Gordon Memorial College Trust Fund Scholarships

Sudanese and South Sudanese nationals are given fully financed scholarships by the Gordon Memorial College Trust Fund 2024 in the UK.

Gordon Memorial College

It is intended for qualified students who intend to return to Sudan after completing their studies in a postgraduate program in the UK.

About the Gordon Memorial College Award

The Trust was created in 1899 through public subscription in General Charles George Gordon’s honour, a British army general who died in the Mahdi insurrection of 1885.

As part of Lord Kitchener’s extensive educational reforms, Gordon Memorial College was established in Sudan between 1899 and 1902 and was also given his name.

The institution and the Kitchener School of Medicine were both combined with the newly established Khartoum University in 1924.

Applicants for funding support of new courses will also be taken into consideration. The Trust may also provide financial assistance to Sudanese and South Sudanese nationals toward the costs of shorter training programmes, projects, and courses in the UK.

Funding is also available to organizations working on educational initiatives in Sudan and South Sudan.

Value of Award: Grants may be given to cover the living expenses, cost of tuition, and occasionally other educational costs like books.

Duration of Program: Grants are only awarded for a single year.


  • Priority will be given to students already enrolled in a degree in the UK when providing funding rather than students looking to start new postgraduate programs.
  • The student’s course instructor must write a letter of support. Applications without such a letter won’t be taken into consideration.
  • Grants will be given precedence to candidates whose chosen courses will enable them to strengthen South Sudan’s or Sudan’s skill base and who can clearly articulate their desire to return home following their studies.
  • Dependent family members cannot receive support.
  • Funding is also available to organizations working on educational initiatives in Sudan and South Sudan.

How to Apply for Gordon Memorial College Award

The GMCTF distributes a limited number of grants to people and organizations once a year for postgraduate research or projects that will eventually improve life in Sudan/South Sudan.

Every year, applications are accepted from 1 December through 28 February. For more information on the application process, the link Grant Application Information can be found.


There isn’t a need to worry as a graduate student, an undergraduate enrolled in a master’s program, or a PhD candidate who lacks the funding to pursue education back home. Consider this possibility, and you won’t regret it, we guarantee.

Students from Sudan looking for an opportunity to study back home but have limited finances should make good use of this opportunity.

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