Princeton University Scholarships 2024

Applications are now open to various Princeton University Scholarships programs for the 2024/2025 academic session. The programs cover both undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the University.  

Vice Chancellor's International Student Scholarships

Interested individuals should note that these programs are fully-funded.

About Princeton University

Princeton University is a private research-oriented university located in Princeton, New Jersey. It is the 4th-oldest university in the US and has sustained maintained its reputation.

Due to its status as an Ivy-league school with a prohibitive fee structure, many students do not have the opportunity to study in Princeton University’s excellent environment.

Luckily, the University offers different national and international scholarship programs.

English Language Requirements of Princeton University

Applicants from countries that are not native English-speaking countries can apply for Princeton Scholarships and admissions.

However, they have to provide proof of proficiency in the English language by taking any of these tests:

  • IELTS Academic
  • PTE Academic

Note that Applicants are not required to submit their SAT or ACT records for admission at Princeton University.

Benefits for Princeton University Scholarships Awardees

Awardees of Princeton University scholarships enjoy the following benefits depending on the competence of the student and the type of funding.

  • Medical health facilities
  • Library and authorized software
  • Full or partial waiver of Educational expense
  • Writing purchasing cost support 
  • A daily or monthly allowance (stipend) 
  • Rental home facility

Reasons to Study at Princeton University

Some of the perks of studying at Princeton University include:

  • Expert Teaching Staff
  • Brilliant Research Sectors
  • Development in Skills

List of Scholarships at Princeton University in 2024

Some of the Scholarship programs that International Students at Princeton University can apply to include:

Princeton University Undergraduate Scholarship Program 

Princeton University offers merit-based financial help to qualified students. It provides full financial assistance.

The best aspect is that Princeton has a no-loan policy, which means that student loans are replaced with grant help that borrowers do not have to repay.

The Princeton scholarship amount varies depending on the student’s ability to pay the fees. This is accomplished by using the financial aid estimator to calculate the student’s assets.

Princeton University Post-Graduate Scholarship Program

Princeton provides a wide range of fully supported graduate scholarship programs, but their availability is contingent on the availability of funding. The more donations raised, the more scholarships are accessible.

A large number of recommendations and academic achievements can improve your chances of acceptance.

Princeton Fellowship Program

Princeton University is the top provider of financial aid for fellowship programs in the country. Princeton Fellowship graduates help to bring developing scholars back to Princeton.

Assistantships at Princeton University

Candidates for assistantships at Princeton are given stipends and educational expense assistance. This program is also open to overseas students, and there are two types of assistantships available:

  • Assistantships in instruction
  • Assistantships in research.

Princeton PhD Scholarship Program

Princeton University only awards PhD scholarships to those who apply for them. The approval of doctoral scholarship applications is determined by the number of applications received. Aside from that, students who have not enrolled in Princeton’s PhD program are promised tuition and a stipend.

Doctoral scholarships are given to students who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance in the past.

How to Apply for Princeton University Scholarships

Princeton University, like all Ivy-league schools, is very selective about scholarship candidates. Therefore, the acceptance procedure is quite difficult.

However, the following steps can help you qualify for any of the Princeton University Scholarships.

  • Submit the filled-in application form, fee waiver, Princeton’s supplements, and graded written paper (preferably in the subjects of History and English) on the University’s official website.
  • Provide a school report, transcript, and Recommendation letter from your recent school counsellor.
    • Two teacher recommendations and a mid-year school report should be submitted alongside the above.
  • Submit the test scores for the recommended English language proficiency test (especially if you are not from a native English-speaking country).

Note that applicants have the option of doing a 30-45 minutes interview with alumni members of the University.

The deadline for applications is January 1st, 2024.


The Princeton University Scholarships are an opportunity for International students, especially those from developing countries, to get quality education.

We encourage you to promptly apply for this scholarship through the link in this article. Kindly share this article with your friends. Cheers.

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