Trent University Scholarships 2024

International Scholarships and Awards are available to international students through various international financial aid programs at Trent University in Canada. 

Trent University Scholarships

Trent University Canadian Scholarships & Awards Program is a Funded Scholarship Program for Undergraduate, Masters (MS/MPhil), and Ph.D. Degree programs.

Applications for the International Scholarships and Awards Program to Study in Canada are now being accepted by international students worldwide.

These Canadian scholarships and awards are highly competitive and are available for Undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. Degree-level programs in all academic fields of study at Trent University.

Scholarships and Awards

Trent University offers Postgraduate Scholarships & Awards, which are available to international and domestic students every year.

  • Host Country: Study in Canada
  • Host University: Trent University of Canada
  • Scholarships Offered: Trent University Canada – Funded Scholarship
  • Scholarships Coverage: Partial Funded
  • No of Scholarships: Information Not Available, But There are multiple Scholarships Programs for 2024.
  • Degree Level: programs leading to bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees (MS/MPhil), and doctoral degrees in a variety of fields

Benefits of Trent University Scholarships

Trent University allows you to realize your ambition of receiving funded scholarships to study in Canada. 

Most Trent University graduates find employment within six months, the institution’s finest quality. This year, there are various awards and scholarship programs.

Trent University Entrance Scholarships – (Automatic Offered)

All applicants to Trent University are immediately eligible to receive academic achievement awards and entrance scholarships.

 The range of financial assistance is from $1,000 to $3,000. The scholarship awards will cover the first two terms of study. These prizes cannot be renewed.

IB Entrance Scholarships – (Automatic Offered)

  • All overseas students seeking admission to Trent based on an IB diploma are automatically considered for IB Entrance Scholarships from Trent University.
  • IB Entrance Scholarships have a value of roughly $1,000 and are only available for the first term of study.
  • The Trent International Global Citizen Awards and Trent University Entrance Scholarships can be combined with the IB Entrance Scholarship.
  • Trent International Awards and Scholarships (Based on Applications)
  • Trent International Scholarships and Awards for Global Citizens
  • International students who have excelled academically, demonstrated leadership potential, participated in volunteer work, and had some financial need are given this grant.
  • Trent University’s tuition and other costs, which range from $2,000 to $24,000 each academic year (housing is not included), help pay for some scholarships and awards.

Trent International Program Tuition Levy Scholarship

  • Through annual levy funds, local and foreign students fund this yearly scholarship award. High academic achievers who also have a history of volunteering and leadership potential.
  •  The Canada Scholarship award pays approximately $24,000 in foreign tuition and fees for Trent University every academic year (housing is not included).

Trent-United World Colleges (UWC) Scholarships

  • Through annual levy funds, local and foreign UWC college students fund this yearly scholarship award. Students with strong academic performance, a commitment to volunteering in the community, leadership potential, and some financial need.
  •   Depending on the student’s financial circumstances, the scholarship funding may be extended to pay their approximately $24,000 per academic year foreign tuition and ancillary costs (housing not included).

Jack Matthews International Scholarship

The Trent International Program and Pearson College of the Pacific’s founding directors, Jack Matthews, are recognized with these scholarships in Canada. 

Depending on the student’s financial circumstances, the scholarship money may be extended to pay their approximately $24,000 per academic year (housing not included) foreign tuition and supplementary costs.

Justin Chiu International Scholarships

Scholarships range in value from $3,000 to $15,000 per school year, and they are partially sponsored.

Maple Leaf Leadership Award

  • The Maple Leaf Education System school gives outstanding foreign students with academic excellence, volunteerism, leadership potential, and financial need international scholarships.
  •  The reward is roughly $2,000 in value. A maximum of 5 students each year can get this scholarship, given out just once.
  •  The cost of housing for one academic year, including a food plan, can be between $9,000 and $13,100.
  • Students may also need to save between $2,500 and $3,000 for books, supplies, and pocket money.

External Scholarships Opportunities at Trent University

CAEL Scholarship

  • One of Canada’s top academic English proficiency exams, the CAEL CE, is recognized by all of the country’s top universities that provide programs in the English language.
  •  Two scholarships are available from CAEL to students from abroad:
  •  Scholarships worth $5,000 each are available to students enrolled in Canadian universities.
  •  A student presently enrolled abroad can also receive a CAEL Scholarship award.
  •  Visit for additional information on how to apply.

Western Union Scholarship Awards

  • The Western Union Foundation collaborated with 23 WU Agents who offer scholarships in various locales worldwide.
  • Students pursuing college or university degrees in the fields of business/entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering, or mathematics are eligible for $2,500 scholarships through the WU Scholars Program.
  • Visit for additional information on how to apply.

Programs Offered by Trent University

Scholarships from Trent University of Canada are available to study for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in various subjects. Trent University offers more than a hundred different courses and fields. Please review the available fields listed.

  •    The undergraduate Degree Programs list can be seen: HERE.
  •    A list of Masters and Ph.D. The degree Program can be seen: HERE.

Eligibility Criteria for Trent University

Eligible Countries: Students World Wide can apply for this international Canadian scholarship.

Other Requirements: Students should review the degree program because each field and major has different qualifying requirements. 

Application Deadline for Trent University Canada Scholarships 2024

The deadline for Canada International Scholarships 2024 Varies

Who is the host of the Scholarship?

Trent University. Canada.

The Scholarship covers which degree types?

Undergraduate, Masters, and Doctorate Degrees.

What is the value of the Scholarship?

Partial Scholarship. Several scholarships are awarded per session.

Students from which countries are eligible for the Scholarship?

Students from all Nationalities

Which Courses are covered under the Programme?

Multiple fields.


The Trent University Scholarships is a unique opportunity. Take advantage of this chance to be part of this life-changing event and connect with like-minded individuals from around the globe.

Apply now to make a huge difference and contribute to a better world.

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