How to Delete Shipping Address on Amazon

How to Delete Shipping Address on Amazon
How to Delete Shipping Address on Amazon

Knowing how to delete shipping address on Amazon will help prevent the problem of erroneous delivery and misdelivery of parcels.

Amazon wouldn’t take the blame for orders that were delivered to the wrong addresses because, obviously, you had the address saved there and should have changed it when you moved, but you failed to.

So, is it necessary to learn how to delete shipping addresses on Amazon?

Yes, it is, and here’s the good news: all information you need to learn how to delete shipping addresses on Amazon has been added to this article.

This article serves as your reliable guide and answers all the other questions you might have about “how to delete shipping addresses on Amazon.”

How to Delete Shipping Address on Amazon (Via Web)

As mentioned earlier, removing addresses on Amazon is a straightforward process. You must first open Amazon in your web browser to remove Amazon addresses.

Afterward, you must hover over the “Account and Lists” option in the upper right corner.

You will then start to see several different setting options. You have to click through those.

The “Account” button is located on the top right.

After clicking the “Account” button, Amazon will show you various settings related to your account.

From there, you need to scroll down a bit and then click on the “Your Addresses” button under “Ordering & Shopping Preferences,”

Clicking on the “Your Addresses” button will show you all the addresses you have added.

In addition to offering, all your recent addresses will also show you the option to add a new address if you want.

To remove a specific address, you must click the “remove” button in the lower right corner.

After clicking the remove button, Amazon will ask you to confirm the deletion of a specific address.

After successful confirmation, the deletion will be successful.

How to Delete Shipping Address on Amazon (on Windows, Mac, Linux)

How to Delete Shipping Address on Amazon
How to Delete Shipping Address on Amazon

Use the Amazon website to delete a stored Amazon address on a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer.

Start the web browser on your computer and access the Amazon website.

Sign in to your account on the website.

In the upper right corner of Amazon, hover over “Account and Listings” A sub-menu will open.

Click on “Account” in the submenu.

On the “Your Account” page, move your cursor to “Ordering and Shopping Preferences” and click on “Your Addresses.”

You will see saved addresses on the “Your addresses” page. First, find the address you want to delete.

Then click “Delete” at the bottom of this address.

You will be prompted to “Confirm Removal” and click “Yes” to delete your address.
Delete address on Amazon on mobile

How to Delete Shipping Address on Amazon (on the Amazon app)

First, launch the Amazon app on your Sign into your account in the app.

Then, at the bottom of the app, tap the user icon.

Select the “Your Account” icon.

Scroll down to “Account Settings.” Here, tap on “Your Addresses.”

All your saved addresses are on the “Your Addresses” page.

Find the address you want to delete and click “Delete” below it.

How to Delete Shipping Address on Amazon (On Desktop)

How to Delete Shipping Address on Amazon
How to Delete Shipping Address on Amazon

Go to “Your Addresses” in your Amazon account.

Choose which address you want to delete, then click “Delete.” The address will be immediately deleted from your account.

If you have deleted your default address, you must select another one by selecting the appropriate link below the address.

Deleting an Amazon Address (7 Easy Steps)

These steps will help you delete addresses on Amazon:

Step 1: Open the Amazon app

First, locate the Amazon icon on your mobile device. However, if you can’t find the Amazon icon, you’ll need to download it from the Google Play Store app.

Go to Google Play, Search “Amazon,” and click the download button to install the app.
Otherwise, open the Google Chrome browser and go to the official Amazon website.

Step 2: Click on the Three Dots Below

Click on the app to open it. Sign in User ID with Amazon credentials.

You can sign up using your mobile number or registered mail. If you don’t remember your password, try logging in by generating an OTP or clicking “forget password” to set a new password.

Next, at the bottom, as shown in this image, various options are available.
On the right side, you will see three lines or dots

Click on the button to open the menu.

Step 3: Tap on “Your Stuff” in the Amazon App

You can see different options. Click on “Your Stuff.” It appears to be a brown cardboard box with the Amazon logo.

Step 4: Tap on “Your Account” in the Amazon App

After clicking on the “Your Stuff” icon, a new menu will appear with many options, and in this menu, you will see an option labelled “Your Account.”

You will need to select this option to continue.

Step 5: Tap on “Your Addresses”

You can see different options in your account.

Likes, Login & Security, Your Addresses, etc. Click “Your Addresses” to view your addresses.

Step 6: Click on “Remove”

After clicking “Your Addresses,” you will be taken to a new page where you have added all your addresses.

Now select the address you want to delete and leave the rest. Click “Remove” to remove addresses you no longer want in your Amazon account.

Step 7: Tap “Yes”

Finally, Amazon will ask you to confirm whether you want to delete this address. Click “Yes” to confirm.

And this is how you can delete your address from your Amazon account.

How Do I Edit My Inquiry on Amazon?

How to Delete Shipping Address on Amazon
How to Delete Shipping Address on Amazon

Go to the product details page > click on the question (link) in blue. Please scroll down to the answers listed, find yours and delete them.

Please ensure you input a valid email address for your original reply, which may be associated with your buyer or seller account.

Where Is My Amazon FAQ Page?

Sign in to your Amazon account on Mac or PC and go to the product page you are inquiring about.

Scroll down and find the search bar under “Have a question?” or the search box under “Customer Questions and

How Do I Remove Questions?

Deleting questions is as simple as selecting the question at the top (6 dots:: 🙂 and then clicking on the trash can at the bottom to delete.

Can Amazon Sellers Delete Questions?

Customer Q&A and how to ask an Amazon seller are as follows. All listings on Amazon must be a question or an answer.

Amazon has the right to remove any items. This may include product availability, delivery, and shipping reviews or specific questions about orders.


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