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As candidates prepare for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination in 2024, they must incorporate JAMB past questions into their study regimen to enhance their performance.

Many examinees find the prospect of the JAMB examination daunting. A strategic approach to preparation is essential for success.

This article provides comprehensive guidance on utilizing JAMB past questions for the 2024 examination and outlines effective study techniques.

Why Include JAMB Past Questions in Your Study Plan

As a current final-year secondary student with aspirations of university admission this year, it is crucial to understand that excelling in the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination is a fundamental requirement.

To this end, rigorous study of past JAMB examination papers is essential. This practice not only broadens your academic knowledge but also provides deeper insights into the patterns and methodologies employed by JAMB in crafting its annual examinations.

We are committed to providing you with an updated guide on the JAMB Past Questions for 2024. You are responsible for engaging with this material and maintaining a consistent study schedule before your examination date.

By dedicating yourself wholeheartedly to this study plan, we are confident that you will achieve the high scores necessary to secure admission into the tertiary institution of your choice.

JAMB Past Questions [Year]|How Do I Go About Jamb Question?

Several JAMB questions are repeats from previous years; you can only identify these repeated questions, which might show up in your JAMB this year, through studying JAMB past questions.

Here are the ways you are supposed to go about JAMB past question 2024 UTME Questions:

Always Have a JAMB Subject Textbook

JAMB provides you with a list of textbooks to read for each of your topics each year.

Always keep a JAMB subject textbook handy as you study past questions so that you can consult it for answers when a difficult question arises.

Get a Copy of Your JAMB Subject Syllabus

A JAMB syllabus is a document that comprises all of the topics on which JAMB will ask questions in a specific subject.

The JAMB syllabus can help you concentrate on questions related to the topic(s) that JAMB will repeat this year.

Some students score low or above average in their JAMB exams because they fail to use this vital tool. For all JAMB candidate who wants to score high, it is highly recommended to include the JAMB syllabus in your study plan.

From What Year Shall I Begin?

Reviewing the most recent year’s available JAMB practice tests is advisable.

Doing this will expose you to any new question formats that JAMB has implemented and enable you to observe recurring questions that you may encounter in subsequent years.

When you are done reviewing the questions from the most recent JAMB exam, you can go ten years back and start studying from there.

Always Check Your Answers

While studying JAMB’s previous questions, confirming your answers before submitting them is another important step to scoring high in your JAMB examination.

To avoid making mistakes, you should take your time, carefully consider each question, and then fill in your answers.

Concentrate on Your Four Major Subjects

Make sure that most of the reading you do connects to your field.  You don’t want to read outside the four subjects of your concentration.

While concentrating on your four core subjects, make detailed notes and go through them again; afterward, you write them down in an easily readable format.

10 Rules to Help You Pass Your JAMB Once

To ace your UTME, you must diligently follow the laid down rules. This rule has helped thousands of students achieve their academic goals. Below are some of them;

  • Make good use of the JAMB syllabus
  • Read the recommended novel
  • Purchase past questions or use free past question resources
  • Learn the basics of using a computer
  • Be disciplined
  • Regular focused study
  • Concentrate on your strengths
  • Get help for your weakness
  • Join a study group or learning 
  • Keep fear at bay

Free JAMB Past Questions | PDF Download

To help all of our JAMBite readers prepare for the 2024 JAMB, we have decided to post past questions for all subjects.

The past JAMB examinations are available for free download. To start the download process, click on the subject you desire.

English Language









Literature in English

Principles of Account

Christain Religious Knowledge / Studies

Past Questions 1983 – 2004


Does JAMB Set New and Past Questions?

Candidates often ask questions like do jamb repeat questions? Yes, JAMB always makes sure to repeat their question every year.

However, they don’t always set the questions the exact way they are in past questions and make slight changes.

Subjects include newly updated questions for candidates every year.

Where Do JAMB Questions Come From?

JAMB collects questions about English comprehension you’ll-in-the-blank passages from newspapers, industry publications, and financial reports.

They also adapted novel portions and advocated for the use of English textbooks.

In Three Weeks, How Can I Prepare for JAMB?

You can prepare for JAMB in a month, but the earlier, the better.

Some students come to the reality of exams quite late, and if you fall into such a category, You can follow this trick to pass your JAMB question excellently:
• Make a realistic schedule:
• Put everything else in its place:
• Turn your free night time into a reading period:
• Make a list of the essential points and study them thoroughly:
• Don’t bother with social media until after your exams
• Don’t forget about previous questions

How Long Does it Take To Write the JAMB Exam?

The time allotted for a candidate to use and answer all 250 questions in the JAMB CBT is still 3 hours and 30 minutes.

The 3 hours and 30 minutes allotted for the CBT examination is enough time to write and study and give appropriate answers to all of the questions if you have prepared adequately for the exam.

How Many Subjects Do You Have To Register for in JAMB?

Suppose you intend to register for the JAMB examination. Then you must know that you must register for four (4) subjects, with JAMB Use of English being required.

The remaining three (3) subjects must be relevant to the program you desire to pursue.

What is the cost of JAMB registration?

Registration fee: N3500
CBT Registration fee
JAMB textbook
However, it is recommended that you set aside 5,000 Naira (N5,000) for everything.

This is because you will purchase a JAMB E-pin while also paying for registration.

How Many Questions Does JAMB ask?

Here’s how many questions each subject has out of the 180 total:

The Use of English will provide 60 questions, while the remaining 120 questions (40 each) come from the other three courses you registered for and selected as your Subject Combination.


In conclusion, all the details we have provided about the JAMB past question 2024 were collated to ensure that you find it easy to prepare for your JAMB exams.

Also, to come out with flying colors, as this is the only way you can be admitted into your dream university in Nigeria.

Please let us know in the comments section if you have any additional JAMB exam questions not already covered here. Good luck with your exams!

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