Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship

Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship in Youth and Child Development 2024/2025 is a very competitive fellowship programme set up for early and mid-career researchers

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As a global fellowship initiative, the program seeks out researchers who have shown dedication to the goal of improving the development and learning of children and youth around the world.

About Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Programme

Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Programme is a global fellowship initiative that seeks out early and mid-career researchers that have shown dedication to the goal of improving the development and learning of children and youth around the world.

The disciplines under the coverage of the fellowship include but are not limited to Education, Sociology, Sciences, Economics, Psychology, Behavioral Science, Pedagogy, Computer Science, Neurosciences, Linguistics, and the Science of Learning.

Researchers who engage in interdisciplinary studies and whose research areas combine various levels of analysis are usually encouraged to apply for the fellowship program.

Furthermore, attention is given to studies that embrace and seek to understand variability in learning whilst encouraging the creation, transfer and application of the reality of evidence on human learning and development.

These studies should also potentially improve the effectiveness of educational policies and practices.

Interests in the Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Programme

The Jacobs Foundation is particularly interested in proffering answers to the following questions:

  • How does variation in individual and contextual factors significantly influence the learning and development of people, as well as learning outcomes?
  • How can we create templates that harness variability in learning to ensure that children maximize their potential as learners and in life generally?
  • What innovative ways can be used to reduce the increasing inequalities in children’s learning and overcome disparities due to the impact of digital technologies?
  • What can be done to address the role of data and feedback to enable learners and teachers to make informed decisions about their respective activities?


Candidates who are eligible for the Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Programme should:

  • Have gotten his/her doctorate or any equivalent degree within the past ten years.
  • Be a staff member at a tertiary educational institution or research institute.
  • Conduct qualitative studies in any research area of concern to the Jacobs Foundation.
  • Show commitment to engaging with the Jacobs Foundation and the Fellowship Network and dedication towards the Foundation’s activities.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria are used to select individuals who will be accepted into the Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Programme:

  • Qualitative research accomplishments and excellent publication record.
  • Show potential and creativity to serve as a leader within the scientific community.
  • The use of qualitative scientific methodology and data collection.
  • The relevance of the proposed work on a global scale.
  • Prospective fellows should show potential for improving human learning and development.
  • Alignment of the fellow’s proposed projects with the goals and objectives of the Jacobs Foundation and a willingness to support the achievement of these goals

How to Apply for Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship

To apply for the Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Jacobs Foundation website.
  • To gain access, register on the Spigit website. Sign in directly if you already have an account.
  • Fill in the details on the application form. You can save the application and finish it at any time.
  • Applications should be completed by January 16, 2024, 23.59 CET. After this time, the application portal closes automatically.

Furthermore, three more documents are to be submitted alongside the application:

  • The resume of the candidate, including a list of scientific publications authored by the candidate.
  • A sample of any published scientific paper authored by the candidate.
  • A one-page letter of recommendation from a senior researcher, within or outside of the candidate’s department, showing support for the candidate whilst describing his/her qualifications, research area, and initiative.

Note: This letter should be sent directly to the official website of Jacob’s Foundation.

Incomplete applications and applications not submitted via the online application form will not be considered.

Which Researchers Get Accepted Into the Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Programme?

The fellowship grants are awarded to early and mid-career researchers who are innovative and highly talented. More importantly, they should have received their doctorate degree within the past ten years.

What Type of Degree Does the Fellowship Accept?


How Many Are Awarded Per Time

Two people

What Does the Funding of the Fellowship Cover?

The grant is to be used by the fellow over a period of three years. It is to cover a portion of the fellow’s salary and be used in funding the vital areas of the study such as assistants’ salaries, purchase of equipment, trainee support, technical assistance, or professional travel.

How is the Fellowship Grant Paid?

The Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Programme pays the funds directly to the fellow’s institution.

Are There Non-Financial Benefits Attached to the Fellowship?

Yes, they are.


The Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Programme is an opportunity for young researchers to get funding.

Furthermore, the program facilitates the creation of a crop of experts in the various fields and disciplines related to children and youth learning and development.

We encourage you to promptly apply for this fellowship programme through the link in this article. Kindly share this article with your friends. Cheers

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