TWAS-BIOTEC Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme

Applications for TWAS-BIOTEC Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme 2024 are now open for young scientists from developing countries other than Thailand, where the programme is located. 

TWAS-BIOTEC Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme

The Fellowship programme is especially meant for those who want to pursue advanced research in biotechnology at the National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC) in Thailand.

Eligibility for TWAS-BIOTEC Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme

Candidates for these fellowships must fulfil the requirements listed below:

  • Be citizens of a developing nation (apart from Thailand).
  • Not possess any visas allowing for either temporary or long-term residence in Thailand or any other developed nation.
  • Possess a PhD in any of the following areas: molecular biology, molecular genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, protein crystallography, organic chemistry, biotechnology, bioinformatics, or allied topics.
  • Within THREE years of earning a PhD in one of those above natural scientific subjects, apply for the fellowship.
  • When their application is submitted, they must be older than 40. For example, if a candidate turns 40 on June 15th, s/he must apply no later than June 15th.
  • Be held a research assignment and have a regular job at a research and/or teaching institution in their own country.
  • A certified letter of acceptance from BIOTEC. Requests for acceptance should be sent to the BIOTEC Research Support Division.
  • In turn, the BIOTEC Research Support Division will arrange for the selection of a host supervisor.
  • Candidates must send a copy of their CV and a rough draft of their research proposal together with their request for an acceptance letter when contacting BIOTEC.
  • If the language of instruction was not English, give proof of your English language skills.
  • Give proof that the applicant will return to their country of origin after the fellowship has ended.
  • Not take on additional tasks while completing her/his fellowship.
  • Be liable for the support of any accompanying family members financially.

Application Procedure for TWAS-BIOTEC Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme

To apply for the TWAS-BIOTEC Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme, click here to apply.

Note that the deadline for application is 30th July 2024.

Which country is the host of the TWAS-BIOTEC Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme?


Which fields of studies are covered under the Scholarship?

The courses related to Biotechnology, such as Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology; Agricultural Sciences; Chemical Sciences; Biological Systems and Organisms; Medical and Health Sciences, including Neurosciences.

The Scholarship covers which degree types?

Postgraduate Degree.

What is the Duration of the Scholarship?

Between 12-24 months.

What does the Scholarship cover?

A standard monthly allowance that is sufficient to cover accommodation costs and feeding will be given.

Which Countries are eligible for the Scholarship?

Developing Countries.


The TWAS-BIOTEC Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme is an opportunity for International students, especially those from developing countries, to get quality postgraduate education within an excellent environment.

We encourage you to promptly apply for this scholarship through the link in this article. Kindly share this article with your friends. Cheers

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