National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Senate List For 2023 Batch ‘A’ Prospective Corps Members

This announcement is for all potential National Youth Service Corps members (2023 Batch ‘A’) to inform them that they can now access the list of their respective institutions’ approved mobilisation on the NYSC portal at no cost.

The Senate and Academic Board have approved this list.

It should be noted that the uploading of approved names is currently ongoing. All questions about ‘date of birth’ and ‘name correction’ should be directed to the Students Affairs Unit.


How To Check NYSC Senate Approved List

Follow the five simple steps below to check whether your name has been uploaded to the NYSC Senate-approved list:

  • Go to the NYSC Senate / Academic Board list portal.
  • Select your Institution, supply your Matriculation Number and Surname in the required columns,  select your date of birth and then click on the ‘SEARCH’ button to access your mobilization status.
  • Your data and mobilization status will appear beneath the search box.

Please be advised that the uploading of names is still in progress. If your name has not yet been uploaded to the portal, it is possible that your school is still working on uploading the list.

What You Need to Know When Registering For NYSC

  • The “Fresh Registration” link is for those who are registering for the first time.
  • The “Revalidation” link is only for those who were previously mobilized in previous batches but did not attend the Orientation Camp.
  • If you have already registered but did not complete the process, do not create a new account. Instead, click on “Login Here” to continue your registration with your previous username and password.
  • Do not have someone else thumbprint on your behalf.
  • Upload a clear passport photo. Do not upload a passport photo wearing the NYSC crested vest; you will not be registered at the camp if you do not comply.
  • Use the available links on your dashboard appropriately, and stay connected to our social media platforms for the latest updates.
  • If you need to make changes to your name (e.g. spelling errors, rearrangement, addition or removal of the name), you can use the “Name Correction” feature on your dashboard.
  • Please ensure that your date of birth is correct on the NYSC portal, as it will be included on your discharge certificate. If your date of birth is incorrect, use the available windows on your dashboard to apply for correction immediately after your online registration. Note that you cannot correct your date of birth after camp registration.
  • If you have incorrectly uploaded your thumbprint or passport photo during online registration, please contact your state secretariat before the start of the Orientation Exercise. It is impossible to change your passport photo after registration at the camp.
  • Part-time graduates should register online so that they can print their exclusion letter from their dashboard when Corps Members are able to print their call-up letters.

We suggest checking back periodically for updates. If you have any complaints, please contact your institution immediately.

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