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Before we get into the specifics of the scholarship, it’s important to understand the platform, what it’s all about, and the definition of the annuity.

iVein Scholarship

Annuities are financial products marketed by insurance firms that provide individuals with a set income stream. People can buy them to create a source of income that will give them security during their retirement years.

This article will guide you through the application procedure if you want to know how to apply for this scholarship.

Premiums grow tax-deferred, and annuity purchasers can select from various payment frequency and size options.

As a result, has divided some of its resources to award scholarships to two students who excel at essay writing.

About Scholarship scholarship is an American-based scholarship and insurance platform that focuses on improving students’ financial literacy.

If students are required to write an essay about their saving and investment strategy, they will be critically assessed.

The scholarship will ultimately be awarded to two people whose essays caused ripples, as the judges demonstrated.

This platform ( encourages you to consider your financial future long before you graduate.

This platform awards scholarships to two students who excelled in their essay writing because the essay subjects are mostly about financial otters.

Originality is essential when writing these essays because they will be critically reviewed, and plagiarism will not be tolerated because they want to know your financial dispositions personally, not same stuff.

Applicants will be judged in 5 main categories:

  • Grammar and Style
  •  Original Ideas
  •  Well-Researched and Plausible Investment Advice
  •  Organized and Persuasive Writing
  • ¬†Foundational Knowledge of Finance.

Scholarship Requirements

The candidate must write on the below essay topics.

  • You just won a $10 million lottery jackpot! How will you spend it, and how will you make it last?

Inform of your astute investment approach. Will you get your winnings in a lump amount or as monthly (or yearly) annuity payments?

Kindly choose one of those payment options and explain why you chose it. Make a plan that includes taxes and investments to satisfy your long-term needs.

Demonstrate unique, critical thinking to achieve immediate and long-term financial goals while considering the current economic context. As you describe your strategy, emphasize you are gained cash’s long-term value and potential.

In addition, the applicant must:

Include contact information with your submission;

  • Any senior in high school, undergraduate or graduate student
  •  Enrol at a college in the United States
  •  Include at least three (3) sources on a works-cited page.

How to Apply to Scholarship

You can apply for this opportunity by sending your essay and contact information to the website and agreeing to their privacy and disclaimer policies.


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