KU Leuven PhD Scholarships

KU Leuven Ph.D. Scholarships 2024/2025 are directed toward Students from Developing Countries.

KU Leuven PhD Scholarships

The KU Leuven is offering Ten PhD scholarships to excellent students from the Global South. support

They aim to support building institutional capability in their home countries and embark on development challenges together by training researchers from low-income countries.

Continue reading to learn all the necessary information regarding the KU Leuven PhD. Scholarships.

About KU Leuven Ph.D. Scholarships 

KU Leuven supports research on sustainable evolution by excellent students from low-resource countries. 

The aim is to invest in research appropriate to the growth of countries in the Global South, to maintain the local capacity building of the local institution, and to guarantee the local embeddedness of the student upon completing the Ph.D.

KU Leuven promoters can apply for a four-year Ph.D. project for a candidate from a developing country who desires to obtain a doctorate at KU Leuven.

The project must handle a topic that is relevant to sustainable development. To heighten the embeddedness of the research within the country, companion

A co-promoter companion with a university or research institute from the same developing country must be concerned in the project.

Upon fulfilment of the doctorate, the aim is for the candidate to return to maintain the capacity of the collaborating institution.


The KU Leuven applicant must meet the following conditions for the attainment of a doctoral degree;  

  • Applicant must also be the promoter of the doctorate at KU Leuven.
  • Applicant must meet the KU Leuven requirements for attaining a doctoral degree.
  • There exists a co-promoter in the concerned developing country. 
  • The research should be completed at KU Leuven. Short-time stays, missions to the concerned developing country, or other foreign stays are allowed but must be represented in the application.
  • The dissertation should be upheld within four years. 
  • The KU Leuven promoter must verify that this is achievable and that they will do whatever is necessary to ensure the doctorate can be finished within the foreseen period.
  • The PhD candidate must, in principle, still complete the whole doctoral trajectory. The PhD candidate may have already sta predoc or a doctorate at KU Leuven, though at most eight months before the deadline date of this call.
  • The PhD candidate has not applied for a Global Mind PhD. Scholarship;

Selection Criteria

The Research Council will use the following criteria;

  • Specifically the scientific quality of the doctoral project and the research competency of the prospect;
  • The scientific grade of all the (co-)promoters;

The IRO Selection Committee will use the following selection criteria:

  • The importance of the related developmental problem about its regional context on which the research will have an effect;    
  • The added importance of the proposal for the solution or better knowledge of the developmental problem that is the subject of the research;    

Duration of Programme

The doctoral scholarships have a span of a maximum of four years.

It starts on October 1st of the year of the approval though other starting dates are possible.

In cases where the PhD student has previously acquired a doctoral scholarship at KU Leuven, that time will be deducted from the four years.

How to Apply for KU Leuven Ph.D. Scholarships

  • License from the doctoral committee to enlist as a PhD researcher. (this authorization is academic and does not warranty the funding of a PhD scholarship!) warranty 
  •  A designation of the KU Leuven promoter and (optional) co-promoter with their CV and characterization of the supervision of the PhD student; 
  • Identification of the co-promoter at the research institute in the developing country with a CV and a description of the supervision of the PhD student; identification 
  • The scheme description and work plan of the doctoral project demonstrate the intellectual strength of the proposal, the relevancy in a developmental context, the potential impact, the local embedding, and the possibility of increasing the local capability. In the work plan, any designed foreign stays must explicitly be described. 
  •  The curriculum vitae of the prospect, including an explanation about the stay at the KU Leuven research group and its relevancy for the residence country.
  • A detailed explanation of the alliance and the supervision of the doctorate.
    • An explanation letter from the KU Leuven promoter composed of the following;
    • A clarification of the scientific added significance of the project,
    • The relevance for the country’s growth,
    • A description of the aimed partnership with the foreign co-promoter, and
    • A Formal verification to fulfil the supervising and logistic task to enable the completion of the doctorate within the foreseen time.


The KU Leuven Ph.D. Scholarships aim to help build institutional capacity in their home countries and tackle development challenges by training researchers from low-income countries.

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