How to Delete Worlds in Minecraft

How to Delete Worlds in Minecraft

Minecraft is a well-known sandbox construction video game allowing users to create new worlds or download and play them from the Internet.

Minecraft also allows users to edit worlds by changing various types of settings or simply removing the entire world.

This article will clearly show you how to delete worlds in Minecraft.

How to Setup a New World in Minecraft

How to Delete Worlds in Minecraft

The first step in playing Minecraft is to create a world. Numerous options can confuse new players who don’t understand what everything means, but it’s simple to grasp with a little guidance.

Follow these steps to create a new world in Minecraft:

Start Minecraft on your computer or console. It all starts with opening Minecraft on Xbox, Playstation, Windows 10, Android, iOS, or Switch.

On the main menu, tap or click the “Play” button directly below the Minecraft logo.

This will open a new window with three tabs. Below the “World” tab, tap or click the “Create New” button.

This may result in a “Create” screen with some pre-built templates for sale in the community marketplace. To bypass this, tap or click the “Create New World” button at the top of the screen.

The “Create World” screen should now appear. Tap or click on the text box beneath “World Name” to name your world.

Make sure your world options are configured correctly. A detailed breakdown of all the options is provided further down.

When you’re finished, tap or click the “Create” button on the left side of the screen.

This will begin to create your new world. Wait for it to load before exploring your new Minecraft world!

How to Manage Minecraft Worlds

How to Delete Worlds in Minecraft

If you know where to look, managing the worlds you’ve created is even easier than creating them.

Managing your worlds is useful for changing settings, the type of game you’re playing, and even enabling cheats.

These options are covered in the following section, but first, we’ll go over how to manage your worlds.

Follow these steps to manage an existing world in Minecraft:

  • To begin, launch Minecraft on your device or console.
  • On the main menu, tap or click the “Play” button directly below the Minecraft logo.
    This should bring up a screen with three tabs down the left side.
  • Search for the world you want to manage in the list below the “Create New” button under the “Worlds” tab.
  • To the right of the world’s name, tap or click the “Edit” button.
  • It will resemble a pencil or crayon writing something down.
  • Tap or click the “Play” button below the Minecraft logo on the main menu.

How to Delete Worlds in Minecraft

In the Minecraft game, you can easily create and remove worlds. The delete option for worlds is located in the editing section.

The worlds tab can be accessed from the main menu or during gameplay.

However, if you want to save the world for the future, export it first. This will remove the world from your game for good.

  • Use the shortcut or launcher to launch your Minecraft game.
  • Click the Play or Singleplayer button on the main menu.
  • Choose the Worlds tab and look for the world you want to delete. For that specific world, click the Edit button with a pencil icon.
  • Note: You can also open this menu while playing the game and proceed as described below.
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom of the world settings. Select the Delete World option.
    Then, for the confirmation dialog, click the Delete button.
  • Minecraft will permanently delete your world.

How to Delete Minecraft Worlds in Saved Files

Another way to remove a Minecraft world is to delete the folder containing that world. The Minecraft Worlds folder is easily accessible in your game save files.

You can also backup your worlds by copying them to another location before deleting them. Examine the following methods to see how they work:

To open the Run dialog box, hold down the Windows key, and press R. Now type “% appdata% ” into it, and press the Enter key. This will open your Username’s Roaming folder.

Navigate to the path below to find the Minecraft Worlds folders.


Take note that the username in the path is your computer’s username.

Choose the world you want to delete, then right-click on the folder and select Delete.

You can also select the folder and delete it by pressing the Delete key on your keyboard.

To permanently delete the folder, simply hold down the shift key while deleting it.

This will remove the selected Minecraft World from your game.


There you go! I hope this article on how to delete worlds in Minecraft was helpful. Did you find it useful? Kindly drop a comment and share because we would love to hear from you.

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