USCOEGA Summer Semester Program 2024


Umar Suleiman College of Education, situated in Gashua, Yobe State, has announced important details regarding its forthcoming summer semester. This follows a pivotal meeting held by the summer semester committee on 16th October 2024.

Purpose of the Summer Semester Initiative

The commencement of the summer semester is not merely a routine academic procedure.

The college’s management has strategically approved this to enhance the graduation output.

This decision aligns with the institution’s commitment to facilitating student’s academic progression and alleviate any delays or hindrances they might face.

Key Information

Summer Semester Registration Fees

For clarity, the college has categorized the registration fees based on the student’s academic standing:

  • Outgoing NCE III Students for the 2022/2023 Academic Session (with 1-5 carryovers): ₦15,000.00
  • Students with a maximum of 10 carryovers: ₦20,000.00
  • Amnesty Students (those who had a break in their NCE programme during the 2015/2016 – 2016/2017 Academic Sessions): ₦25,000.00

Payments can be made to the college’s official account. Here are the details:

  • Bank: Union Bank Plc.
  • Branch: Gashua
  • Account Number: 0027838162

After completing the payment, students are advised to submit the payment details at the office of the Academic Secretary for their registration.

Program Calendar of Events

It’s crucial for students to be informed about the key dates for this summer semester. Marking these dates ensures they make the most of this academic opportunity.

  • Registration Period: 13th November to 22nd December 2024
  • Lecture Duration: 13th December 2023 to 19th January 2024
  • Examinations: 24th January 2024 to 9th February 2024
  • Submission of Mark Scripts: 12th February to 19th February 2024

Decisions and Recommendations

The summer semester committee has provided guidelines to ensure a smooth and efficient semester:

  • Deans are now the Chief Examination Officers for their respective schools.
  • All lectures and examinations will be held at the individual school levels.
  • It’s mandatory for students with one carry-over to register and appear for the summer semester examinations.


The Umar Suleiman College of Education is taking proactive steps to cater to its student community.

By announcing these comprehensive details, the institution reaffirms its dedication to providing a conducive learning environment.

Students are encouraged to take note of these details and make the necessary preparations for a successful summer semester.

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