Knight Hennessy Scholarships for 2024 Stanford Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program – Fully Funded Scholarships 2024/2025

Online applications for fully funded Knight Hennessy Scholarships are now open.

The Knight Hennessy Scholarships 2024 Portal will be open for online applications on August 1, 2024, with application instructions available in June 2024.

UCI Distinguished Scholarships Category

The Knight Hennessy Scholarships program application date for the class of 2024 is October 6, 2024. As a result, now is the time to gather documentation for the Knight Hennessy Scholarships program.

The Knight Hennessy Scholarship Programme urges students worldwide to muster the bravery to apply for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Continue reading if you want to discover everything there is to know about the Knight Hennessy Scholarships Programme.

Perks and Benefits of the Knight Hennessy Scholarship Program

The following are the benefits of applying to the Knight Hennessy Scholarship Programme:

  • Tuition sponsorship that is fully funded
  •  Stipend to help with living expenses
  •  Stipends are paid regularly for up to three years.
  •  The stipend covers books, academic supplies, instructional materials, and personal expenses.
  • Stipend for local transport
  • Annual economy-class airline ticket to and from Stanford
  • Additional academic grants.

The Knight Hennessy Scholarship Program Acceptance Rate

The Knight Hennessy Scholarship Programme is the most prestigious scholarship award offered in the United States of America.

This explains why just 4% of applications are approved for the award.

The Knight Hennessy Scholarship Programme offers its winners the chance to engage in a multicultural platform that allows them to improve personally and professionally.

As well as develop abilities that will enable them to deal with a wide range of situations in their diverse fields.

Salient Features of the Knight Hennessy Scholarships

The following are the highlights of the Knight Hennessy Scholarships Programme 2024:

  • The United States of America is the host country.
  •  Stanford University is the host institution.
  •  Postgraduate level (MS, MBA, MA, MFA, MPP, MD, PhD., JD.)
  •  Courses last two, three, four, or five years.
  • Several scholarships have been awarded: Each year, up to 90 awards are given out.

 Available faculties:

  • School of Engineering
  •  School of Medicine 
  •  School of Law 
  •  School of Medicinal Biosciences
  •  Graduate School of Business
  •  of Humanities and Social Sciences
  •  School of Earth, Energy, and
  •  Environmental Sciences.
  •  Graduate School of Education

Eligibility Criteria for the Knight Hennessy Scholarship Program

Before applying for any scholarship, the crucial thing to do is to determine your eligibility. The Knight Hennessy Scholarship Programme is no different.

We’ve provided the eligibility requirements for the Knight Hennessy Scholarship Programme 2024, so you don’t have to look elsewhere.

Nationality: The Knight Hennessy Scholarship Programme has no restrictions on applicants’ nations, ethnicities, or gender.

Educational requirements:

  • Before applying for the Knight Hennessy Scholarship Programme 2024/2025, all applicants must enroll in a Stanford University graduate degree program.
  •  Applicants must be first-year Stanford students. Students starting at Stanford in 2021 are ineligible to apply for the Knight Hennessy Scholarship.
  •  Applicants must not have received their bachelor’s degree before 2015.
  •  Applicants with an army background must have a bachelor’s degree before the end of 2013.

Personal attributes:

  • To be eligible for the Knight Hennessy Scholarship Programme, the candidate must have the following personal qualities: independence of thought, leadership talents, and civic orientation.

English Language Proficiency Requirements:

  • All candidates must have an English Language Proficiency Certificate (IELTS or TOEFL).
  •  Language Proficiency Certificates are not required for students who got their Bachelor’s degrees from universities that only teach in English.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Apply for the Knight Hennessy Scholarships

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you with your application processes:

Step 1: Apply to a degree program at Stanford:

To apply for the Knight Hennessy Scholarship Programme, students must first enroll in a degree program at Stanford University.

So, the first step is to choose a degree program that interests you and apply to Stanford University.

Step 2: Fill up your scholarship application:

The second step is to find and fill out the application form on Knight Hennessy’s official website. You must also enroll in the degree program you applied to at Stanford.

Step 3: Attach your documents:

The next step is to prepare all of your scanned scholarship application paperwork for submission alongside your application.

Step 4: Submit your Scholarship application online:

The only thing left to do is submit your application form online and hope for the best.

Note: To avoid interruptions during application submission, it is recommended that you use an advanced version of Google Chrome or Firefox.

Documents Required for the Knight Hennessy Scholarship Program

The following documents should be submitted to and sent with your Knight Hennessy scholarship application:

  • Online scholarship application
  •  Academic transcript
  •  Standardized test scores
  •  A resume with a cover letter
  •  Two recommendation letters
  •  Study plan Essays
  •  Video story
  •  Personal Statement Letter
  •  Two short-answer responses.

The last date for application submission for the Knight Hennessy Scholarship Program is October 6th, 2024.


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