How to Delete Uber Driver Account

How to Delete Uber Driver Account

Driving for Uber comes with a lot of perks.

It gives workers a flexible source of income, allowing them to be their boss, work whenever they want, and earn money in their spare time.

Some people have had positive experiences as Uber partners. On the other hand, there may come a time when you’d prefer to hang your tires with Uber.

Maybe you have had too many bad rider experiences, or you may have discovered an opportunity that pays better.

Whatever the reason, you must sometimes cut your losses and move on.

In this piece, we will look at Uber and how to delete Uber Driver Account.

About Uber

How to Delete Uber Driver Account

Uber is a ride-hailing service that allows riders to use the Uber app to contact drivers in their area for a ride. When you request a ride, you will be contacted by the nearest available driver. That driver can accept the ride and will come to pick you up.

Because your payment information is already saved in the Uber app, you won’t have to exchange cash or have your credit or debit card swiped at the end of the ride. Simply say “thank you” and walk away.

Everything happens within the Uber app, so there is no fuss or fuss. There’s no need to reserve a taxi or ensure you have enough cash.

You don’t need to carry a credit card as long as you have your phone.

The taxi ride typically takes about 15 minutes unless you’re already in a taxi-heavy area. With Uber, you can easily be picked up within 5 to 10 minutes because many drivers on the road frequently wait for their next ride.

As independent contractors, Uber drivers are responsible for their vehicles, license, and insurance. Compared to taking a taxi or shuttle, this allows us to keep the ride cost relatively low (most of the time).

How to Become an Uber Driver

How to Delete Uber Driver Account

Most people consider driving for Uber to be a very simple process. Sign up, get approved, and boom, hit the road. The truth is that the reality is more complicated.

Before you can begin earning, you must meet certain age, vehicle, and insurance requirements and pass a background check, which can take several weeks.

Here’s everything you need to know to start driving for Uber.

Uber Driver Specifications

To become an Uber driver, you must check at least the following boxes:

  • Meet the minimum age requirement in your city to drive for Uber.
  • Have a valid driver’s license in the United States.
  • You must have at least one year of licensed driving experience in the United States (three years if under 25).
  • Pass a screening process that includes a review of your driving record and a possible background check.
  • Proof of residency in your city or state is required.
  • If you intend to drive your car, you must provide proof of insurance.

It should be noted that Uber drivers can also rent their vehicles, which are insured. Details can be found on Uber’s website.

Uber Vehicle Specification

Generally speaking, Uber vehicles must have four doors, be in good working order, and comply with state regulations, such as passing a smog test or having current registration.

Other prerequisites include:

  • Pass inspection requirements, which differ depending on city and state.
  • Meets your city and state’s vehicle age requirements (typically 10 to 15 years old or newer).
  • It is not labelled as salvage or rebuilt.
  • There is no commercial branding.

Additional requirements may apply if you want to drive for specialized services like UberX.

Insurance Requirements for Uber

Uber drivers are required to have auto insurance. Minimum insurance requirements differ by state; some locations have additional requirements for drivers who engage in ridesharing.

Uber also has insurance coverage for its drivers, which takes effect after you accept a ride request but may apply while you wait (if your insurance does not cover the incident).

Before becoming a ridesharing driver, check with your insurance provider; if you don’t disclose your new job, your policy may be cancelled. Your policy may also have coverage gaps. In that case, if it’s available where you live, consider purchasing rideshare insurance. Certain types of Uber drivers may require a commercial auto policy.

How Much Do Uber Drivers Get Paid?

How to Delete Uber Driver Account

Most drivers can earn between $5 and $26 per hour before expenses such as gas, taxes, and car maintenance, depending on where they drive in the country.

Uber also provides cash bonuses to new drivers on occasion.

For example, the company has offered Lyft drivers up to $500 to join.

Other ways to increase your earnings while driving for Uber include:
Driving a hybrid vehicle should help you save money on gas.

Driving during a surge occurs when Uber charges riders peak pricing due to a lack of available drivers in a specific area at a specific time or for rides in a densely populated city.

Using the Uber Eats app to make food deliveries

How to Increase Your Earnings as an Uber Driver

Learn about the various earning and bonus opportunities. Check your area for guaranteed-pay promotions, which guarantee your weekly or hourly earnings as long as you meet certain requirements.

Utilize Uber surge pricing during peak hours, when ride demand is high.

This could include waiting for rides following a special event or making yourself available to drive during the morning commute.

Maintaining a high rating can also increase your earnings, so keep your car clean, be friendly, and use a dependable GPS.

What Costs Does Uber Pay For?

You are responsible for all gas, car repair and maintenance, and any other car-related expenses as an independent contractor.

However, there are some expenses the company does cover for its drivers.

For example, Uber charges riders a fee if the driver’s vehicle sustains any interior or exterior damage.

This includes any time a rider spills or vomits inside an Uber driver’s vehicle. Uber calculates the total cost of cleaning and charges the rider.

The total amount collected is then given to the driver.

Uber also reimburses drivers for any tolls they incur while driving. When a rider passes through a toll area, toll charges are added to their fare.

The breakdown is visible in riders’ and drivers’ receipts and statements.

Drivers pay a service fee to Uber, which varies depending on the trip and is calculated by subtracting tips, tolls, surcharges, taxes, and other fees, including the booking fee, from the rider’s payment.

According to Uber, the service fee is variable rather than fixed to be more equitable for drivers, and it will be lower if the trip takes longer than expected.

Why Do Drivers Want to Cancel Their Uber Account?

How to Delete Uber Driver Account

Every driver will have their reasons for wanting to leave Uber.

This could manifest as having too many rider issues, not making enough money, or working inconvenient hours.

We do not want to encourage you to continue using Uber if you have had a bad experience.

However, if you’re dealing with a common issue, there may be a solution that can help you change your mind.

Let’s look at some of the most common issues that drivers face.

Some of these may have simple solutions, while others may be irreversible.

Having Rider Problems.

Problems with passengers are one of the reasons why drivers leave Uber.

You hope never to face a situation like this, but to be honest, a few bad apples can spoil the entire barrel when it comes to driving for Uber.

One common complaint is that passengers can be rude or disruptive.

If you drive on Friday and Saturday nights frequently, you’re bound to encounter a few drunk passengers who make your life difficult.

This is especially aggravating if your vehicle is damaged due to spilt food, beverages, or the dreaded vomit.

Another disadvantage of being an Uber driver is the inability to see the exact location of passengers being dropped off.

As a driver, you could see a pick-up location and a notification if the ride is a long-distance fare, but you won’t know where to go until you’ve picked up the rider.

This may necessitate driving in sketchy areas of town in the early morning hours.

Feeling unsafe is unsettling for any driver.

If you’ve ever been in a compromising situation or have a complaint about a passenger, fill it with Uber driver support.

Choosing to Work for a Different Company

Uber is not suitable for everyone.

If you’d rather make money through other app-based gigs, plenty of other options exist.

If you want to stay in the ridesharing industry, you could consider becoming a Lyft driver.

Lyft is essentially the same service as Uber and provides all of the same benefits.

Some drivers swear that the passengers they receive while driving for Lyft are less problematic, but we’ll let you be the judge.

If ridesharing isn’t your thing, you can also look into other delivery jobs or side hustles to supplement your income.

Inadequate Earnings

One common issue drivers face is that they cannot earn the amount of money they had hoped for.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to increased driver earnings.

Longer hours, working on Friday and Saturday nights when surge pricing is in effect, and making numerous trips throughout the week are a few of them.

If you want to earn a large paycheck every week, you must be willing to work long hours.

In many cases, this means working full-time for Uber.

Dissatisfied with Uber’s Policies

Uber does not have a perfect track record.

Over the years, they have made headlines for labour disputes, unruly company executives, and unethical treatment of competitors.

It can be difficult to work for a company if you don’t agree on some of these issues.

If you don’t want to work for a company you don’t believe in, you should look for another job.

Receiving an Excessive Number of Text and Email Updates

Have you been plagued by a flood of texts and email updates on your phone and inbox daily?

This can be aggravating.

There are, thankfully, ways to manage these notifications and silence Uber’s communications.

If you want to learn how to manage your text and email notifications, go to this page.

The Difference Between Deleting Your Uber Account and Your Uber Driver App

Understanding the distinction between deleting your Uber account and your Uber app is critical.

It is important to note that because you delete your Uber driver app doesn’t mean your Uber account is deactivated.

Deleting your Uber app will only remove the app from your mobile device.

It will remove the shortcut from your home screen but not deactivate your entire account.

A few more steps are required to delete your Uber account.

How to Delete Uber Driver Account

How to Delete Uber Driver Account

The first step in deleting your Uber partner account is to go to the deactivation page.

You must describe which type of account you want to deactivate on this page.

It will prompt you to type yes or no in the text boxes for the driver and rider accounts.

Simply type yes in the driver account text box and no in the rider account text box if you only want to delete your driver account.

If you want to delete both accounts, check both boxes.

You must also explain why you are deleting your account.

To describe your problem, you will be given the following options:

  • By accident, I signed up to drive.
  • I no longer want to use my Uber driver/partner account; I have another account.
  • If you select other, you must explain why in the text box below.

After you tap delete, you’ll receive a notification that Uber will contact you shortly about your deactivation.

Before officially finalizing the deletion process, Uber support must cross their T’s and dot their I’s by ensuring you’ve been paid in full and have all necessary tax information.

After that, you’re done.

You are now free to resume your life without Uber.


You must have experienced many highs and lows during your successful tenure as an Uber driver.

Perhaps Uber wasn’t the best fit, but plenty of other gig opportunities are out there. Continue to look until you find the perfect fit for you.

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