How to Delete TextFree Account

TextFree is not the same as WhatsApp, Signal, or Skype, though it does share some features with these apps.

TextFree is essentially an app that contains an end-to-end phone service.

You get free texts and calls over WiFi, which means you don’t have to pay for calls at home or on a WiFi network.

TextFree also provides data so that you can get your entire plan from them – they have a great unlimited offer starting at $39.99 per month, and it gets you unlimited everything.

In this article, we are going to look at everything you need to know about TextFree, including how to delete TextFree account.

How Does TextFree Work?

TextFree allows you to make free calls and send texts as long as you are connected to the internet, but you’ve got to have a new number (you’re given one when you download the app).

Another thing to remember is that the TextFree app is only available in the United States and Canada. If you are not in one of those countries, you must find another free phone call app that works in your country.

However, you get unlimited calls and texts, so once you get your number, all you’ve got to do is send it to your friends & family so they can call you and know when you’re calling them.

Isn’t it straightforward? But what else can TextFree offer? There’s a lot of stuff.

You can assign a different ringtone to each contact so you know who is calling without looking at your phone.

It also supports call forwarding, voice mail and voice mail transcripts, and full support for Gifs, Emojis, and Stickers.

Does TextFree Work on PC?

TextFree, like WhatsApp and Signal, has developed a web application for PC/Mac that allows you to create, receive, and manage all of your messages from the convenience of your laptop or PC.

All text messages are also automatically synced, so nothing is lost. You can start a message on your computer and pick it up on your phone, just like with iMessage.

TextFree also supports video calling, allowing you to communicate with friends during lockdowns or when they are abroad. Video calling on TextFree, like texting and calling, is completely free.

What Can You Use TextFree For?

If you already have a phone for which you pay a monthly fee, you can save money by downloading and using the TextFree app.

With TextFree, you can make free WiFi calls, so if you’re at home – or at work – you won’t have to use your minutes to make calls because you can do it via TextFree.

Similarly, if you’ve got an old phone lying around, work from home, and want to keep your business and personal lives separate, you could use the TextFree number as your business number.

This means that ALL calls received via TextFree are business-related. You can then make free business calls.

If you don’t want a landline installed in your home and would rather use a cell phone for “house calls,” repurposing an old phone that runs Android or iOS is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to do so. You wouldn’t have to pay anything because you already have the phone, and TextFree is completely free to use.

Is TextFree Safe for Kids?

As long as they are constantly supervised, a service like TextFree would be ideal for a child’s phone.

If you have a teen at home and are unsure whether they should have a smartphone, you could use an old phone and install TextFree on it.

This would allow them to make free phone calls and texts but only have limited internet access.

However, it should be noted that TextFree is not intended for school-age children. The app is in SmartSocial’s Red Zone, meaning students should not use it without adult supervision.

Predators have been reported to use TextFree to target children, so keep young children away from cell phones and similar devices.

How to Delete TextFree Account

If you do not pay for Ad-Free+ or have a TextFree subscription, simply log out to delete your account.

The phone number assigned to you will be removed from the account after a few days of inactivity.

Note: Before deleting the account, ensure the Ad-Free+ subscription has been cancelled.

To cancel the Add-Free+ subscription, follow the steps outlined in How to Cancel the TextFree App Subscription.

To delete your TextFree account, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the TextFree App.
  • Tap the hamburger icon in the app’s upper left corner.
  • Select Settings.
  • Tap Log Out at the bottom of the navigation panel.

After you log out of TextFree, you will be unable to accept messages or calls, and the number assigned to you will be deactivated automatically in a few days.

Note: If you have logged into TextFree from multiple devices, you must log out of all of them to delete the account.

You can log out of all accounts using the TextFree browser app. To log out of all devices, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to and log into the TextFree browser app.
  • On the left navigation pane, click the settings icon.
  • Select Security & Login, then select “Log out of all devices.”

You can reactivate your account anytime by downloading the app again and signing back in.

How to Cancel TextFree App Subscription

To cancel your TextFree app subscription, go to the store where you originally purchased it. This could be the Apple Store for iOS or the Play Store for Android.

To cancel your TextFree subscription for Android, follow the steps below:

On your Android device, open the Google Play Store app.
Menu -> Account -> Subscriptions, then TextFree.
Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Cancel Subscription.

To cancel your TextFree subscription for iOS, follow the steps below:

Open the App Store on your iOS device.

Tap View Apple ID at the bottom of the screen after scrolling to the bottom of the screen.

Scroll to the bottom and select Subscriptions.
Select TextFree.

Scroll to the bottom and select Cancel Subscription.

You can safely delete your account once your subscription has been cancelled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Deactivate TextFree Account?

There is currently no direct way to deactivate TextFree.
You can also log out of the application, which will deactivate/delete the number you’ve been using after a few days of inactivity.

How Do I Delete  Email From My TextFree Account?

You cannot delete an email from your TextFree account. You can only change your email address. To change your email address, follow the steps below:

Select the settings icon in the upper left corner of the page.
Go to Account and update your email address.
Select Save.

What Happens When You Remove TextFree?

If you uninstall TextFree, your account will be deleted after a few days of inactivity.

Can the Police track TextFree?

TextFree can be tracked by the police. The app grants police access to records and the email address associated with the account.

Does the TextFree Phone Number Expire?

When you become dormant or stop using the number, it expires. To keep the number from expiring, keep it active and don’t let the account go dormant.

Does TextFree Delete Free Accounts?

TextFree does not delete free accounts. Another option is to log out of your TextFree account or simply uninstall the application from your device. After three days of inactivity, the account will be deactivated.

Why Am I Unable to Delete My TextFree Account?

Your TextFree account cannot be deleted. The other option is to log out of your account, which will delete all your personal information from the TextFree database. To successfully delete your TextFree account, follow the steps outlined in the article.


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