How to Delete VSCO Account

How to Delete VSCO Account

If you’ve been doing more photo editing than usual recently, and if you’re always keeping an eye out for the best photo editing app, then VSCO is your best shot. 

However, while VSCO is an excellent app with a robust community, it’s not for everyone, which is why this article will outline how to delete VSCO account. 

Its inclination towards art and contemporary photography makes it unsuitable for more casual users.

And while the membership fee is reasonable at just $19.99 per year, a professional membership on the site costs more.

If you’ve been using VSCO and decided it’s not the site for you anymore, then this article will show you how to delete VSCO account. 

About VSCO 

How to Delete VSCO Account

VSCO, also known as a visual supply company, is a photo-sharing app that is very popular with high school students.

Like a social platform, the app allows users to edit and add filters to photos before sharing them.

In addition, users can apply filters and save their photos without sharing them on the network.

It is strictly restricted to users over the age of 13. At a minimum, users must provide a username and email.

Also, the username does not necessarily have to be the user’s name, so users can choose to be anonymous.

You will also have to enter your first and last name and a short biography. VSCO does not have likes or comments, unlike other social media platforms.

However, many have praised the app for stepping outside the social media culture of counting likes and followers, believing it takes some of the stress out of posting.

VSCO app is also said to have a more artistic feeling than Instagram or other photo-sharing apps.

It is an arts and technology company with more “serious” editing features than Instagram.

For this reason, many users use the VSCO app to share more artistic photos and showcase their photography skills.

The privacy settings that the app offers are slim. Users do not have the option to set their accounts to private, so anyone can see the photos they share.

VSCO app has a default setting that shares where an image is taken. Unless users turn this feature off, anyone can see these locations.

What’s even more problematic about VSCO are the types of photos that many teenagers share.

Since fewer parents know about VSCO, teenagers often use it to share their risque photos. These can range from pictures of alcohol bottles and vape pens to inappropriately dressed selfies.

Digital footprints last forever, and the images teenagers think are appropriate to post now may reflect poorly when they’re applying for schools and seeking employment.

VSCO app can also be an excellent opportunity for parents to talk to their kids about what should and shouldn’t be shared online.

This conversation makes it easier for teenagers to talk to their parents about online problems and shows them that their parents can be helpful resources if they need help.

How to Delete VSCO Account 

How to Delete VSCO Account

Fortunately, deleting a VSCO account is very simple.

However, before you do that, you may want to take a few more steps to ensure that your account information and content are removed.

Below is how to delete account content and deactivate the account once and for all.

Delete Your Images From VSCO

The first step to deleting your image from VSCO is to delete your content. When you deactivate your membership, VSCO tends to retain your account information.

So if you want to leave the platform entirely, you must get rid of your content manually.

  • Open the VSCO app on your device and ensure you’re signed in.
  • Select the face icon in the lower right corner to access your profile.
  • Select an image and tap the three dots icon at the top right.
  • To delete an image, select Delete.

You may also have to delete images other people have added to your collection.

  • Open the VSCO app on your phone or laptop and get signed in.
  • Select the face icon in the lower right corner to review your profile.
  • Click on the bell icon and select the image you want to delete.
  • Select the icon to remove it from the collection.
  • To remove it, confirm your choice.

Since you have to delete each image manually, this process can be quite time-consuming.

However, these are the possible steps to take if you want to unsubscribe from VSCO fully.

Delete Your VSCO Account

How to Delete VSCO Account

Once your photos are deleted, you have two options if you no longer want to use VSCO: deactivate your profile and leave it inactive or permanently deactivate it.

To Delete Your VSCO Profile:

  • Log in to your VSCO account and go to the deactivation button.
  • Click Deactivate VSCO Profile and follow the wizard.
  • Confirm the deactivation of your VSCO profile.

Deactivating your VSCO profile will remove your grid, collection, and journal from public view, but your account will remain intact.

To Deactivate Your VSCO Profile and Your Account:

  • Log in to VSCO
  • Select Deactivate VSCO Profile and Account and follow the wizard.
  • Confirm the deactivation of your VSCO account.

If you’d rather delete your VSCO account via email, you can:

Email with the subject “Delete my VSCO account.” This may take longer than if you do it over the web.


You must note that deactivating an account does not delete the account. You will no longer have access to any resources you had or any purchases you made. 

Your account can be reactivated by simply logging in again. This means that by deactivating your account, all you are doing is preventing you from using it.

However, if you can reactivate the account, it must still be present to be reactivated. This isn’t ideal from a privacy perspective, so if you want to delete your account, you’ll need to delete all your pictures first.


There you have it, simple steps on how to delete VSCO account

We hope this was helpful to you. Give us feedback via the comment section if this works for you.

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