CyberGirls Fellowship 2024 Cohort for African Young Girls and Women

CyberGirls equips young women with in-demand cybersecurity skills, enabling them to take advantage of job possibilities in Africa and worldwide.

CyberGirls Fellowship

This effort intends to combat gender inequality in the computer sector (and specifically the cybersecurity niche), a lack of cybersecurity skills, poverty, cybercrime, unemployment, and poverty.

The CyberGirls recipients will learn about the basics of computers, cybersecurity, and career paths in cybersecurity during the one-year fellowship.

When a student decides on a career path, they are guided through the appropriate learning process to acquire practical knowledge and mentorship, prepare for certification, obtain paid internship and job shadowing opportunities, and obtain entry-level employment if they are old enough.

CyberGirls Fellowship Learning Paths

The learning path has been planned to start with digital literacy before systematically progressing from fundamental cybersecurity ideas to learning about more specialised niche cybersecurity.

Beneficiaries will select and concentrate on one of the following tracks or career pathways halfway through the fellowship.

Threat Intelligence

Learn how to evaluate and enhance an organization’s security posture using data produced by networks, applications, and other IT infrastructure.

Cloud Security

Assess degrees of risk and current vulnerabilities that apply to cloud services, and learn how to implement fundamental network security procedures in the cloud environment.

Penetration/Vulnerability Testing

Learn the fundamentals of vulnerability and penetration testing. We use software and command-line tools for scanning, calculating, and exploiting.

Incident Analysis/Response (SOC Analyst Level 1)

discusses numerous incident analysis methods and tools for network/resource repair, vulnerability analysis, intrusion detection, and assault protection.

IT Security Audit

The fundamentals of security auditing are covered here. What an IT security audit is, its importance, and how to perform one.

CyberGirls Fellowship Eligibility

  • Open to women and girls between the ages of 18 and 28;
  • Wishing to pursue a career in cybersecurity;
  • Being prepared to devote seven months to the fellowship;
  • Graduates and undergrads;
  • Participants from Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, Ghana, Rwanda, Nigeria, and Egypt are the only countries eligible for this training.

CyberGirls Fellowship Cost

The beneficiaries of the CyberGirls Fellowship Programme are not charged anything.

CyberGirls Fellowship Deadline

The deadline for the application for the CyberGirls Fellowship is February 27, 2024.

How to Apply for CyberGirls Fellowship

Both physical and virtual learning options are available to participants in Nigeria and Ghana. Only virtual learning is offered to recipients in the remaining countries on the list.

Except for Nigerian national holidays, the training is held from 10:00 to 14:00 (WAT) on weekdays (Mondays through Fridays).


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