JAMB Syllabus 2024/2025 For All Subjects | PDF Download

The current JAMB syllabus is now available. To prepare for the JAMB UTME Examinations, students are advised to base their reading on basic topics in the JAMB Syllabus.

The JAMB syllabus clearly shows what you should expect in the upcoming UTME Exams. This article will grant all JAMB candidate access to the latest JAMB syllabus 2024 subjects, including Science, Commerce, and Arts.

How to score high in Jamb

JAMB Syllabus: A Brief Review

JAMB annually publishes a list of topics for all subjects for each UTME examination; these topics embedded together are called the JAMB Syllabus.

The easiest and most practical approach to learning about the Objectives, Topics, Contents, Notes, and Recommended Textbooks for each subject is to consult the JAMB syllabus.

How to Use the 2024 JAMB Syllabus

You must follow specific procedures while you prepare for the JAMB UTME Exams of 2024, especially if you want to pass with flying colors.

These procedures include the following:

  • Always read the topics listed on the JAMB syllabus in your textbooks.
  • Review the topics again once you have finished all of the syllabus topics.
  • Then return to your past questions and answers and complete them year by year.
  • Try to complete all the years’ past questions and answers before your exam date.
  • Start reading early to avoid rush work or not having enough time to prepare.

JAMB Syllabus 2024/2025 For All Subjects | PDF Download

The JAMB syllabus can be downloaded by clicking the link of the subject that interests you.

All Science Subjects

All Arts Subjects

All Commercial Subjects

Compulsory Subjects for Science, Arts, and Commercial Students

FAQ About JAMB Syllabus

The 2024 JAMB Syllabus—Is It Available?

The 2024 JAMB syllabus for all subjects is currently available on this website.

How Much Does Jamb Syllabus Cost?

It is entirely free to download the JAMB 2024/2025 syllabus.
Before receiving it, there is no fee to be paid.

You can also download the syllabus for any subject on this website free of charge.

Should the JAMB Syllabus Play a Significant Role in How I Study?

Yes, your study schedule should include the syllabus as a main component because the JAMB syllabus always outlines all the topics that JAMB will be testing in the future.

Is the JAMB Syllabus Similar From Year to Year?

It is frequently updated, but JAMB only does so occasionally. It only adds more topics to it.

Will the Jamb Set Exams be Based on the Syllabus?

JAMB’s attention is focused on the subjects covered in its syllabus. So all candidates are urged to always study using the JAMB syllabus.

How do I Download the JAMB Syllabus in PDF?

Find the combination of subjects that apply to the course you want to take, and if you already know those subjects, click on the link of the subject from above and download it.


The JAMB syllabus should always be a part of the preparation for all candidates taking the JAMB exams.

Your success in the exam is certain if you have thoroughly studied the topics on the syllabus for each of the four subjects you will take for the JAMB examination.

Do you have any questions about JAMB or a related topic? Please feel free to comment below. Good luck to all JAMBITE!!

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