Korean Government Scholarship Program KGSP

Applications for the Korean Government Scholarships Program (KGSP) 2024/2025 for Developing Countries are open for Undergraduate students.

The Korean Government invites 125 undergraduate and 700 international graduate students from 156 countries (check below).

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Students are invited for both degree (including Undergraduate, Master’s & Doctoral) and non-degree research programs in Korea through the Korean Government Scholarship.

About Korean Government Scholarship Program

The Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) is available to international students interested in pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees at Korean universities.

The scholarship is designed to allow overseas students to pursue advanced studies at higher education institutions in Korea, as well as to build global leaders and strengthen Korea-friendly networks around the world.

The Korean government has invited 125 international students from 67 countries to study for a bachelor’s degree in Korea.

To be chosen as a GKS grantee, an applicant must complete the first selection process established by the Korean Embassy in his or her country of origin.

  • To be taken at Korean Universities
  • Accepted Subject Areas: Courses offered at one of the 60 participating Korean higher institutions
  • Number of Scholarships
    • KGSP Undergraduate: around 170 grantees will be awarded annually
    • KGSP Graduate: around 1,278 grantees will be awarded annually
  • Scholarship Benefits: Flight, Tuition, Stipend, Medical Insurance, Settlement Allowance, Completion Grants
  • Duration:
    • One year of Korean language instruction Associate degree plus two years
    • One year of Korean language study + 4 years of Bachelor’s degree
    • One year of Korean language study+ and two years of Master’s study
    • One year of Korean language study plus three years of doctoral studies

KGSP Scholarships Benefits

If you are granted the KGSP, you will receive the following benefits:

  • The KGSP will cover all airfare costs.
  • You will be given a 200,000 KRW housing allowance.
  • Every month, a 20,000 KRW living allowance is provided.
  • Monthly medical insurance of 20,000 is offered to cover your medical expenses.
  • The Korean language course costs 800,000 KRW per quarter.
  • Tuition fees of up to 5,000,000 KRW per semester are paid.
  • Excellent Korean language proficiency is recognized with an award.
  • Research projects are supported by a stipend of 210,000 to 240,000 KRW per semester.
  • A thesis or dissertation might cost between 500,000 and 800,000 KRW to print.
  • Upon completing the degree, The student is rewarded a financial reward of 100,000 KRW.

Eligibility Criteria of KGSP

It is recommended that you review and meet all of the qualifying requirements before and after applying for the Korean government scholarship program 2024:

  • Students of Korean nationality are not eligible to apply.
  • Furthermore, pupils who have either one or both parents with Korean citizenship are ineligible to apply.
  • All applicants must be physically and mentally fit to stay in Korea for an extended period, at least until their degree is completed.
  • Each applicant must have received great academic grades throughout their previous educational institute.
  • Students must have a CGPA of at least 80% or above.
  • Students who have previously studied in Korea are not eligible to apply.
  • Students already receiving the KGSP may reapply for the scholarship program only through their preferred university.
  • Candidates for undergraduate studies must be under the age of twenty-five.
  • Candidates for graduate degrees must be under the age of forty.
  • Candidates must have completed their studies.

How to Apply for KGSP

Before applying for the KGSP 2024 scholarship program, please read the following information about the application process:

  • Students can apply through their home country’s universities or the Korean embassy.
  • Applicants must submit their paperwork to the Korean embassy in their home country or directly to the university they are applying to.
  • If you wish to apply through the institution of your choosing, you must submit your application form in accordance with the rules outlined on the university’s website.
  • Only those candidates who are potentially selected will receive documentation from the Korean Embassy or a Korean university.
  • NIIED will review the documents and notify the Korean university or the Korean Embassy of the potential candidates.
  • You will be notified through email if you are chosen for the scholarship.

The Documents Requirements for the KGSP

The following documents are necessary for the KGSP 2024:

  • A scan of the highest degree obtained
  • Copies of the most recent transcripts
  • Employee or professor recommendation letters
  • Personal statement (required for masters and doctoral applicants)
  • Study plan (required for master’s candidates)
  • Proposal for research (only for PhD program applicants)
  • Motivation or intent letter (required for undergraduate program candidates)
  • A resume for submitting a scholarship application


  • Applicants must complete the application form in either Korean or English.
  • All application documents must be sent in their original form.
  • Documents that have been photocopied must be certified.
  • Documents turned in to the NIIED will not be returned to the student.
  • Only photocopies of awards and certificates are accepted.
  • Two different recommenders must write the recommendation letter.
  • The candidate must provide one set of original application documents to the Korean embassy and three copies of all photocopied application materials. This applies solely to applicants who apply through the Korean Embassy.
  • Students applying directly to their selected university must provide only one set of original application materials.


The Korean Government Scholarship Program KGSP offers Deserving international students the chance to receive a high-quality education.

This not only nurtures and feeds them but also develops them into leaders.

We hope this article was informative enough. Kindly share with others as it might be of help.

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