fake software.
  • Finally, please understand the SMS messaging app on iPhone because it has the same blue colour for pop-up messages. Make sure you are not using an SMS/MMS messaging application.

Why Can’t I Remove Someone From a Group Text on My iPhone?

You may have tried methods or steps to remove someone from a group text in your iPhone’s iMessage. However, you failed.

There is nothing wrong with your iOS device, don’t worry. The problem is entirely on the other side.

Some reasons may hinder you from deleting someone from group text, and they include;

1. Different Versions of iMessage

Assuming someone in the group doesn’t have the same version of their iMessage as the other members, you won’t see the “Remove” option or go through the process of removing someone from the group text.

2. Not an iOS Device

iMessage works over an Internet connection, unlike a regular SMS messaging app that works over cellular networks.

Therefore, a participant in the group text may not use an iOS device, an iPhone, an iPad, or MacBook.

You can’t remove it from a group text unless it’s an Apple device user.

3. Less Than Four Participants

The very simple reason you can’t remove someone from an iMessage group text is that the group has less than four members.

The withdrawal protocol will be smooth as butter if you have many members.

You don’t have to remove someone from the group. If this group only has three members, you can create another group without adding the next person you want to remove.

4. You Don’t Use iMessage

Maybe you haven’t been using the right messaging app for so long. Don’t make an error in MMS/SMS messaging apps like iMessage.

Therefore, you cannot find the removal process or properly follow the steps to remove someone from a group text.

5. No Internet Connection

There is a possibility that you do not have an internet connection to perform the procedure.

Most of us know that iMessage works over an internet connection rather than a cellular network.

Before trying to remove someone from a group text, ensure your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi or the Internet.

Does Someone Get Notified When You Remove Them From a Group Text on Your iPhone?

No, they will not be notified or receive any notification of their removal from a specific group and a specific person.

There are some things that you cannot reduce or take away from a person that has been removed. They are:-

1. Access to the Cluster

A person who was unfortunately removed for some reason would have direct access to the list of members who are still part of the group.

It is similar to Whatsapp when you leave a group, or most importantly, when you remove someone, they will be notified,

And they would also have access to the numbers of other predominant group members.

2. Visibility of Previous Chats

It would mean having the ability to delete someone’s chats that were saved on their iPhone.

And Apple didn’t come up with such a feature where you can delete someone’s chat history.

You cannot remove access or delete someone’s chat with one drag or one tap, especially the person who has been removed.

All messages are stored in the user’s iCloud until the individual deletes the messages/chats themselves.


Hopefully, this article on how to delete someone from a group text will guide you towards achieving this task.

You will need to follow the six steps outlined above to delete someone from a group text on your iPhone. 

If this article was helpful, then share it with others. Also, feel free to tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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