How to Delete Users on PS3

How to Delete Users on PS3
How to Delete Users on PS3

Knowing how to delete users on PS3 will save you the stress of searching too long for your account before beginning a game.

We know the fun of the game, all the adrenaline flowing through your veins, and the desire to get the game rolling.

However, it would be such a sour experience to see all this adrenaline go to waste because you must scroll through the game continuously to search for your account.

Well, you could ditch all those stress if you knew how to delete Users on PS3.

Deleting users on PS3 leaves your PS3 selection pane clear and easy to navigate, reducing the time you spend waiting for the game to begin.

How to Delete Users on PS3 (Watch Out for These)

If you delete your account, any items you purchased with it will be lost.

This content cannot be moved to a different account, and refunds can only be obtained under the PlayStation Store cancellation terms.

All memberships and associated privileges will be revoked.

You can delete old users that are no longer needed if there are many users.

To delete old users on PS3:

  • Log in as the user you want to delete.
  • Select the user icon, and press the button.
  • Now select “Delete” from the options menu.

When a user is deleted, the following types of data stored in system storage managed by the user will be deleted:

  • Data downloaded (purchased) from (PlayStation®Store) such as games or other game items
  • Messages sent and received under (Friends)
  • Bookmarks, history, and settings added under (Internet browser)
  • Saved data for PlayStation®3 format software
  • Data stored in (PS Vita System Application Utility)
  • PS Vita backup files
  • Saved data for mini-games (“mini”)
  • Saved data for PSP™Game software
  • Information about the image that has been set as wallpaper under (Photos)
  • Predictive text dictionary words, keyboard input text, and other content are stored in (Settings) > (System Settings) > [Add / Edit Expression]
  • Keyboard or mouse settings that have been set in (Settings) > (Accessory Settings)
  • Voice Changer Settings in (Settings) > (Accessory Settings) > Voice Change
  • The theme, colour, background, and font settings in Settings> Theme Settings

How to Delete Users on PS3 (Keeping Your Account Dormant)

How to Delete Users on PS3
How to Delete Users on PS3

If you have not used your account for at least 24 months, Playstore may cancel it.

They will not refund unused wallet money or the remaining period of your subscriptions unless required by law.

They may terminate your account if you do not use it for at least 24 months.

How Do I Delete My Main Account on PS3?

Select the “Format Utility” option. Select the PlayStation 3 hard drive on the screen and press “X.”

This will remove the main user account of your game console.

How Do I Delete People From My PSN Family?

Children are immediately linked to the parent who creates their user accounts.

Children cannot be separated from the family they are associated with, so make sure the person registering the child account intends to be the family leader.

Once the deletion is complete and verified by PS support, you can delete the PSN account and reuse the email address.

However, your username cannot be reused.

What Does Disabling PS4 Do?

It’s best to be careful when deleting accounts; you will lose any saved or shared data that you have not backed up to PSN save data or a USB drive.

It’s also unnecessary if you’re not selling your PS4, and then you shouldn’t do it, but re-initialize it, which is also in the settings menu.

How Do I Erase My PS3 Before Selling It?

It is generally recommended that you factory reset your PS3 before selling it.

First, you need to reset your PS3. This process is complicated and will erase everything on the console.

To do this, you will need a computer with a USB port and a PS3 power cable. You will also need an external drive with at least 1GB of available storage space.

Formatting the PS3 will not erase everything. It only deletes all saved data and settings for that console.

What Happens After Formatting a PS3?

There are several ways to reset a PS3.

The first is to try the PS3’s formatted in the Settings section. This will delete all data from the console and return it to factory settings.

The second way is to use a FAT32 formatted USB drive that can be formatted on any computer.

How Do You Reboot Your PS3?

The PlayStation 3 can be restarted by turning off the power and unplugging the power cable.

Your PlayStation 3 will need to be plugged in and turned on again.

What Makes the PS3 a Great Game?

This is a piece of additional information for all PS3 users.

There are various reasons why the PS3 is a great game for fun, relaxation, and to catch the feeling of adventure.

Some of the reasons include:

Owning a PS3 Is Cheaper

The PS3’s sticker price is about the same as the Wii or Xbox 360, but the PS3 is a complete system.

Take drivers, for example. All three systems come with wireless controllers that can be charged, but the PS3’s DualShock 3 is the only one that can be recharged right out of the box.

Want to connect online using Wi-Fi?

With Xbox 360, you need a wireless upgrade kit, but Wireless connectivity is built into the PS3 and Wii, but the Wii requires you to purchase their web browser.

Want to play games online? Both Xbox and PlayStation require a paid membership to access online play.

Want to download new games and videos for your console?

While this is no problem for the PS3, you may need to purchase additional storage for some Xbox 360 and Wii consoles and none for PS3.

PS3 Has Great Games

All three systems have interesting games; most major US and European games are available within these three consoles. However, the PlayStation 3 has the support of Japanese and online boutique developers that the other two do not.

The PS3 has good exclusives in Metal Gear Solid 4, God Of War III, LittleBigPlanet, and Gran Turismo 5.

Also, consider unique Japanese and indie titles that only PS3 will get. From Pixel Junk Monsters, Everyday Shooter, The Last Guy, and LocoRoco Cocoreccho! to software that looks more like interactive art than games like Tori-Emaki, Flower, and Linger in Shadows.

There are weird and wonderful things on the PS3 that can’t be found on the Xbox 360.

PS3 Has Multimedia Features

The PS3 has other multimedia and non-gaming features. It displays images, plays videos, and plays music that you download from the Internet, save to an external device such as a flash drive, or stream from your computer.

The Xbox 360 offers the same, but only the PS3 streams it to your PlayStation Portable.

This means you can access your media, including Blu-ray discs, on the go with your PSP.
The PS3 also supports Linux as an additional operating system, making the PS3 a useful tool for various non-gaming purposes.

Playing Online Is Adventure and Fun

Playing online on PS3 is easy and free, with no extra fees or complicated friend codes.

PS3 also offers a unique and free virtual world called Home, where you can chat, hang out and play games with other PS3 owners.

Like the Xbox Network Achievement system, the PS3 has a trophy system where you earn awards for playing games and compare how you’ve done with other players.

Perhaps the best example of the PS3’s commitment to being a unique device is Folding@home, a program that runs when you’re not playing.


Your PS3 gaming experience needs to be free from every encumbrance like multiple users; hence we have taught you everything you need to know to get those older users off your console.

We hope this ” How to Delete Users on PS3″ guide was helpful to you.

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