AAU Course Registration Deadline for 1st & 2nd Semester 2024/2025 Academic Session


It is disconcerting to observe that some students at Ambrose Alli University (AAU) have yet to complete their online course registration for the 2024/2025 academic sessions.

A recent report from the ICT Directorate highlights this lapse as an insult to approved academic standards. These students inadvertently set the stage for negative academic achievements by not fulfilling this basic requirement.

The Necessity for Prompt Action: A Precursor to Academic Milestones

The report strongly admonishes students to register their courses for both academic sessions promptly.

This is not merely a procedural formality but a prerequisite for releasing Computer-Based Examination (CBE) results and other assessment outcomes.

These will be available on the students’ Kofa pages, serving as a digital record of their academic journey. This is a crucial step that substantially impacts the student’s academic standing and progression within the university.

Final Notice: The Closing Deadline and Its Significance

The University Management categorically states that all course registration formalities will cease on Thursday, 31st August 2024 for the 2024/2025 academic sessions.

This stipulated deadline is a final notice indicating the administration’s commitment to adhering to the laid-down academic standards and protocols.

No Room for Leniency: Absence of Further Time Extensions

It should be noted that there shall be NO further extension of time for the course registration exercise.

The university is adamant about this, as multiple time extensions can engender a lack of discipline among students and disrupt the academic calendar, thus compromising the quality of education.

An Urgent Call to Action for Academic Continuity

In summation, the directive issued by the ICT Directorate and backed by the University Management at Ambrose Alli University serves as an urgent wake-up call.

It underscores the indispensability of online course registration as a foundational block in the complex architecture of academic achievement.

Non-compliance doesn’t only impact individual students but also poses a risk to the collective academic reputation of the institution.


Students are strongly encouraged to treat this notice with the gravity it warrants.

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