How to Delete Workout on Apple Watch

How to Delete Workout on Apple Watch

Are you trying, but you just can’t figure out how to delete workout on Apple Watch? Well, this article is for you.

While there are many ways for users to track workouts on the Apple Watch, removing a workout they no longer want to track is not as simple.

The watch has specialized sensors and features for health monitoring, many of which were previously only available in medical offices.

Although it cannot replace expert diagnostics, the Apple Watch has helped users become aware of health problems before they worsen.

For tracking health and fitness data, it includes a blood-oxygen sensor, an electrocardiogram, and a heart rate monitor.

Starting a workout on an Apple Watch takes seconds, as opposed to deleting one. Each Apple Watch comes with the dedicated Workout app pre-installed, which offers users a variety of workout options.

The smartwatch can track a variety of workout types, each with features that are tailored to that type of exercise.

Users might unintentionally start a workout because it’s so simple to do so and later want to delete it.

Unwanted workouts may have an impact on a user’s long-term fitness tracking and activity rings.

These workouts can be deleted with a paired iPhone, wiping out all related data from both devices.

How to Delete Workout on Apple Watch

How to Delete Workout on Apple Watch

Given how independent the Apple Watch has grown from the iPhone in recent years—it can download apps, make calls, and send messages—it is a little surprising that users cannot directly delete workouts from the watch.

A workout cannot be deleted from the iPhone’s Fitness app either. However, you can delete unwanted workouts on an iPhone using the Health app.

The Health app gathers various data from an individual’s iPhone and Apple Watch and displays it in a simple, understandable manner.

You can view, edit, and delete your workout data here.

Open the Health app on an iPhone to begin deleting a workout from an Apple Watch. The bottom of the screen will have three main tabs: “Summary,” “Sharing,” and “Browse.”

In order to access a list of various health categories and a search bar, select the last option, “Browse.”

Select the “Workouts” button that appears in the search results after typing “Workout” into the search field.

Choose “Show All Data” at the bottom of the “Workouts” page by swiping down from the top.

Users can view and manage their workouts individually here in reverse chronological order.

Tap “Edit” in the top right corner of the screen and click the red minus sign next to the workout you want to remove.

You can confirm the deletion by clicking the “Delete” button next to the selected workout.

All the data related to a workout will be erased from the iPhone and any paired Apple Watch after it has been deleted from the Health app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about tracking your workout on your Apple watch.

How Can I Modify My Workout Goal on Apple Watch?

Unfortunately, an already underway session cannot have its workout goal updated. However, before beginning the workout, you can change your goal by tapping the More (three horizontal dots) menu in the upper-right corner of the workout tile.

Then, choose Time or Calories, and use the Digital Crown to set the upper limit. After that, tap Start to begin.

How Can I Add a Workout to My Apple Watch Manually?

You could enter some approximations through the Health app on your iPhone if you forgot to turn on your Apple Watch before a workout.

Choose Activity from the Browse tab after doing so. You can enter information for Active Energy, Resting Energy, Steps, or Walking/Running Distance on the screen.

Why Does My Workout Keep Getting Paused by Apple Watch?

If you frequently get asked if your workout is over while working out, it’s probably because the Apple Watch isn’t picking up on any movement or changes in heart rate that would indicate you’re still working out.

In some circumstances, you can resolve the issue by adjusting the fit or placement of your Apple Watch on your wrist.

By swiping up on the watch face and selecting the icon shaped like a raindrop, you can enable Water Lock if you’re experiencing erroneous inputs while exercising that might be hitting the “pause” button.

This setting disables all screen inputs until the Digital Crown is turned.


Users might want to remove a workout from their Apple Watch for a few reasons. First, the watch has automatic workout detection, which enables it to suggest the wearer begin a workout if it detects that they are exerting energy.

One tap can start a workout after the notification appears, resulting in unintentional workouts being logged.

Users might also overlook the end of a workout, unintentionally adding extra minutes to the activity data.

Although deleting a workout from an Apple Watch might be simpler, doing so from an iPhone is relatively simple.

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